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Entente Is Coming!

So as you may have heard, a new store is opening! Entente joins the ranks of other fabulous stores with collaborating designers. We may not know WHO is exactly behind this brand, but I can honestly say as long as they put out great items, I kind of don’t care who they are! Entente is more menswear focused [at the moment, from my understanding] but there’s definitely things for girls too!

Style - Entente Is Coming

I was super super lucky to score an invite to the preview day, and I really like a lot of what I saw! Some was mesh, some was not, so there’s a great mix of things. And I don’t even mind that there was so much for men, because I love for guys to have new and great clothes just like we do!

Style - Entente Is Coming, Shoes

Style - Entente Is Coming, Hairs

Style - Entente Is Coming, Skins

Hey, even Lindens are getting in on the fun. Hi Zed! [Is he not the most fashionable Linden you’ve ever seen?]

Style - Entente Is Coming, Zed Linden

Entente opens on January 28th at midnight SLT! I hope you guys like it!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Frosty by Aura
Hair: Janice in Auburn w/roots by Truth
Top: Classic Tee in Sky [Long Sleeves] by Entente
Jeans: Classic Jean – Relaxed in Seafoam by Entente
Socks: Scrunched Prim Socks by Maitreya
Pose by Olive Juice [Hurry! Closing sale!]

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Pretty Little Liar

Do you want to know a secret? I’m in a fashion funk. 😦 I know, it’s awful! I am not exactly sure what to do to pull myself out of it, so suggestions would be totally helpful! Today I took half a page from my favorite Pretty Little Liar Aria Montgomery and put together something I thought she would probably wear. Aria’s style is usually dark, with a good mix of edgy and feminine touches. And she wears a lot of socks. I don’t want to be the one to tell her that socks aren’t pants, though, because she’s little and it’s cute.

Style - Pretty Little Liar

I certainly hope “A” doesn’t send me a text for trying to be like Aria.

In This Post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Blair 2 in Mocha w/roots by Truth
Shirt: Basic Turtleneck in Grey by
Jacket: Belted Leather Jacket, Short Length by League
Skirt: Facil Skirt in Black by Elymode [Mesh]
Socks: Overknee Socks in Black by Izzie’s
Boots: Cairo in Dark by Celoe [Mesh]
Necklace: Memory Collector by Whippet & Buck
Pose by aDORKable Poses
Photo taken at the Rackingham State Hospital

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Front Row: Jane

Front Row started yesterday!! Have you started hitting up some of the stores yet? No? Why not?? Front Row is an event that benefits Relay For Life, and oh, what amazing designs there are! I was so happy to see one of my favorite stores, Jane, taking part in it!

Style - Front Row - Jane

The Anna dress is just so sweet. Of course, I could say that about any of Janie’s designs, but just look at it! A daisy printed skirt combined with a little printed tank and topped off with a slim leather belt? How could you NOT love it? And don’t forget that 100% of the proceeds of this dress go to Relay For Life! Pretty dress for a good cause? Sign me up!

Head over to Jane to pick this up, or go this page to see other designers taking place in this event.

In this post:

Skin: Sweetheart in Beguiling 1 by Curio
Hair: Babydoll in Swedish by Truth [Project Fur Japan]
Dress: Anna by Jane [Front Row]
Boots: Dandy Flor by Miel
Pose by !Bang
Photo taken at The Mother Road

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She’s A Doll

I’m a huge fan of the ballet. Just adore it! Coppélia is a nice ballet about a life sized doll. When I put on the new Coppelia gown from Evie’s Closet – well, I felt just like a doll come to life!

Style - She's a Doll - cape

This photo shows the lovely Coppelia Cape that goes with the gown. It reminds me of fairy tale girls who wear a cape to run through the forest to either get away from something, or to run to save someone. Honestly, I wish capes would come back into mainstream fashion because I think there’s something just so elegant about them.

But the rest of the dress…it’s a marvel.

Style - She's a Doll - full length

It’s dramatic and flowy and just oh so gorgeous. The back is low cut and has corset ribbons across your bare back. I’m wearing Coppelia in Sea Note, a luscious and rich blue, and it also comes in 5 other wonderful colors. You NEED this gown. It’s so amazing, I didn’t even need jewelry with it.

I’m going to go pretend to be in a fairy tale. You should get yourself to Evie’s Closet to buy this gown today!! Right now! Go!

In this post:

Skin: Vilda 04 by LAQ
* Photo 1 – Amelie in Mirage by Truth
* Photo 2 – Kelsey in Mirage by Truth
Gown: Coppelia in Sea Note by Evie’s Closet
* Firefly Eyeshadow in Green by PixelDolls
* Eyelashes – Dramatic by Exodi
Poses by Adorkable Poses

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Today’s Gaze – Golden Goodies

I’m not always a huge fan of gold. But give me some pretties for free or cheap, and I’ll change my mind pretty darn quick!

Review - Today's Gaze - Golden Goodies

I’m simply in love with the new Delphines from much loved Shiny Things! If you’re a member of the subscriber group, head to the store and pick up your free gold Delphines. And check out the other new shoes, too! Oh Shiny Things, thank you for coming back to us.

I showed newness from Jane on Friday, but what I didn’t mention is that there are a bunch of free Intrinsic Tanks for the taking! I have a great love of basic tanks, as I’m sure lots of us do, so getting these for free is just amazing!

At, there’s a little corner with some discounted products, and I was able to score a 24.7 pack of the Short Cardis for less than $300L! You get 12 colors and there are options for shorter sleeves [like I’m wearing], long sleeves, and some different cuff options. Wonderful! Not discounted at, but still pretty inexpensive, I also picked up these Low.Rise jeans in the light wash.

You’ve probably heard of the 10-10-10 sale that’s going on, but if you haven’t, check out Callie Cline’s blogpost on it. I was able to get this adorable Padma updo by hair machine Truth for just $110L. Oh, did I mention it’s a FATPACK for that price? Oh yeah, you need it.

And one of my favorite finds at the Jewelry Fair, I got this I Love Autumn jewelry set from Primagine for less than $100L. Cute cute cute!

Okay, I know, I got long winded. Go shopping now!!

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #13 in Cachet by Exodi
Hair: Padma in Auburn by Truth [For 10-10-10]
Eye Makeup: Feline in Wine Berry by Kyoot
Sweater: Short Cardi in Cream by
Tank: Intrinsic Tank in Gold by Jane
Jeans: Low.Rise Jeans in Light by
Shoes: Delphines in Gold by Shiny Things [In store gift for the subscriber group]
Jewelry: I Love Autumn by Primagine [At the Jewelry Fair]
Pose by Exposeur
Photographed in front of the Sherwood house by Funky Junk [Soon to be released]

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Wrapped up in a coat of goodness!

Last night I was thinking, “You know what would be awesome? If I had a red coat.” Imagine my joy when I logged in today and this pretty popped into my inventory!

Review - MNA - Dorset

From FIR & MNA, the Dorset coat is just pure goodness! I love that it goes just below my hips, making this little cutie very versatile. With double buttons on the front and a nice plaid lining, you can’t help but just adore this coat! I’m wearing, of course, the women’s version but there is a matching male Dorset coat as well! Lots of colors, too, so you will naturally want to get all of them to match your outfits.

There will be a charcoal version available at FIR & MNA for this week’s 50L Friday, so be sure to pick it up!

And I’d be a sad panda if I didn’t mention that this week’s Truth releases are just adorable as can be! I’m wearing Tara, a really high, thick, luscious ponytail. If my hair was this thick and gorgeous for real, I’d be one happy, happy girl.

No more reading. Go shop!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Tara (Plain) in Sand by Truth
Dress: Cary sweater dress in Grey by WoE
Coat: Dorset coat in Red by FIR & MNA
Tights: Tights 002 by Sea Dragon W&T
Boots: Black Leather by Bax
Necklace: Aubade Obsidian by Mariposa
Rings: Expressions: Love by Mariposa
Pose by Exposeur
Photographed in front of the SpOoOky House by Funky Junk

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Today’s Gaze – Autumn Mix

Do you eat Autumn Mix around this time of year? It’s a bag of candy corn, but it’s got more in it – like big sugary pumpkins. Love it! Why am I bringing it up? Well, probably just because that’s the name of this post. And also because I really want some.

Today’s Gaze is a mix from my inventory. There’s some old, some new, and in my opinion, it’s just like those pumpkins – just sweet, yummy goodness. Some of it you can run out and purchase right now as it’s just been released, some might be just lurking in your inventory waiting to come out, and some you just might not be able to get anymore. I think we often get overrun with new pretties and we forget that there’s so much wonderful in our inventories just waiting for the chance to shine. I’m not going to explain all that I’m wearing today because I’m pretty lazy, but I urge you all to dig deep into your inventories and pull out some older pieces to wear. Just because it didn’t come out in the past week doesn’t make it any less beautiful. ♥

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
-Yves Saint Laurent

Review - Today's Gaze - Autumn Mix

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #29 in Cachet by Exodi [New makeup, just released!]
Hair: Taylor by Dernier Cri
Cardigan: Papercut Cardigan in Maroon by Reek
Shirt: La Femme Turtleneck by Zaara [Free from LE Look back in December]
Skirt: Classic A001 Jean Skirt in Dusted by Armidi Limited
Tights: Part of the Reticent outfit by Nyte n Day
Shoes: Miss Vo pumps by Kookie [Last week’s 50L Friday offer]
Purse: Good Scene Clutch by The Sea Hole [From the Good Shit Hunt]
Pose by Exposeur
Photographed in front of the Hope house by Funky Junk

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Why, Mr. Lagerfeld!

Well, if you ask me [not that anyone did], I think that simplicity is often best in most things, from how you take your coffee to the clothing you wear. And Bublee Bing proved me right again with this sweet little number. The Lagerfeld, inspired by none other than Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

Review - Bublee Bing - Why, Mr. Lagerfeld!

What you see is what you get with this adorable little dress. Swishy skirt, rose brooch, and then that big hair bow to just top off your look. The moment I saw it, I fell in love! Simple, elegant, and yet still fun. Just the way it should be.

Pick yours up at Bublee Bing!

Also in this post:

Skin: Isolde #4 in Cachet by Exodi
Hair: Jessica in Brown Auburn by Amacci
Shoes: Bow Slingbacks in Ivory by Cherry
Pose by Exposeur
Photographed in front of the Quaint house by Funky Junk [Not yet available for purchase]

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Today’s Gaze – Old, New, and Funky Junk, too!

Oh, I just adore autumn fashion! The best part is digging down deep into my inventory closet and finding those items I just loved last year and mixing them up with new things!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom, for those who don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Old, New & Funky Junk, too!

This simply precious Usakko knitted jacket from Bare Rose has been one of my favorites since I received it as a Christmas present. Beautiful quality, and naturally it is extremely affordable, at just $170L for 5 colors of the jacket, plus some little shorts and a shirt. You can’t see it, but there are 2 hood options, plain and with bunny ears! It’s also transferable, which is something I just adore about Bare Rose. If you want it and are very pressed for time [because let’s face it, we all know how huge the store is!], check out their website. You can pop in the name of whatever you’re looking for and it’ll give you a direct teleport link. Nice!

Of course, you do have to mix old and new together to make wonderful, so I’m wearing the Sabrina hair by Truth Hawks, which was just released today. This hair reminds me JUST of how my mom would do my hair when I was 6 years old! Squee!! The little “gumball” hairband is color change, but there is a “plain” version available, if you just don’t want to be TOO terribly cute.

Oh, what? You’re asking what I’m standing in front of? Well, that would be The Barn, soon to be released by Funky Junk. Check it out, it’s HUGE!

Review - Funky Junk - The Barn

It’s really cool! There is a ladder and a couple of stalls inside, too. You know, just in case you have horses or…something farmy. The Barn is great for your animals, but you could easily live in it yourself, it’s that cute! Funky Junk does not have an in world store yet, but if you’d like to see a demo, you can contact creator Ulaa Coronet. Or just ask me. I’m spoiled and have all the items. The Barn is not yet available for purchase, but should be either later today or Friday.

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #13 by Exodi
Hair: Sabrina in Auburn by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Emerald by Beloved
Jacket: Usakko in Green by Bare Rose
Shirt: Painted Flower dress top in Nude by Tiny Bird
Jeans: Low.Rise jeans in Light by
Boots: Long Round Boots in Dark Brown by J’s
Pose by Adorkable Poses
The Barn by Funky Junk

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Shake your body like a belly dancer!

A few years ago, I used to take belly dance classes. It was something I deeply enjoyed and I would suggest that any woman, of any size, do belly dance for at least a month. Nothing will make you feel better and more at home in your body. I am hoping to begin classes again within the next couple of months!

That being said, when Angelwing put out their new Coin Silks, I immediately got into the belly dance mood! They are simply amazing! Look look look!

Review - Angelwing - Coin Silks

Most of the “coins” you see in Second Life are just pictures of coins on alpha textures. Not these! Oh no, honey. You will be rockin’ out with about 1400 prims when you wear this outfit! Earrings, anklets, bracelets, belts…all prim, and all wonderful. The outfit also comes with harem pants, if you choose not wear the skirt. If you wear the pants, you better wax, because they are low low low in the front. There is a “higher” option as well, which is what I wear when I wear the pants. The skirt also looks really good with the pants, if you are on the more modest side, or just want a different option.

The Coin Silks are shown here in Aqua, and come in other colors as well. I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of use out of just the jewelry because it’s pretty awesome. Go pick yours up at Angelwing!

Also in this post:

Skin: Yri Soft in Caramel by Dutch Touch [Former VIP group gift]
Hair: Lanie 2 in Auburn by Truth [New release today!]
Eyeliner: Designer Liner Duo in Blue/Green for Viewer 2 by Stellar
Poses by Exposeur