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Relaxing in Calypso’s Cave

Doesn’t this look like a beautiful sim?

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave, waterfall

Don’t you just want to go there and relax? Well, guess what? It’s not a sim. It’s a new gorgeous sky area from Belle Belle!

The new Calypso’s Cave is truly a marvel. At around 260 prims, it’s the perfect little secret getaway. And of course it is equipped with the Belle Belle Passion Inside animation system, so there are lots of cuddles, kisses, and….well, you know. 😉 But more than that, it’s just PRETTY!

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave

The stunning waterfall, the gorgeous “sunlight” streaming through a hole in the cave, little fish swimming serenely in the water, and pretty little fireflies lighting up the cave – well, gosh, what is NOT to like?

Calypso’s Cave also comes with the “Bliss Box” feature. You rez out a cute little cloud, set your desired height, and whoosh! You’re off and then it all rezzes out for you. It’s so very simple!! If you choose not to leave the cave up, you just call for your cloud again, and you’re safely delivered back to the ground, and everything de-rezzes. There is also an optional grotto entrance, in case you feel like just leaving it up, and the entrance acts as a teleporter to get you back where you want to go. It’s wonderful!

I’ve always enjoyed Leyla’s work, but I have to say – Calypso’s Cave may be the build that has impressed me the most. Get to Belle Belle and pick yours up! You won’t be sorry!

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Turquoise Beauty

They say that turquoise is a protective stone. It’s also said to draw out negativity, stabilize your mood, and eliminate nervousness and fears. That alone would get me to wear it [I admit to totally being into crystals and stuff like that], but the fact that it’s just pretty makes it even more worth it! And the new Kalya set in blue from ByKay is just lovely, and most definitely drew out any negativity I had going, because who could be in a bad mood with jewelry this pretty?

Review - ByKay - Kalya

I’m not always a big fan of big chunky jewelry, but this is so so pretty, I just don’t want to take it off. The big beads, the stacked rings, the gorgeous earrings… Oh, you just have to see it on yourself. It’s wonderful!

Kalya also comes in green and olive, and there are also prim nails with the rings as well. Head over to ByKay and buy buy buy!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Tina in Swedish by Truth
Top: Sunny Tank in Aqua by Haven Designs
Eyes: Caribbean by Miriel [No longer available *sobs*]
Eyeliner: Designer Liner Due in Blue/Green by Stellar [Tattoo layer]
Lashes: Everyday Eyelash by Stellar [Also a tattoo layer]
Pose by Exposeur
Photo taken in Calypso’s Cave by Belle Belle [Real post on this amazing build to come!]

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Today’s Gaze – My Sister’s Style

My older sister has always had her own kind of style. Being beautiful [think a slightly older Alyssa Milano], she’s always been able to get away with things that most people couldn’t – like track pants, striped socks, and heeled loafers. Yes, together. She’s a mishmash of fashion, but she’ll always be wearing something like an interesting piece of turquoise jewelry, or a funky belt. Why am I telling you all this? Well, when I put on the Ginger belt by Nyte n Day that I picked up at the Summer of Love fair, my sister immediately popped up in my head, and I ended up putting together an outfit that reminded me a great deal of her.

Review - Today's Gaze - My Sister's Style

The Ginger belt is seriously awesome. There is a SERIOUS shortage of decent belts in SL, that is for sure. I think this belt is only at the fair at the moment, but I’m sure it will be in the Nyte n Day mainstore after the fair is over.

I kept the rest of my look kind of simple, as my sister would do. I’m wearing the Basic Black Cami from, and the black Rolled Docker Shorts by Elephant Outfitters, which I bought at the Armidi sale, via the Shop Armidi website. My shoes are definitely some my sister would love, the Chunky Claw Sandals from Shiny Things. As skins get more highlighted and shaded, I’m finding it easier to just rock my regular feet instead of fussing with tinting prim feet. Does anyone else find themselves doing that lately?

My other accessories are just a mash up of different pieces, much like my sister would do. The gorgeous Iroha earrings by Mandala, a bracelet from the Acat set by Mariposa, and a black Zeyla necklace, also by Shiny Things. I decided not to show off my sister’s curly curly hair and instead opted for the new Hailey hair by

Although my sister will most likely never see this, I’m sure she would fully appreciate my outfit!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Hailey in Happy Blond by
Top: Basic Cami in Black by
Shorts: Rolled Docker shorts in black by Elephant Outfitters [Purchased on the Shop Armidi website]
Shoes: Chunky Claw Sandals in black w/black sole by Shiny Things
Belt: Ginger belt, black w/silver studs by Nyte n Day at the Summer of Love fair
Necklace: Zeyla in black by Shiny Things
Earrings: Iroha by Mandala
Bracelet: Part of the Acat set by Mariposa
Pose by Exposeur

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Alicia In D!valand

This may be the lamest title I’ve ever thought of. /sigh

Sometimes when I’m browsing XStreet, I’ll see something and think, “Oh! That is pretty! But where would I ever wear it?” The Wonderland dress by Salt was one of those things. So pretty, but not exactly my normal style, so I figured I’d never wear it.

Last night I was browsing over at D!va hair when I decided to take a walk around the sim. Gorgeous!! Simply gorgeous! Then the thought popped into my head. The Wonderland dress would look great here! After all, can you really explore a sim without being properly dressed? I don’t think so!

Review - Salt, D!va - Alicia in D!valand

A recreation of the dress from the “Alice” movie, this dress is just so elegantly pretty. Creator Tammany Goodliffe hand drew the bodice, lace and skirt embroidery based off of photos. Look at the hem – just adorable! The Wonderland dress also includes striped handwarmers [not shown] and vintage Victorian style boots, which you cannot see because of the angle of the photo. If you buy this dress, and really you should, I suggest buying it from the XStreet page because it is $100L cheaper! But do check out the other goodies at Salt because there’s lots of pretties!

Oh, and like I said, I was on the sim where D!va is when I took this picture, so of course I had to buy this cute Natsumi hair. The only thing I was not really fond of at D!va is that the hairs are no modify, and come with the resizer script. I much prefer being able to grab a prim and drag or stretch it to where I need it. But hey, if you buy hair that covers your ears, it’s not always a problem!

I’m off to go find a white rabbit to chase and who knows, maybe I can find a drink to shrink me. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice??

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Eye shadow: Makeup 31 by Garage
Everyday Eyelash by Stellar
Necklace: Crystal Heart for the Summer of Love fair by Dahlinks
Pose by !Bang
Photo taken on the CalanDiva sim

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Shades of Green

Every time Ashoka Eales of Phoenix Rising pops up in my IM box, I always know something fabulous is about to happen. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! All the new pretties at Phoenix Rising…I hardly knew what to wear! But somehow, I was just called to the green today, although it is not normally a color that I wear.

Review - Phoenix Rising - Shades of green

The Intake shirt in Grass is the perfect icy green color. In fact, it should have been called Mojito, because that’s what I thought of when I put it on. Mmmm…ice cold mojitos… Oh, sorry. The Intake shirt almost looks like it should be an undergarment, but with the addition of the big flouncy ribbon, why would you even think about covering it up?

Now, I am forever on the search for good shorts in SL, and these new Tegan shorts, which I am wearing in Forest, fit the bill perfectly! Not too short, not too long, and with exceptional texturing. I just love them!

There are lots of other new goodies at Phoenix Rising, which I’m sure will be making their way into my blog soon. But do yourself a huge favor and head to the store to check them out!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Roxana in Swedish by Truth
Shoes: Esprit in Nude by Maitreya Gold
Pose by Exposeur

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Today’s Gaze – I’m an artist too!

Sometimes you have to look towards the bright lights of Hollywood to find your look of the day. In my case, I looked towards the dim lights of Spencer Pratt’s brain. In an interview with People magazine, he said, and I can’t make this quote up myself, “I’m an artist now. I have an easel and everything.”

Jump back! A real easel?!

Hey, guess what? Now I’m an artist too!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom for those who don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - I'm an artist!

See? I have an easel and everything! Do you like my pictures?

My top is the divine Sivine Abstract shirt from L`Abel. I get lost in all the gorgeous colors and exceptional prim work! It’s simply marvelous! And with a top this great, I really had to go simple with the rest of my look.

I used the Basic Black Capris from SySy’s, which came in a group gift with the Yardena tops. I’m not QUITE sure if the capris are available at SySy’s still, but you’d be pretty wise to get into her subscriber group, because she sends out some goodies from time to time.

My cute little flats are the Avanti Flats from Celestial Studios. Oh, dear Starley. When ARE you going to start designing for us again?? These flats are basic, adorable, and you really really need to go get them.

This shaggy little haircut came to me yesterday by way of LeLutka. This is one of the new releases, the Olja hair, and I’m wearing it in the “Marilyn” shade. I love that it looks very soft, and kind of messy, too! You know us artists. We can’t be bothered to brush our hair while working on our masterpieces!

I’m also wearing the Everyday Eyelash face tattoo for Viewer 2 by Stellar, and my eyes are Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs. I’m really digging the lash tattoos lately, and who wouldn’t love eyes this clear and beautiful, am I right? And while I’m not a HUGE fan of stuff you stick in your mouth, these Paintbrushes and Doodles from Lostwood are so perfect for this look!

Well, time to wrap this up. I have to finish my paintings!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Olja in Marilyn by LeLutka
Top: Sivine Abstract by L`Abel
Bottoms: Basic Black Capris by SySy’s
Shoes: Avanti Flats in Black by Celestial Studios
Eyes: Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Everyday Eyelash for Viewer 2 by Stellar
Nails: Sculpted Nails – Color Change by Pixel Mode
Paintbrushes & Doodles by Lostwood
Poses by Exposeur

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Today’s Gaze – Star, White and Blue!

So sometimes…I’m not that fashionable. Sometimes, I just throw things together that I find and I think, “Oh cute! Not blogworthy, but cute!” But what REALLY makes something blogworthy in the first place? The simple fact that I like it, right? I liked this, so I’m blogging it. Maybe you’ll like it, too. 🙂

[All SLurls for this post will be at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Star, White, and Blue!

I was out at Love Soul looking at prim nails [my latest love] and I came across this kind of cute little outfit called *Star*. It had a shirt, some short shorts, and a visor. I had to buy it, because…hello? Visor! Now unfortunately, the shirt is only the “tucked in” version, which kind of sucks because I like most of my shirts untucked. But, it was still cute. The shirt comes with the arm star tattoos, and if you wear the shorts, there are some little booty and leg tattoos as well. And of course, this just adorable visor with stars on it makes me super happy!

I chose to not wear the shorts that came with the shirt and visor because they are cut a little too high in the front. If I need to wax just to wear some denim shorts, that’s a big no in my book. I do love some short shorts, though, so I tossed on my trusty Booty Shorts from League. Hey, I said I didn’t want to wax. I never said I didn’t want to show my butt off!

From new-to-me store Sugar & Spice, I found these cute Red, White & Blue Star Sneakers. Too cute, and pretty inexpensive! That’s two of my favorite qualities! And from Reek, I put on the red striped socks from his Slides sandals.

Was this the most “fashionista” thing I could have blogged today? Nope. But I feel super cute and no random boobs are hanging out! Score!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Nicole.2 in Happy Blond by
Shirt and Visor: *Star* in blue by Love Soul
Shorts: Booty Shorts in light blue by League
Shoes: Red, White & Blue Star Sneakers by Sugar & Spice
Socks: Red striped socks from the Slides sandals by Reek
Nails: Color Change Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode
Pose by Exposeur

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Let’s go on a Picnic!

A few days ago when Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs released her new Picnic Sundress, my friend Isle said that the dress “had Ali written all over it.” How could I possibly resist that?

Review - Haven Designs - Picnic Sundress

So so cute! I love the cute little floral print, and just how casually pretty it is. The Picnic Sundress comes in 7 different colors and if you hurry, I believe the limited edition blue one for Stumblebum may still be available. Scoot down to Haven Designs and pick this up!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Marguerite in Swedish by Truth
Shoes: Espadrilles by Gos
Jewelry: Happiness Shared in Tangerine & Sunshine by Frippery
Pose by Glitterati
Regina Bella house by Mudhoney

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I’m A Beach Diva!

Back when I was a little girl, my best friend had this amazing collection of Barbie clothes from the late 60s/early 70s that her grandma had made. One of my favorite dresses was this long floral dress that I’d always make my Barbie wear with sunglasses. Well, imagine my delight when Eboni Khan of House of Hucci made this incredible Beach Diva dress that reminded me of that same Barbie dress!

Review - Hucci - Beach Diva

Summery and fun, the Beach Diva dress really does bring out the diva in you! This dress has incredible movement to it. It’s so swishy and swirly! This probably makes me sound like a total girl, but I can’t resist a swishy swirly skirt! And what I think I love most about this dress is the fact that it’s both sexy AND fairly modest. Hey, you can be sexy without giving away the entire farm, you know?

The Beach Diva dress comes in different colors [I’m wearing it in Wild Pink] and can be found at the House of Hucci mainstore. Go be a diva!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #18 by Belleza
Hair: Tina in Swedish by Truth
Sunglasses: Bella Peepers by Miel
Rings & Nails: Takara in white by Mandala
Earrings: Monica in Blank White by Mandala
Pose by Exposeur [HUGE sale going on right now!!]

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Today’s Gaze – Sea Breeze

Another look of the day from me, because… why not? 🙂 Quick one, I promise! Today I was playing on the beach and I was simply called by the colors of the ocean. And who wouldn’t be? Summer is the perfect time for long days at the beach!

[All SLurls are at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Sea Breeze

Remember my post about BoHo HoBo yesterday? My cute little Mini Sari skirt in Indigo comes from there, and it was just SO inexpensive! Totally cute, and totally simple! I love the print, it is just so perfect for the beach, in my opinion!

If you haven’t heard, Mischief is closing! But don’t worry, designer Janie Marlowe isn’t going ANYWHERE! She’s just beginning her new brand next month! There’s a big closing sale and you can get the Essential Tanks, like the one I’m wearing here in Turquoise, for quite cheap! I believe it’s $100L for a fatpack and you know what? These tanks truly are essential to anyone’s summer wardrobe. Or winter, for that matter, because I know I sure use them for layering!

For accessories, I kept it simple. From U&R Dogs, I’m wearing the Aleko prim nails & rings combo in Beach, which is a hunt gift that I believe is still available in the store. My jewelry is the Bloom set from long gone and still missed ~flirt~. Skinkie, I miss you!! There’s a chance that some of you have the jewelry in your inventory, which is why I chose to wear it. You can’t forget about your great older items! And speaking of older stores, I love love love my Supernovas in Aqua Bloom from Shiny Things. Someone tell Fallingwater to make more shoes, please!

Oh! And one more thing! My pose is by ImpEle, which is having a MASSIVE sale right now. If you love poses, and I know you do, get over there!! Individual AND couples poses for as little as $5L? Heck yeah!

See you on the beach, beauties!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Sasha in Swedish by Truth
Top: Essential Tank in Turquoise by Mischief
Skirt: Mini Sari in Indigo by BoHo HoBo
Shoes: Supernovas in Aqua Bloom by Shiny Things
Rings & Nails: Aleko in Beach by U&R Dogs
Necklace & Bracelets by ~flirt~ [No longer available *sobs*]
Pose by ImpEle