My YouTube Videos!

I make videos about stuff in SL! Sometimes I show things, sometimes I just talk about things. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel! If you like what I do, please subscribe! ♥

I’ll try to keep this updated with the more current ones, but no promises.

3 thoughts on “My YouTube Videos!”

  1. I love your Youtube & Blogs Gurl! You’ll have to give me some pointers since I’m very new at blogging & I would love to know if theres a SL inworld group that chats and discuss blogging for bloggers Hugzzz keep up the great work I really enjoy you’re work!


    1. Hi Cherri, I am one of Alicia’s friends- so I will answer your question, lol. There IS an in world blogger group that is great! Look up SL Blogger Support. I think you have to send a notecard to someone and get added (or at least you did when I joined years ago). Great group, hope to see you there! ❤ Kirsten Corleone


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