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Relaxing in Calypso’s Cave

Doesn’t this look like a beautiful sim?

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave, waterfall

Don’t you just want to go there and relax? Well, guess what? It’s not a sim. It’s a new gorgeous sky area from Belle Belle!

The new Calypso’s Cave is truly a marvel. At around 260 prims, it’s the perfect little secret getaway. And of course it is equipped with the Belle Belle Passion Inside animation system, so there are lots of cuddles, kisses, and….well, you know. 😉 But more than that, it’s just PRETTY!

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave

The stunning waterfall, the gorgeous “sunlight” streaming through a hole in the cave, little fish swimming serenely in the water, and pretty little fireflies lighting up the cave – well, gosh, what is NOT to like?

Calypso’s Cave also comes with the “Bliss Box” feature. You rez out a cute little cloud, set your desired height, and whoosh! You’re off and then it all rezzes out for you. It’s so very simple!! If you choose not to leave the cave up, you just call for your cloud again, and you’re safely delivered back to the ground, and everything de-rezzes. There is also an optional grotto entrance, in case you feel like just leaving it up, and the entrance acts as a teleporter to get you back where you want to go. It’s wonderful!

I’ve always enjoyed Leyla’s work, but I have to say – Calypso’s Cave may be the build that has impressed me the most. Get to Belle Belle and pick yours up! You won’t be sorry!

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