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Notable Nymphetamine

New designers come along in Second Life every day. I love them, I really do. But when you find established SL designers who continually update their skills and keep fresh, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Paeoti Pomeray of Nymphetamine Boutique is most definitely one of these designers. In the SL fashion world since 2005, Nymphetamine is known for gorgeous texture work and really beautiful designs. I was very excited when I attended the VR Style fashion show last week and caught a glimpse of some of the new creations because I hadn’t seen anything new from her in quite some time. But the wait was well worth it, because she’s cranking out a LOT of new and very awesome new creations! Let’s check a couple out!

The new Tre’Stac outfits are fun, flirty, and oh so sexy. With the pretty little fluffy skirt and lovely lace edged bra and tap pants, you can feel just so cute and sexy strutting around your bedroom in these! I am small, so I did have to adjust the skirt to be smaller, but it resized very easily and those of you with more curves probably won’t have to adjust at all. The Tre’Stac comes in 6 colors, and are a steal at $250L, or fatpack it for just $1000L.

The Caressa dress is very much outside my normal wear in SL. In fact, my first thought when I put it on was, “I look like I’m going to Hugh Hefner’s funeral.” But the more I wore it, the more I just fell in love with it. A very sexy-vintage outfit, the Caressa comes with a fitted jacket with slouchy sleeves, a tight skirt [yes, it is a system skirt, but I didn’t even have to put on a skirt shape for it, it’s that well done], this amazing enormous hat, and an adorable little clutch purse. It’s all richly textured and just so fabulous! I’m wearing the Long skirt, but there is a miniskirt set available at the store for those of you who just need to show your legs off. The Caressa is $550L.

You know what I’m going to say now, so stop reading and go shopping!!

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Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Eyes: Beloved Platinum by Beloved Custom Designs
Shoes: PinUp heels by Stiletto Moody

In Tre’Stac picture:
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by fri.day

In Caressa picture:
Hair: Into My Arms in Buttermilk by Tiny Bird [modded slightly for hat]

Poses by Glitterati, ImpEle, and Striking Poses

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Lucky Quickie – Wall Clocks!

If you’re like me and you’re always looking for something cute to decorate your home, you need to join the Belle Belle group and go stalk the lucky boards for these Wall Clocks!!

So so cute! They remind me of clocks that used to hang in my grandma’s kitchen when I was younger. They actually keep time and are prim budget friendly at just 6 prims each. 🙂

Now get out of my kitchen and go get lucky at Belle Belle!

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The Secret Garden

Have you been to the Jewelry Fair yet? If you haven’t, why the heck not?! A hundred of the grid’s best jewelers, auctions, charity pieces, and loads of gifts! What’s not to like??

My friend, and the best SL jeweler I know, Skinkie Winkler of ~flirt~ has created 4 absolutely stunning rings for the Fair. I tried for days to get pictures that would show off just how gorgeous these rings truly are, but I think her photos show them off a little more clearly than I could do.

The Secret Garden rings are in the theme of the children’s novel by the same name by Francis Hodgson Burnett. This is one of my favorite stories of all time and I’ve bought the book in different editions 7 times, so to say I was delighted with these rings would be an understatement.

Each of the rings features a tee-tiny seasonal garden tucked away inside the diamond. Oh it’s just so beautiful! And as you can see, the rings are not very large at all.

Each ring is a true steal at $500L only at the Jewelry Fair, with 50% of that money going to the Oxfam charity. After the fair, they will be available at the mainstore, but for a higher price. Be sure you also pick up the free tigerlily barrette at the ~flirt~ fair booth. It’s sooo pretty!!

Why are you still reading? Go shop!!

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Skin: Misty Pale in Greenglade Blonde by League
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by fri.day
Sweater: Ballet Sweater in Berry by fri.day [freebie!]

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We’ve been Blacklisted!

It’s not unusual in my circle of friends to suddenly have someone pop up with, “Hey, guess what I’m making?” They’re an extraordinarily talented bunch. It’s why I keep them around. 😉

So when my friend Gauge Laville mentioned one night he was working on clothing in preparation to open a store, I wasn’t exactly surprised. His store, Blacklisted, started out with just shirts for men. Great shirts for men. He was nice enough to share one with me right around the time his store opened, but he designed these shirts FOR men, so it didn’t look quite right on little ol’ me.

However, he did not leave us ladies out. Enter the Blacklisted lingerie. Cute and girly, but without all the super frills and lace. The kind of lingerie you can just hang out in. [And believe me, I have!]

I’m wearing them in Cornbread, Lonely Soldier, and Be Starin’. As you can see, these actually cover your butt enough, and the back of the bra is not a snap, but a nice little lacing. Very very cute!

Each set is $290L, and if you get the “Triple Threat” fatpack for $740L, you get matching thigh-highs that come in sheer and solid. A great deal!

I’m using this opportunity to drag my boyfriend along on my blogging journey, too. If you’re a designer of male items and would like them reviewed in this blog, let me know! Tyson is wearing the Blacklisted No Pause shirt. Look at the abs! Rowr! The shirts for men at Blacklisted are awesome and a steal at $120L.

No more reading…go shopping!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Smoky Turquoise by League
Hair: Kissy Kissy in Rice by Tiny Bird
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Poses by Striking Poses and Lyndz-Matic

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Delicious Dirndls!

Bublee Bing has come out with something just in time for Oktoberfest! Bublee, who hails from Germany, has created just some wonderful dirndls that even an American like me, who has no real experience with dirndls at all, can completely appreciate!

Gorgeous, are they not? Her texture work is truly beautiful! These come with 2 options for the bodice to wear with a prim chain or with the chain printed on the bodice, the lovely blouses, the skirts, and 2 options for the aprons. Did you know there is a certain side that you tie your apron on if you are unmarried? I didn’t! I am, obviously, wearing the unmarried ones. 🙂

What really got me was that she even created a “maidservant” dirndl! It’s all splotched and stained and reminds me of Cinderella before the ball. If you do medieval style roleplay and you’re a maid, get this outfit.

These beautiful dirndls are meticulously detailed, right down to the lace edging on the sleeves. And there are options for short or long sleeves on the regular dirndls, and a more off the shoulder blouse option for the Maidservant one.

There is also jewelry included in the dirndls, but I chose not to wear it for these photos because I felt it detracted from the beauty of the texture work.

You have a choice of SEVERAL different colors of dirndls, and you can choose either the long or short versions. This kind of costume doesn’t come cheap though – you’re looking at least $700L and higher. But oh…for this kind of texturing, it is well worth it.

Oktoberfest begins this weekend, so get a dirndl and party it up, even if you’re not German. 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Smoky Turquoise by League
Hair: Leigh in Happy Blond by fri.day
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Shoes: The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats in Ivory by Cherry
Poses by ImpEle

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Hearts & Diamonds Win The Hand!

One thing that I love in SL that I just don’t have enough of are great, simple dresses. I don’t always need a lot of ruffles and flowy skirts. A simple design with great texturing and print? Heck yes, sign me up!

My friend Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do created some absolutely wonderful simple silk short cocktail dresses recently, and of course I just HAD to have them. Shiryu is a real gem, not just in designing but in how he conducts himself. When he asks me for an opinion, I know I can give it to him AND he will listen. I swear one day he’ll hate me for being so picky, but for now it works. 🙂 Check out his latest dresses – Waving Heart and Diamonds On Me.

The pictures really don’t do the dress justice, because in world, the silk texture is so gorgeous, it makes you feel like you can reach out and touch it. Shiryu is a “Hand-Painting Activist,” so all of his textures are hand drawn. [Don’t go shopping with him. He points out all the photosourced stuff!!] And he’s painstakingly tried to get the prim of the skirt to match up with the texture of the dress. It is a pretty darn good match!

Each print comes in 5 colors, and you can pick them up for $225L for a single dress, or $799L for a fatpack. I suggest fatpacking. 😀

If you want the same style of dress but in a simpler print, there are 2 FREE dresses at Musashi-Do in black and white prints. They’re just as yummy as these cocktail dresses.

Less reading, more shopping!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by fri.day
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Shoes: PinUp heels by Stiletto Moody
Bracelet by Edge Grafica in Black & White
Ring: White Chocolate by SyDS
Back tattoo: Creeping Roses by Tuli [found in a hunt]
Poses by MayoNaise and Pffiou!

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Malt Love!

I’m a huge fan of Malt. I mean, HUGE! Designer Khea Karas is a real marvel and does some absolutely wonderful prim and texture work. Her new dress, Gilli, has barely left my body in 2 days! But look at it, you can absolutely see why.

Isn’t it just lovely?? But I won’t lie – it takes some resizing. At least, it did on me. Also, the way it’s set up, you stand the risk of having your AO making your body poke through the prims. However, there is an AO included with the top! So you don’t have to worry if your AO doesn’t work, you can just use the top with the AO included. [I didn’t like the walk, I found my own worked much better with the dress.] You have some options here. You can wear the skirt with no scripts, or with the resizer script, or the top with no scripts, the top with the AO, or the top with the AO and the resizer. It’s just up to you. The non-scripted parts are modifiable, so I know you prim modders will love that! I’m wearing the dresses in Lime, Bubblegum, and Spice, and there are 6 other gorgeous colors as well! Each Gilli dress is $450L, and well worth every $Linden.

The fantastic belt and awesome necklace are sold separately at $185L each. They are scripted to resize and there are lots of color change options for the beads and the metal hoops.

Now stop reading and go shopping at Malt!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Greenglade Blonde by League
Hair: Quinn in Happy Blond by fri.day
Eyes: Beloved Topaz by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka
Shoes: Beda Sandals in Brown by Periquita
Poses by ImpEle

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Get On The Cover!

The gorgeous poser Mashimaro Oh has re-opened her store, On The Cover, in a brand new location and she’s got some brand new poses!

Mashi’s done some really great friends poses! If you regularly pose with your girl friends, you have have have to get these poses. She’s also got her great sit cubes, couples poses, and her single poses based off magazine covers. If you love poses as much as I do, you have GOT to get down there to On The Cover now and check it out!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Greenglade Blonde by League
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by fri.day
Eyes: Beloved Jadeite by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka
Top: Moss Cardigan by En Svale
Bottoms: Houndstooth Cropped Pants by En Svale
Shoes: Ballet Flats in Black by ETD
Bangles: Lost Wood by Lostwood (r.arm), Stone in Tranquility by Earthstones (l.arm)

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Today’s Gaze: End of Summer Love

As Labor Day fast approaches, people begin going back to school, coming home from vacations, and saying goodbye to summer loves. Today’s Gaze features an outfit that combines the brightness of summer, and the pink warmth of your summer love close to your heart.

How was that for an intro?

All those rules about “no white shoes after Labor Day” have been tossed out the window, which is a great thing because I just picked up these CUTE Wedge Tong Sandals from G Field for the low price of $180L. They come in a dozen different colors and are scripted so you can wear them with the flower or without. They are JUST as cute without! And I know some of you ladies absolutely hate the prim feet craze, so you’ll be happy to know that there are no prim feet in these babies! While I was at G Field, I also picked up these simple and classy Capri Jeans for just $80L.

My plurk buddy Tomoyo Breitman recently opened up a new store, MayoNaise, and that’s where I got this light and fun top called Lexi’s Art Project. I’m wearing it in Strawberry, and it can be yours for $100L. My poses are also from MayoNaise! I picked up the Letters From Within set – 5 poses – for also $100L, or you can buy single poses for $30L.

If you haven’t been out to fri.day yet, or if you have and found they were a little pricy for your tastes, get out there NOW! Big Labor Day weekend sale [which actually extends until the 10th if I’m not mistaken] and their gorgeous hair is marked down to $75L a color pack! I think it’s $275L a fatpack, but don’t quote me. I’m wearing Deena in my favorite color – Happy Blond!

I’m also wearing the Misty skin in the pale tone and Twilight Blonde makeup by League, the stunning Jadeite eyes from Beloved Custom Design [totally shop there, Aisuru’s stuff is fantastic!], and the Tranquility bangles from Earthstones. The bangles are a freebie when you join the subscriber list and there’s 3 sets in the gift bag.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

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Musashi-Do Makes A Comeback!

As much as I love new designers, I also love when older designers come out from a long break and begin again. Shiryu Musashi, designer of Musashi-Do, first opened his doors in Second Life in 2004, but took a long hiatus from designing for avatars while attending fashion school in the physical world. But Shiryu is BACK with a brand new line of super cute bikinis and tanlines!

In 3 different styles [Wave Flow, Seaside Crescent, and Summer Sky] and lots of print and color options, you will absolutely find a bikini you love. With each bikini you get the matching tan lines so you can add that little bit of realism if you’re playing on the beach and oops, your top falls off! Or maybe you just find tan lines sexy. 😉 There are three different shades of tan lines as well, so you can adjust the level of the lines on your skin.

The bikinis range in price from $180-250L for a single [depending on print], and $660-899L for a fatpack. The bikinis are also transferable, so it’s good for gifts!

This is definitely a great comeback for Musashi-Do, and I know I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Lilac Wine by League
Hair: Ellen-Type B in Angel Shine by Uncleweb Studios
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Poses by Pffiou! and {flowey}