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Let’s Shop! The Draftsman Event!

Hi bunnies! Before I go on a Thanksgiving break, I wanted to show you all Draftsman! I was really excited to be invited as a blogger and I am working on a few pictures, but since I’m a bit slow with putting things together, I thought we’d just head out to the event and look at things.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, or just a great weekend if you’re not in the US! ♥

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Let’s Unbox Stuff!

Hey bunnies! So the 15th is a double video day for me, even though I’m actually on a small break from videos this month. But naturally I can never resist the call of the Luxe Box, and I am one of the official unboxers for Treasure Chest, so it was AWESOME to get back to recording!

Two videos today. If you go to the actual video page, I do have jumpcuts if you just want to go to an individual store to see what they have. Both Luxe Box and Treasure Chest are $1500L to join if you join before the 15th, but you can get in on them now for $3000L if there is something you really really need to have. And trust me, these boxes are great, so you probably will see at least 3 or 4 things that you absolutely want – if not more!

Luxe Box

Treasure Chest

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Baby, Don’t Ever Look Back

Hey bunnies. Wow…what an exhausting week! Obvious craziness, of course. But then I had some RL things going on as well and I’m afraid that, combined with my usual November sadness, well. It just made for a very exhausting and emotionally awful week for me. So I’m just going to enjoy the Saturday sunset and hope for a better week to come. ♥

Style - Baby, Don't Ever Look Back

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Body and Feet: Lara by Maitreya
Pants: cuffed.trousers by paper.arrow.co.
Shoes: Nellie by ChicChica [The Liaison Collaborative]
Pose by me with AnyPose

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But Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

Hello bunnies! So… I have a feeling this week is going to be a little rough for people. But honestly, no matter what happens, I think we’ll be okay. Call me naive or overly optimistic, but I think we’re going to be okay. People are pretty strong, and more resilient than they know.

Style - But Everything's Gonna Be All Right

You only have a few more days to hit up The Epiphany! This whole set up I’ve got going here today is from SAYO and is called Autumn Abode. I’m not using all of the pieces you can get in the set, just the ones I thought were more for a bedroom. It’s SO pretty, though! I did also end up resizing the items a little smaller. For someone of my size, everything was quite big!

Remember, The Epiphany ends on the 15th, so hurry up and go!

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Converted Barn (Rare), Chevron Bed (Rare), Industrial Lamp, Art Trio, Autumn Wreath, Jute Rug, Lemons For Lucy Tablescape – Autumn Abode by SAYO [The Epiphany]