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Turquoise Beauty

They say that turquoise is a protective stone. It’s also said to draw out negativity, stabilize your mood, and eliminate nervousness and fears. That alone would get me to wear it [I admit to totally being into crystals and stuff like that], but the fact that it’s just pretty makes it even more worth it! And the new Kalya set in blue from ByKay is just lovely, and most definitely drew out any negativity I had going, because who could be in a bad mood with jewelry this pretty?

Review - ByKay - Kalya

I’m not always a big fan of big chunky jewelry, but this is so so pretty, I just don’t want to take it off. The big beads, the stacked rings, the gorgeous earrings… Oh, you just have to see it on yourself. It’s wonderful!

Kalya also comes in green and olive, and there are also prim nails with the rings as well. Head over to ByKay and buy buy buy!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Tina in Swedish by Truth
Top: Sunny Tank in Aqua by Haven Designs
Eyes: Caribbean by Miriel [No longer available *sobs*]
Eyeliner: Designer Liner Due in Blue/Green by Stellar [Tattoo layer]
Lashes: Everyday Eyelash by Stellar [Also a tattoo layer]
Pose by Exposeur
Photo taken in Calypso’s Cave by Belle Belle [Real post on this amazing build to come!]

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