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It’s A Truth Day!

Hey, it’s Wednesday! You know what that means… New Truth hair!! Four new gorgeous hairstyles perfect for any New Year’s Eve parties you might be attending. 🙂 Check them out!





One color pack at Truth is $250L or you can fatpack for $1500L. Go get your hair on!

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Skin: Belle “Silver Blue Rubies” by Belleza
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Dress: 2009 Holiday Gift in Wine Red by G Field [Still currently free, I believe]
Poses by Glitterati

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Celebrate the New Year With Nymphetamine!

Are you looking for something fun to wear on New Year’s Eve with your special someone, but you want it to be sexy too? Then you MUST get your cutie booty over to Nymphetamine and pick up this new release – Shades of Gray!

Isn’t it cute? I love love love the half jacket with the matching bra. The floral texturing is just gorgeous! And you also have the option of wearing just the bra for…well, you know, the after party. 😉 Shades of Gray is a steal at $250L.

Do you like my hat? If you spend $500L, at Nymphetamine between now and 9pm SLT on the 31st, you get it free! And not just this one, there are FIVE styles in the box! Plus, they’re color change! Pretty sweet deal! All you have to do is send Paeoti Pomeray your transaction history of at least $500L, and she’ll send you your hats. You need them for New Year’s Eve, definitely!

I think I’m headed back to Nymphetamine… I need a party dress for a New Year’s Eve party!

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Skin: Belle “Silver Blue Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Stacie in Swedish by Truth [Modded to fit my hat]
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Shoes: Shanti in Black by Maitreya Gold
Poses by Olive Juice

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SL Daily Deals – Limited Edition At Musashi-Do!

Did you hear the news? SL Daily Deals will be having new deals every few hours for the 24th & 25th! And one of my favorite stores on the grid, Musashi-Do, is kicking off the big event with this limited edition of a dress that is honestly one of my favorite things in my inventory – Tender Blossoms.

When Tender Blossoms first came out, one of my first questions was, “Why isn’t there a blue one?” Then Shiryu came up with this color, Winter Night. This…is like a little piece of heaven for me. I love Tender Blossoms because they’re so so versatile. I dress mine up and down all the time!

From Midnight to 6am SLT you can pick up your own “Winter Night” Tender Blossoms for the discounted price of $169L. Normally they’re $225 [and worth every single $L!] But get there as quick as you can, because there are only 200 available! It IS that limited edition! Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you won’t be able to get this gorgeous color again. Trust me, ladies. This is even prettier in world than it is in the picture! And it’s transferable so it makes the PERFECT last minute Christmas gift!

Set your alarm for midnight so you can get down to Musashi-Do! Who knows, you might even run into me out there!

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New At Truth This Week!

I’ll say this about Truth Hawks – he doesn’t let our heads get bored. Four new hairstyles for us this week! Including one that is more for a guy, but looks cute on a girl too.





There is also a cute group gift this week for the subscribers, a great little messenger bag. I didn’t get a shot of it, but it’s nice!

A color pack of Truth hair is $250L and the fatpacks are $1500L. Go get some hair!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Smokey Mocha” by Belleza
Eyes: Beloved Jadeite by Beloved Custom Designs
Top: Charlie sweater by Mischief [SoM group gift]
Necklace & Earrings: Esprit De Neige by ~flirt~ [No longer available]
Poses by ImpEle

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What’s in Evie’s Closet today?

Do you love Evie’s Closet? Me too! You need to RUN down there today to get these great dresses because… They’re only $50L each!! But it’s today only!

The Isabella dresses are just utterly gorgeous, as all of Evie’s works are. There are 2 available, the Isabella Formal and the Isabella Ballet. Both come with wings, for all you pretty little faeries out there!

How could you possibly say no to these? The Formal has 2 skirts, and I found that the overskirt actually looks fabulous on its own using the glitch pants from the Ballet outfit. The Ballet outfit also comes with stockings and those adorable little slippers! And both outfits come with the delicate little arm bands, too. Oh, both of these are just gorgeous all the way around.

Head over to Evie’s Closet now now now!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Smokey Mocha” by Belleza
1) Yelena.2 in Happy Blond by
2) Lara in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Ring: Ballet ring by U&R Dogs
Poses by Olive Juice

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Gift card sale at Musashi-Do!

Were you looking at my last post and thinking about going to get some of those gorgeous shirts? Well…go NOW! There’s a 50% off sale on gift cards at Musashi-Do!

These are new cards, so if you’ve bought one or received one in the past and you still have money on it, send an IM to Shiryu Musashi so you can get the correct version.

Gift cards are the perfect gift, or buy them for yourself! 🙂 C’mon, the holidays are coming up and you know you need some gifts for people. Pick up some cards at the Musashi-Do mainstore now!

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InfiniTie for women!!

I admit it. When Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do came out with with the InfiniTie shirts for men with his suits a few months ago, I was jealous. I wanted shirts like that for me, too! But girly and cute, of course.

So when he mentioned he was making some for women…well, believe me, I was so so excited!! Who wouldn’t want a well made shirt and the option to use the InfiniTie system? It’s a no brainer to me. Check it out!

I’m not showing you ALL the colors, because I think you should go to the store and check out the rest! In the first photo, I’m showing colors from the “Classic” set, and in the second, the colors are from the “Trendy.” There are 3 lengths per color, long and untucked, shorter and tucked, and short for showing the mid-riff. Each one is unbuttoned just a little to give a hint of cleavage and the cuffs are rolled up a little bit, too. Each shirt comes with a black tie, but you can use the InfiniTie system, and purchase different colored ties. [You can go to this YouTube page to see all about the InfiniTie system.] One thing I love about these shirts, and the ones for men as well, is that the tie is not just “clip-on” style. These go all the way around the neck. I had noticed this on the male shirts some time ago and just thought that was a little extra special detail. Oh, and if you don’t want to wear the tie at all? Just click the collar, and it disappears. Click it again to bring it back! I have also been told that if you want a buttoned up version, the shirts for men also look wonderful on women.

The InfiniTie shirts for women are priced at $129L per color, or $499L for either the pack of the Classic or Trendy colors. The separate InfiniTies are as little as $29L per tie. As always, these are completely hand-painted, nothing is photosourced, and I think that is fabulous. And they are transferable, as most of the items at Musashi-Do are, making these perfect for gifting!

If you’re looking for something for Christmas, as well, check out the pack of Christmas InfiniTie shirts for women!

Since these are transferable, I passed one over to my adorable Piper and forced her to pose with me. There are 2 InfiniTies included in this pack with a striped tie and a floral tie. The Christmas pack is just $259L, and there is also a set for men as well, if you like to match your guy.

While you’re at Musashi-Do buying shirts, don’t forget to wander outside and go check out the World Holidays 2009 photo exhibit! You just might see my pics out there!

Also in this post:

On me: Belle “Silver Blue Rubies” by Belleza
On Piper: Sienna “Pretty Pretty Princess” by Exodi

1) Tatum, Tatum.2 and Jasmine in Happy Blond by
2) Stacie in Swedish and Jess in Licorice by Truth
3) Nisha in Platinum by Mirone

On me: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
On Piper: Zbilja Spirit in Crystal Blue by Exodi [Group gift]

1) Stay True – Contrast by Mischief
2) Classic jeans in Charcoal by Zaara
3) Alizee jeans by Last Call [No longer available, unless you find them somewhere.]

1) Tweedy les Robes in black by SySy’s Designs
2) Corduroy Mini in Nutty by Kyoot
3) Knit slim skirt in black by Sn@tch [Group gift]

1) Simply Vera in light blue by Periquita
2) Pinup heels by Stiletto Moody
3) Long boots in brown and Backribbon boots in black by J’s
4) Sydney stiletto in black by SLink

Poses by Glitterati and Slash Me

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The Truth is, I love hair!

Hey, guess who has new hair this week, ladies? Aw, you guessed it. It’s Truth! And not only do we get 4 fab styles, but if you’re in his subscribe-o-matic, you also get a pretty little dress.

But first, the hair!





I’m really loving the crimped textures on a couple of the hairs because I was reading a fashion magazine this past week [yes, like the actual paper kind!] and they had some crimped styles. Love it!

And the group gift this week is this cute little Martini dress, in Holly. I love the sculpted bow on it!

As always, the hair packs at Truth are $250L for a color pack, and $1500L for a fatpack. Be sure to get in the SoM because he’s been sending out some really nice group gifts lately!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle in Silver Blue Rubies by Belleza
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Shoes: Ashoka T-Straps in Red Plaid by Nardcotix
Poses by Glitterati

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FilterCam 2.0 is ready!!

Do you ever look at the blogs and feeds and think, “Wow, how can I get my photos to look better in Second Life?” Me too! For a long time, I thought everyone was just a Photoshop genius. And while there are some exceptional Photoshoppers out there, not everyone is. Some of them were using a nifty little HUD called FilterCam from MechanizedLife!

A few months ago, the fabulous brain behind MechanizedLife, CodeBastard Redgrave [or Codie, as she’s known to her friends], passed out FilterCams at one of the blogger meet-ups as a gift. Awesome gift, because you know…we’re bloggers, we take umpteen pics of ourselves! But I admit – I didn’t use it for ages. I’m not particularly gadgety, and a quick glance at the instructions made me believe it was much too hard.

I was SO wrong.

FilterCam is incredibly easy to use! Wear it, click it fast to pull it up, click and hold for a second on it to pull up the menu, choose your filter, take a snapshot [make sure you have it marked to show HUDs!], and boom! Cute cute picture! My banner for this blog was taken using it!

I was working with an older version, but Codie has come up with a very awesome updated version, FilterCam 2.0!! Now with little submenus so you can find your favorite presets even easier! And 86 presets to choose from. 86!! All kinds of tints, patterns, and frames to make your pictures AWESOME.

This is just one of 86 that you can choose from! And not only can you choose presets, but you can customize them to your liking. Codie, bless her, sat the other night and showed me how to do it. I’m not sure if I truly understood, but I think I did. And you can also use a tutorial by Ryker Beck to learn how to make your very own FilterCam presets! So so cool!

If you have an old version of FilterCam, just wear it and the new one should be delivered to you shortly. If you don’t already have it, you can pick it up at the MechanizedLife shop on the Rouge sim or onXStreet for $1000L. Believe me, it is WORTH this price. You will adore it!

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Keeping my head warm

I love when designers in SL combine their talents and make collaboration pieces. I really wish more would do that!

Two of my favorite stores, Reek and Tiny Bird, have come together to make this adorable hat/hair combo – Merritt’s Hatt!

Isn’t it cute?? The gorgeous sculpted knit cap is texture change with 18 colors, and the hat and the pompom can be colored separately, giving you 324 color combinations! And the cutie knotted ponytail is made by Tiny Bird, and there IS a male option available. I’d show you, but I have no man, so you’ll have to go to the store to look. 🙂 It’s a shaggy short cut, and it does look cute on girls as well.

You can pick up your own at Reek or Tiny Bird for only $220L. Think of it as less than $1L per color combo! At any price, you NEED to go get this. NOW!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meows in the Nude” by Belleza
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Top: Femme Down the Chimney gift by Boom
Pose by Glitterati
Photo taken using FilterCam by MechanizedLife