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This love in my heart, it’s love for everyone.

Hello from the Bahamas! Like I mentioned in my last post, my family and I are having an island adventure this week. This place is gorgeous! You know what’s also gorgeous? Stuff from FaMESHed and Fit For A Princess! Both events open tomorrow!

Style - This love in my heart, It's love for everyone

I squealed in delight when I saw Cae‘s new Duchess set for FFAP. The necklace is so so similar to a pendant my parents gave me on my 16th birthday. There is a matching ring, earrings, and a tiara in the set as well! You can change the color of the gems and metal with a nice little HUD, too.

I’ve never tried Milk hair before, despite the creator being a plurk buddy of mine for a while, but wow! What an introduction to the brand! The Girl About Town hair for FaMESHed is fantastic! I love big messy braids and this is just perfect! It also comes with a headband that you can put on or take off. Love!

Cracked Mirror is also at FaMESHed with an awesome Chevron dress. Being that it’s warming up [and also because I’m on the beach!], I am definitely in need of lots of cute dresses. This one is perfect for night time on the beach!

Have a fantastic Monday, y’all!

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Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Dolly red sheer gloss added
Hair: Girl About Town by Milk [FaMESHed]
Mesh hands by SLink
Nail polish by Hello Dave
Dress: Chevron by Cracked Mirror [FaMESHed]
Jewelry: Duchess by Cae [Fit For A Princess]
Pose by Elephante Poses

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Fit For A Princess!

Have you heard about a new event coming up? Fit For A Princess starts on April 1st and that’s no foolin’! Let’s check out a couple of things that you will be able to get!

From Alouette, The Princess’s Tower is sure to make all your Rapunzel dreams come true.

Style - Fit For A Princess-1

For this photo, I sunk the little “hill” that it is on into the ground, but you can still see a bit of it. Inside, there’s a long winding staircase that leads up to the tower room. It’s just so cute! We have a hill with a look out on our island, I’m thinking of replacing the building we have there with this so we can be even higher up!

If you need something to put in your tower, might I suggest the Sweet Pea bed from Positure Poses?

Style - Fit For A Princess-2

Aww, poor princess. It’s hard to sleep with a pea under one of the mattresses! This is a pose prop with two poses, but both poses are similar, just changed for if you’re wearing a poofy dress or not. I think it’s pretty awesome and would make a lovely addition to any princess’s bedroom.

I’m going on a vacation with my SL family tonight, so any post I do in the next week will be from the beach! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Lagertha by Truth [New today!]
Mesh hands, feet, and eyelids by SLink
Dress: Gwen by Rebel Hope

Sweet Pea bed by Positure Poses [Fit For A Princess]
The Princess’s Tower by Alouette [Fit For A Princess]

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Steppin’ Out

Spring has finally finally arrived!! I couldn’t be more excited because ugh, I hate winter so much. Well, okay, I think snow is pretty and all, but I love spring!

Style - Steppin' Out

Coldlogic welcomed spring with a big release this past week! I love a great halter, and the Pruitt one is super cute. But I definitely love the Jay pants! They are so cute and casual, and very perfect for spring!

A few weeks ago, my plurk friend Amaya of The Big O asked for some shoe inspiration. Well, you know me and shoes! I tossed a few pics at her of shoes I liked, and was pleasantly surprised when she actually made one of them! The LB heels are fun and ladylike, but also great for pairing with dresses or jeans or whatever you’d like. They are add-ons for the SLink medium feet, so don’t cry if you go to get them and you can’t wear them because you still have janky system feet.

I hope everyone had a great spring weekend!

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Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Dolly Red sheer gloss added
Hair: Sayaka3 by D!va
Mesh Hands & Feet by SLink
Top: Pruitt by coldLogic
Pants: Jay by coldLogic
Shoes: LB Heel by The Big O
Pose by !bang
Salcombe Gazebo by Cheeky Pea [FaMESHed]
Garden Paving Stones by What Next

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Just A Little Spill Of Glamour

So so many things going on, you guys! Why, I can scarcely keep my hands on everything!

Style - Just A Little Spill Of Glamour

The Liaison Collaborative is back and better than ever! For The Boutique, Junbug has brought us this super elegant Miss M dress. The front is very simple [as befits the Minimal Nouveau theme] and the neck is high, but the back is where it shines. It almost reminds me of Cinderella’s dress. Well, the first one that the birds and mice helped her make with all the bows. It comes in several colors but you know I adore a pure white dress.

Seraphim is bringing us a new event – Serafilms! The theme this round is Moulin Rouge and Elephante Poses has an awesome pose set called Sparkling Diamonds! There are 6 poses in the set and diamond props for each. I used one of the props for the pose, and then 2 of the props are scattered on the ground.

Happy shopping, glamorous people!

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Skin: Sora – Sugoi by Pink Fuel [Adore & Abhor Anniversary]
Hair: Snow by Truth
Mesh hands by SLink
Dress: Miss M by Junbug [The Boutique]
Sparkling Diamonds pose by Elephante Poses [Serafilms]

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Let’s Focus On The Boots!

Do you ever get dressed and you think, “Yay! I’m cute!” Then you take your pic and oh…maybe not so much? That’s totally me today. But let’s not focus on anything except these awesome boots, okay??

Style - Let's Focus On The Boots

My friend Wilma stopped over at our place last night and immediately my eye was drawn to her feet. She was wearing the Cowboy Boots with the floral design from COCO. I cannot begin to tell you all how my little Texas girl heart just sang with excitement! So much so that even though I was in the middle of hanging out with my family, I took off and went to buy them. They come with both the sock and no sock option and there are several pretty colors. In fact, I’m headed out now to get them in aqua!

Happy shopping, y’all!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Dolly pink sheer gloss added
Hair: Perla by Truth
Mesh hands by SLink
Nail polish by Hello Dave
Top: Los Angeles Cardigan by Emery
Top: Lucy Lace Top by G Field
Shorts: Cuffed Denim by Mon Tissu
Boots: Cowboy Boots w/Floral Design by COCO
Pose by Pretense

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Just The Way You Are

I like simple looks. If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you know this. I’m not couture. I’m not edgy. I’m not sexy. I’m simple, and I think a lot can be said for simplicity in our lives. So if you’re out there feeling less than fabulous because you’re not covered in accessories, or you’re not wearing the most expensive products, or you’re not wearing items that haven’t even been released yet, or you’re just feeling like you’re not good enough, remember this – You’re amazing, just the way you are. ♥

Style - Just The Way You Are

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Dolly Pink sheer gloss added
Hair: Lolita by Truth [Collabor88]
Dress: Warwick in Blue by coldLogic
Necklace: Pemberly by Cae
Pose by Kirin
5th Ave Skybox w/backdrop by Barnesworth Anubis [Collabor88]

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You Would Have To Be Half Mad To Dream Me Up!

Last night, our family grew! And to celebrate it, my sister Lolita put together an amazing area for our tea party. Then I put on a hat and well… I knew it was the perfect place for today’s blog pic!

Style - You Would Have To Be Half Mad To Dream Me Up!

Zenith is at FaMESHed this month with the Leather Manteau dress, and oh my gosh, is it ever pretty! So classy and ladylike, almost vintage as well. I fell for it the moment I saw it. The dress tends to run a little big [at least, I thought it did] in its sizing so I’m wearing the XS instead of the S like usual.

I love hats in SL but usually only if they come with hair. But how could I resist the Chapeau de Chocolat in Paris Vanille by Enfant Terrible that was at The Arcade?? I just couldn’t! With just a little adjusting it worked perfectly with Truth‘s Snow hair, and also perfectly with the color of my dress.

Here’s to a fantastic week!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Dolly Red sheer gloss added
Hair: Snow by Truth
Mesh hands and feet by SLink
Dress: Leather Manteau in cream by Zenith [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Miranda in Taupe by
Hat: Chapeau de Chocolat – Paris Vanille by Enfant Terrible [The Arcade]
Pose by Kirin

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Nobody’s gonna slow me down!

Oh my gosh, there are sooo many things to shop for this weekend! Nobody better slow me down, because I’ve got things to get!!

Style - Nobody's gonna slow me down!

FaMESHed opened yesterday and there are so many cute things! The hippie boho girl in me fell in LOVE with the Fringed Top from Emery! This top reminds me of some kind of DIY t-shirt tutorials I see all over the internet. Total love!

And of course, The Arcade also has opened and has brought so much incredible stuff to the grid! I just adore the Shine hair from Exile because it’s sooo long and helps with the whole hippie-boho vibe I’ve got going on today. Ingenue‘s Pandora flat sandals are simply awesome, too! They are add-ons for the SLink flat feet, so hurry up and get your feet if you STILL haven’t! You’re missing out on fantastic shoes!!!

Hope you guys have had a fantastic weekend!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Shine by Exile [The Arcade]
Mesh hands & feet by SLink
Nail polish by Hello Dave [New in-world store!!]
Top: Fringed Top by Emery [FaMESHed]
Shorts: Cuffed Denim by One Bad Pixel
Shoes: Pandora in noir by Ingenue [The Arcade]
Huntress pose by !bang [We♥RP – not open yet]