Luxe Box Unboxing for October!

Hello again, bunnies! I know, 2 videos in one day? Crazy! But it’s a Luxe Box day!! I really loved this month’s box. I think there were only 2 items this month that I was a little iffy about, but that means that 10 items, I really loved. When people ask me if it’s worth paying $1500L every month for Luxe Box, my answer is always a very loud YES! I honestly don’t think I’ve had a bad box yet, so I never mind when I fork over that cash!

Check out the video! If you go to the video page, there are jumpcuts in the comments so you can skip ahead to see a specific store’s offering.

Treasure Chest Unboxing!

Hey bunnies! I was delighted to be invited to be one of the “official unboxers” for the first round of Treasure Chest! Treasure Chest is a new subscription box that is geared more towards roleplayers, or anyone who likes fantasy type items! It is $1500L a month and there were 15 designers for this month. If you got in on it, let me know what you liked!

Click through to the video page if you want to just get to jumpcuts so you can skip to a specific store’s offering!