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That Kind Of Day

Do you ever have those days where despite your best efforts, your hair and your face just aren’t working for you and really, all you want to do is throw a bag over your head?

Style - That Kind Of Day

Guess who is BACK? RC CLUSTER!! Yaaasssss! If you’re newer to SL, or you’ve lived under a rock and just now crawled out, RC Cluster used to be THE store for fun, silly, but still kinda useful items. There were air conditioners, tanning booths, books to balance on your head, stuff for the kitchen… just all kinds of goodies! I was so very sad when the store closed up. But now it’s coming back and coming back in mesh! Woo! I’m wearing the Bag For Uglies and let me tell you, I laughed and laughed when I put it on! There will be a party tonight at 6pm SLT to celebrate the grand opening. I’m definitely going to try to make it, so I hope to see you all there!

Of course, my outfit is totally awesome even if my face is a mess because thankfully, coldLogic released new things! I’m wearing the new Booth halter top, which is backless and ties around the neck and midriff. It goes perfectly with the Budd wrap skirt. Coldlogic does clothing in both standard sizes and to fit the Slink Physique body now.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Physique body, hands by Slink
Face Bag: Bag For Uglies by RC Cluster
Top: Booth by coldLogic
Skirt: Budd by coldLogic
Pose: Maylee by Kirin

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In The Peace and Quiet

Hello, bunnies! I’ve been a little under the weather this week, so I took some time today to just enjoy the quiet and play in my new skybox.

Style - In The Peace and Quiet

Toiz is one of my new favorite stores for home decor/cluttery stuff, and if you like gacha, they are definitely for you! They are currently in Shiny Shabby, and that’s where you can find things in their Unique Vintage Deco gacha machine. They will also be in the upcoming Ai Gacha that opens up on June 1st and you’ll want all the cute pretties from the Pastel Color gacha.

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

All items from Toiz:

* Shiny Shabby:
– Unique Deco Skybox [Rare]
– Cloth
– Small Branch [In both white and blue]
– Water Cup
– Table

* Ai Gacha [Opens June 1st]
– Diffusers [Banana, Lavender, Clean Cotton]
– Pastel Astro Illustration
– Pastel Fence
– Pastel Ladder
– Pastel Pics

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I Can Feel You Rushing Through My Veins

Hey, Uber is open! The theme this month is “Spice,” so expect a lot of really awesome Indian inspired items!

Style - I Can Feel You Rushing Through My Veins

I really really love Truth‘s new Ishya hair for Uber. The braids go around the head and come together in one luscious side braid. There are bangs that can be attached [I’m not wearing them for this picture] and the hair accessory is color change.

Fishy Strawberry‘s Jaya top for Uber is really fantastic! It’s also kind of sexy, considering the amount of skin you show in it. I did have to go a size down from my normal and then adjust my boobs a little bit to get it to work the way that I wanted it to, but as you can see, it’s well worth it. There is a Jaya outfit with an attached skirt, but I opted for just the top.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Ishya by Truth [Uber]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Eyelids by Slink
Top: Jaya by Fishy Strawberry [Uber]
Necklace: Circle Charm – Lotus Bloom by Yummy [Uber]
Pose: Fresh by EverGlow
Marrakesh Oasis by Barnesworth Anubis

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You Always Build It Better The Second Time Around

One of the hard parts of being a blogger is that unless you get early access, are in a blogger group, or you have creator friends, you almost always blog things way after others have. Even if the event just opened! Bloggers are a pretty quick group of people! I’m fairly sure what I’m showing you today, you’ve seen before a bunch of times this week. But hey, you haven’t see it on ME, and that’s what counts, am I right? 🙂

Style - You Always Build It Better The Second Time Around

I skipped out to Shiny Shabby tonight to pick up a few things. Like the adorable Cathy Blazer Dress from Gizza and the Fresh Mess hair from Tableau Vivant. I’m in love with both! I will say that the sleeves of the dress don’t quite work with the Maitreya body. I had to shrink my torso muscles down a lot. I don’t know if it works better with another mesh body, but it’s not too bad and worth some adjustments. You can also find the new Roxanne boots from out at Shiny Shabby. They are not rigged [good if you still have regular feet] and they are mod, so they will fit pretty much any mesh body, even Toddleedoos!

The Liaison Collaborative is still going strong and there are many decor items out there! Even for guys! I’m using pieces from the jAzz cAFe by Toiz, the Bilbo set by Little Branch, and The Gentleman’s Club by Kunst. And my pose and stool are from the Fine and Dandy set by Le Poppycock, also found out at TLC.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Fresh Mess by Tableau Vivant [Shiny Shabby]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Dress: Cathy by Gizza [Shiny Shabby]
Boots: Roxanne by [Shiny Shabby]
Socks: Slouchy Knee Socks by Atomic
Pose: Fine and Dandy by Le Poppycock [The Liaison Collaborative]

Paris Loft Skybox by Apple Fall
jAzz cAfe set by Toiz [The Liaison Collaborative]
Bilbo Plants by Little Branch [The Liaison Collaborative]
The Gentleman’s Club by Kunst [The Liaison Collaborative]
Love Nest Floral Love Sign by Zerkalo [Shiny Shabby]

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And When She Shines She Really Shows You All She Can

Hello, bunnies! After a couple of darker pics, it was fun to get colorful today! My Attic‘s theme this round is “Back To The Future,” and so I knew just where to go! Duran Duran [yes, the band!] still has sims in SL and there is a super bright club on one of them. Yeah, it’s older and definitely not mesh, but it’s still pretty fun to explore and there is a little thing where you can request Duran Duran songs. Kinda silly, but it reminds me of old SL and I like it. 🙂

Style - And When She Shines She Really Shows You All She Can

Stellar is at My Attic with the Back To The 80s sets! I’m wearing the Animal print one in this picture, and there are other designs to choose from, too. The set is one complete piece [meaning the sweater and leggings are not separate pieces] and comes with a nail polish pack for Slink nails.

NanTra Poses is also out at My Attic with the Just Wanna Have Fun pose pack. There are 6 poses in the pack [plus mirrors] and they’re fashioned after 80s queen Cyndi Lauper and her song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” They are definitely fun!

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Shine lipstick added
Hair: Octavia by Truth
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands and feet by Slink
Outfit: Back To The 80s by Stellar [My Attic]
Shoes: Brienne by
Pose: Just Wanna Have Fun by NanTra [My Attic]
Photo taken at Duran Duran’s Lipstick Tower

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Which Way Will You Run

So this past week has been … kind of dreadful. *laughs* It’s RL stuff and if you follow me on plurk, you know about it, so I won’t get into it. But it’s meant I haven’t been able to blog, and that’s been kind of annoying. Blogging is my happy place. It’s my hobby, it’s my creative outlet, it’s what I do to relax. Not being able to do it has been kind of bad. But I’m back and hopefully everything will be calmer now.

Style - Which Way Will You Run

The Liaison Collaborative opened up for its last round until the fall [I know, I’m crying too!!] and it’s a great one! Valentina E. has these fab Breakfast Club shirtdresses with cardigans and I just fell in love at first sight! It’s a wee short for me to wear as a dress regularly, but of course you can pair it up with tights or leggings.

Exposeur is also at The Liaison Collaborative this round with this cool Pipes photo box. There are 10 poses [20, if you count the mirrors] and it’s actually more for men than for women. But as you can see, I totally made it work for my needs.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Verinne by Truth [New!!]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Eyelids, Hands, Feet by Slink
Dress: Breakfast Club by Valentina E. [The Liaison Collaborative]
Shoes: Penny.Janes by [Collabor88]
Pose & Photoset: Pipes by Exposeur [The Liaison Collaborative]

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Kiss The Rain

I’m not really into rain. I like sunshine a lot. It’s been incredibly dreary in my RL the past couple of weeks, just rain rain rain. But it’s funny, because in SL, sometimes finding a spot with rain or setting up your own rain…it can almost feel like a relief Something different, like it’s cleaning the SL streets and grass. It’s nice, you know?

Style - Kiss The Rain

Elikatira has been making new hair again! Woo! I just fell in love with the new Eden hair. It has a plain headband that goes around it, but there is a daisy add-on. I especially love that the daisies are optional because I have other flower bands and sometimes it’s hard to find hair to work with them. Now I know this one is perfect for my flower crowns!

By the way, if you hadn’t heard, Pink Fuel has updated bodies for three of her skins, plus updated appliers, including new appliers for the Maitreya Lara body! So excite! I have been waiting and waiting so I could go back to my beloved Harley skin. I know, I know, it’s old. But it feels the most ME. You can read all about the update right here. Be sure to take this SLurl though because the mainstore slurl on her blog leads you to nothing.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Eden w/daisies add-on by Elikatira
Physique body, eyelids, hands, feet by Slink
Top: Ross by coldLogic
Skirt: Scott by coldLogic
Shoes: Lacy by Ingenue [Collabor88]
Necklace: Phases by Cae [FaMESHed]
Pose: Rainy by oOo Studio Poses

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Life’s A Wonderful Thing

Just a quickie post from me! Collabor88 opens up today and What Next is out there with the Amberley Tree Bench. It’s a super cute spring set that has both single and couples poses and all kinds of cute little items! Also, Coldlogic recently releases some spring tops and skirts, like the Pirie top and the Petion skirt that I’m wearing in this pic.

Style - Life's A Wonderful Thing

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Grazia by Glam Affair
Hair: Harmony (ponytail) by Truth
Physique body, hands, feet by Slink
Top: Pirie by coldLogic
Skirt: Petion w/lace belt by coldLogic
Shoes: Oakley by [Uber]
Amberley Tree Bench by What Next [Collabor88]

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That Little Beach Rental

Hello, bunnies! I am not the best at decor posts. Let me just get that out of the way now. *laughs* But I try because I ADORE SL home and garden items! The way big and little pieces come together makes me so happy. I’m going on a RL vacation in August for the first time in I don’t even want to say how many years, and we’re renting a furnished condo on the beach. I’ve seen pics and as I was putting things together last night, that’s what my room now reminds me of.

Style - That Little Beach Rental

The Home Show is going on this month and Second Spaces is there! The Rhodes Windowseat is an excellent big piece for your home! You can purchase either the white [shown here] or the dark grey versions, and the cushions have some texture variations to choose from. You can also buy the Step Shelves from Second Spaces at The Home Show as well. Super cute!

Perfect Ten is with us for another round of cute, discounted home and garden items! I ripped apart the Mandalay Bay Wicker Set by Hearth & Home to get to the “window” that is behind the windowseat and the pretty tropical plant on the shelves. I’m also using the Belder Living Set by Mistique for the coffee table and more cushiony seating. It came in one big piece so I wasn’t able to get the entire set into the photo, but it would be just perfect for a large open room!

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

The Home Show:

* Rhodes Windowseat by Second Spaces
* Step Shelves by Second Spaces

Perfect Ten:

* Mandalay Bay Wicker Set by Hearth & Home
* Belder Living Set by Mistique

Other Items From The Following Stores:

Second Spaces
What Next

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Give Me Something I Can Remember

Hello, bunnies! I hope you all had a great weekend! It’s definitely warming up where I am!

Style - Give Me Something I Can Remember

Rebel Hope Laguna sandals

FaMESHed started its new round on the 1st and Rebel Hope is there with some goodies! The So Beachy dress is awesomely boho, so you know I love it. There are several different colors to choose from and it comes in the standard sizes and sizes fitted for mesh bodies. You also need to pick up Rebel‘s Laguna sandals! There are a couple of options for these – to wear with a flip flop and without the flip flop. I chose not to wear the flip flop because I think the wrap stands alone just fine.

If you haven’t heard the news, the Mayfair sim is closing and taking Celoe and Mon Tissu along with it. 😦 You know, when mesh first came out in 2011, I was a fan but not a complete convert because a lot of clothes were still kind of sack like. Celoe was one of the first stores to make me scream “YES. MESH ALL THE THINGS!” They, and Mon Tissu, are having a 50% off sale until tomorrow, so run quickly to get some awesome things! Liiiike my Dor.Bag from Celoe!

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Grazia by Glam Affair
Hair: Lagertha by Truth
Lara body by Maitreya
Hands and feet by Slink
Toenail Polish: Straights by Hello Dave [Group Gift]
Dress: So Beachy by Rebel Hope [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Laguna Sandals by Rebel Hope [FaMESHed]
Darcy flower headband by Ariskea [The Liaison Collaborative]
CatEye Corner Rose Shades by Yummy
Dor.Bag by Celoe [Run NOW to get it!!]
* Bag Love by Dream Print
* Ground Sits by Kirin