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I’m A Beach Diva!

Back when I was a little girl, my best friend had this amazing collection of Barbie clothes from the late 60s/early 70s that her grandma had made. One of my favorite dresses was this long floral dress that I’d always make my Barbie wear with sunglasses. Well, imagine my delight when Eboni Khan of House of Hucci made this incredible Beach Diva dress that reminded me of that same Barbie dress!

Review - Hucci - Beach Diva

Summery and fun, the Beach Diva dress really does bring out the diva in you! This dress has incredible movement to it. It’s so swishy and swirly! This probably makes me sound like a total girl, but I can’t resist a swishy swirly skirt! And what I think I love most about this dress is the fact that it’s both sexy AND fairly modest. Hey, you can be sexy without giving away the entire farm, you know?

The Beach Diva dress comes in different colors [I’m wearing it in Wild Pink] and can be found at the House of Hucci mainstore. Go be a diva!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #18 by Belleza
Hair: Tina in Swedish by Truth
Sunglasses: Bella Peepers by Miel
Rings & Nails: Takara in white by Mandala
Earrings: Monica in Blank White by Mandala
Pose by Exposeur [HUGE sale going on right now!!]

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Welcome To Miami

New from the House of Hucci, these new Miami dresses are sure to set your summertime romances on fire!

Review - Hucci - Miami

This sexy little mini-dress is tight! And I do mean TIGHT because I’m pretty sure if I were to eat a bite of prim food, you’d see the outline of it on my tummy! The dress also boasts some unique side “cuts.” The strings play peek-a-boo with your skin, perfect for letting that summer tan show! If you haven’t scored your summer hottie yet, this dress will probably do the trick.

Head on over to House of Hucci and then grab your girls and hit the club! It’s summer, anything can happen!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #14 by Belleza
Hair: Annette in Swedish by Truth
Shoes: Esprit in Nude by Maitreya Gold
Necklace & Earrings: Sur de la Mer by Frippery [Go check these out, the detail is exquisite!]
Ring: Kashiti Bobble Ring in Turquoise by Zaara
Pose by Exposeur

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The Mariposa Effect

You know how sometimes you hear the whisper of a store name in SL, but you don’t really know what the store is or what it sells? And then one day, you hear the whisper again, and you finally look it up and head over? That’s what the store Mariposa was for me. But now that I’ve gone, oh my! I will want to go back again and again! Absolutely gorgeous jewelry, and the creator, Felicity Winslet, was incredibly nice to me! Good customer service goes a long long way in my book.

This is the Acat jewelry set, and I am just thrilled with it!

Review - Mariposa - Acat Jewelry

Acat caught my attention because of the turquoise beads. I just love turquoise! In the set is the necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Felicity was also awesome and she has included 2 necklaces in the package for both the chest and the spine attachment points. There are 4 different color options to choose from. The jewelry is no modify/copy/no transfer and comes with resize scripts.

Flutter your wings to Mariposa [which is the Spanish word for “butterfly.” See what I did there?] and check out all the really awesome jewelry!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Jocelyn in Swedish by Truth
[Yes, 2 posts in a row in the same hair and skin. Don’t hate.]
Dress: Summer Romance Vintage Sundress by Salt
Pose by ImpEle

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Ooh, it’s an OuTRage!

I’m not really a club girl anymore. Used to be! A long time ago, you bet I used to be! But I sure do still appreciate little dresses that are just absolutely awesome for the club, and this new Thalia dress by OuTRage! is certainly very very clubworthy.

Review - Outrage - Thalia

Review - Outrage - Thalia, long sleeves

The dress comes with both the halter top and the long sleeved versions. I love that it’s short, but not SO short that you might as well not even bother with a skirt. The deep cleavage showing neckline ends in a knot that has a swishy ruffle tie. I really like it!

Thalia comes in black, white, gold and silver, and of course you can fatpack it. If you hit the clubs a lot, I suggest fatpacking! You’ll be OuTRage!-ous in this dress! [Oh, see what I did there?]

Hmm…I wonder if I can find a date for tonight….

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Wed by Miel
Shoes: Mikaela by SLink
Earrings: Nightdance by Ganked
Poses by Exposeur

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Special corset for a special lady

Love sexy lingerie? Hey, me too! Tonight I went to the launch party for new lingerie from Dick Wiesel of WoE. He created an exclusive “Codie” color for his Olivia corsets. It is, of course, named after CodeBastard Redgrave, owner of the Rouge Sim, MechanizedLife and creator of the Boudoir Rouge photography series. She’s one of my favorite people, so of COURSE I was going to run right out and get it!

This pretty little thing has a lace edging and great lacing on the back. It also includes a matching thong. Skimpy! After I bought it, and after I danced around Rouge for a bit, I ran home to try it on. And then my friend Rune came over to give me a hug. Awww, what a guy! Of course, then he left. Something about me not using lens flare…

You can pick up your Codie color corset ONLY at Rouge, and ladies, it is a MUST HAVE. And guys, you can pick one up for your girl because there is a transfer version available. And be sure to stop by WoE to check out all the other colors of Olivia. You’ll love it!

Also in this post:

On me –
Skin: Elle #0 by Belleza
Hair: Michelle in Swedish by Truth
Shoes: Shanti in Black by Maitreya Gold

On Rune –
Skin: Johan Tan 7 by Belleza
Hair: Noah in Cocoa by Truth
Pants: Leather pants by SF Designs

Poses by Glitterati

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Adorkably Elegant

Remember when I said I loved gorgeous ladylike dresses? Still true! When Eboni Khan of House of Hucci dropped this dress on me, I squealed in delight! Collaborating with Moo Money of Made By Moo Textures, they’ve created Noir Blanc For Trilogy. You guys really should check out the store, it’s just wonderful! Look at my pretty pretty dress – Evening on the Town!

Review - Noir Blanc, Adorkable

The dress swirls and twirls [believe me, I’ve danced enough in it to know!], and I love the big bow on the waist. If you could see the entire ribbon, you’d see that it swoops across the back. The skirt is tea length, which is great because you get to see your shoes! The dress also comes with a fur stole to drape over one shoulder. It’s just very elegant and very much in the 1940s theme for Trilogy!

We’re posing on one of the newest props from Adorkable PosesReflection! It’s so cute, and there are several poses in it so you can “mirror” your partner. My friend Rob1977 Moonites of FIR was nice enough to pose with me. He makes great male clothing, so check his store out while you’re out shopping!

Speaking of shopping…I think I need to get some more done!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle Pale 8 by Belleza
Hair: Michelle in Swedish by Truth
Shoes: Liasis in Noir by Ingenue

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Indyra Gets Me Ready For Spring!

More springtime goodness! Today’s outfit comes from the new releases at Indyra Originals. I’m wearing the new Minerva dress and the new Porta Nova necklace. I actually have on the matching earrings, but you can’t see them because of my hair. 🙂

Review - Indyra - Minerva dress

Review - Indyra - Porta Nova necklace

The Minerva dress comes with the empire waisted skirt and matching wide belt. Very hot this season! I’m wearing it in Turquoise, one of my favorite colors, but there are 10 colors available. This is the kind of dress that will take you well into autumn, especially if your autumns are as warm as mine generally are!

Now, I absolutely fell in love with this necklace! The Porta Nova is just so precious, and the jewel textures are wonderful! As you all well know, big oversized gems are quite in this season, and these completely fit the bill. The matching earrings are also stunning! The Porta Nova sets come in 11 different colors, with the classic pearl included in each set.

There are many other pretties at Indyra Originals, so you know what time it is – It’s time to shop!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Valerie in Swedish by Truth [New today!]
Lashes: NoAlpha Lashes No.6 by MiaMai
Shoes: Floria Strap Sandals in Marguerite by G Field
Poses by ImpEle

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I’ll put a spell on you…

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “Self, you just don’t wear as many costumes as you used to a couple of years ago.” Then here comes Deviance designer Surreal LeShelle with simply the most marvelous outfit – The Enchantress!

Review - Deviance - Enchantress

Review - Deviance - Enchantress, back

The Enchantress is so gorgeous, as you would expect from Deviance. And there are SO many options to this lovely outfit, I simply couldn’t photograph them all. The skirt and collar have 4 different options each and you know how much I love options with my clothing. I’m wearing the skirt with both the skulls and beads, and in the first photo I’m wearing the cape with the collar and long cape, and as you can see in the second photo, I’m wearing the shorter cape with no collar. And the included staff is just awesome. I feel like I want to cast a spell on everyone around me! The shape I’m wearing is included in the package, too! Normally I don’t wear other shapes, preferring to fit outfits to my shape, but I really liked this one. It’s taller and bigger than my normal shape, but didn’t make me feel like a glamazon, which is always a good thing.

I’m wearing the Enchantress in Midnight Blue in my pictures, but there are 15 beautiful colors available. A single outfit is $400L, a minipack of 3 colors is $800L, and you can multipack all 15 colors for $1800L. I think you’ll agree with me that getting the big pack is truly the way to go with this, especially if you get a lot of use out of this type of outfit!

If you are a Deviance subscriber, you can get a special group gift – the Enchantress in teal! Why are you still reading? Go shopping!

Also in this post:

Skin: IFE-light by LeLutka [February group gift]
Hair: Lulu in Swedish by Truth
Poses by Glitterati

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Zaara yummies!

Oh, Zaara. How you tempt me. The newest line of lingerie, the Trikaya, makes me so so happy. I love gorgeous, ladylike lingerie and this fits the bill!

Review - Zaara - Trikaya, Ebony

Review - Zaara - Trikaya, Carmine

The high-waisted knickers are precious. It really makes your curves stand out! And if you look at the behind, it’s high cut enough to let your tush show, but done in a way that is both sexy and modest. Plus, the sheer panel on the back shows just enough, but also leaves a little to the imagination. The bra is very well done. Simple, but with a little detail and the “double” straps on front. So cute!

The Trikaya comes in 6 colors for $225L each, or fatpack the Classic set or Jewels set [I’m wearing the Carmine and the Ebony from the Classic set, and there is one more color in that set] for $450L each set.

Get to Zaara – because you need undies! Oh, and men? There’s some cute boxers out there for you, too!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Mena in Swedish by Truth
Poses by Glitterati and Striking Poses

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Let me take the stage…

Do you love boots? Oh, I just bet you do! I do too, and honey, let me tell you – I am wearing the most marvelous lace up boots on my feet today!

The new Burlesque boots from Gos are just delicious! Knee high, lace up, sculpted beautifully over your calves… Take a look!

Review - Gos - Burlesque

Are you in love yet? No? Well, let me sweeten the deal for you with these sweet boots. They are loaded with options! You won’t have to worry about a fatpack with these yummies, because they are color-changeable with 6 fabulous colors! You can change the satin of the boot, and the laces as well. So many options to match with your outfits! I just love the colors!

Review - Gos - Burlesque, all colors

For those of you who like playing in 2.0, these are 2.0 friendly with the invisible alpha layer so that you don’t have to worry about invisiprims! I love that! But if you are not using 2.0, there are invisiprims, so these boots attach to your lower leg. These are also very easy to fit with the menu system to make the boots smaller or wider, and to move them back and forth or side to side. That’s always a nice option for people who are not quite comfortable with the system modify tools. And if you’re really really not good at fitting prims to your shape, there is a special posestand available and – get this – your friends can mod the boots FOR YOU. If you don’t have friends (just kidding!), I understand that there will be staff at the Gos store to help you out. Be sure to read the notecard if you get confused with it, although if you’re familiar with most resizer scripts, you will most likely not have too much trouble with this. And once they are fit, if you don’t like extra scripts, there is an Anti-Lag button which removes the scripts. But remember, that removes ALL the scripts, so be sure to make a backup copy of your boots first!

The Burlesque Boots are an extremely affordable $895L. With all the color change options, that’s really like getting 36 pairs of boots! Where else are you going to get that many boots that look this good for that price? Only at Gos!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Edie in Swedish by Truth
Outfit: Cygnet in Black by Evie’s Closet
Poses by Glitterati