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Indian Summer

I wrote this really awesome post, but ended up losing it. I don’t feel like re-typing it all out again. I’m sorry!

Style - Indian Summer

The awesome LeLutka team is gearing up to bring us new MESH goodness! Celoe is coming soon, and if you join their in world group now, you can get this cute little Chelsea dress as a gift! Celoe will be bringing us great mesh clothes, shoes and accessories very soon, so if you’re not in a mesh viewer yet, I’m terribly sorry that you’ll be seeing me in loads of mesh soon. Celoe, along with Mon Tissu, SLink, and Lelutka, have come up with a Standard Sizing package so that if you wear one size in one brand, you’ll fit into the same size in another brand. I think that this will make wearing mesh a lot easier, especially if other brands will work with these sizes, too. Now don’t think you’ll be cookie cutter, either. I wear a size M, but there are some friends of mine who are in a size S and yet they are more curvy than I am. There’s really a lot of room to work with! Well, unless you’re very large. But sizes for XL and XXL are in the works, I’ve heard!

This dress was the perfect simple outfit to pair with my Fanciers Best Necklace and Earrings from Undefined Lilies! I picked these up at the Vintage Fair and have been waiting for a chance to break them out. Sooo very classy and pretty. Love love love!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 1 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Away in Blonde 07 by Elikatira -Elikapeka Tiramisu-
Dress: Chelsea by Celoe [Mesh! Group gift!] -Jaden Celoe-
Jewelry: Fanciers Best Necklace & Earrings by Undefined Lilies [Vintage Fair] -Liliana Barrs-
Pose by Glitterati -Katey Coppola-

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Turning Up Spring

I really love new designers. Well, let me clarify that statement even more. I really love new designers when they’re GOOD. When Tia Biscuit [how cute is that name?] popped up in my IM box last night, I was happy to accept some of her work. And when it turned out to be cute things that are just my style? Well, it was 10 times better!

Style - Turning Up Spring

From Tia, I’m wearing the Turnups Cords. I just love the splash of color from the belt and the cuffs! The cuffs and the belt are color change with 4 different color palettes. Really really cute! I am wearing them in the Spring color to match my ToteBag, which is also in Spring. I really love when designers make accessories that match their clothing! Oh, and the best part? Although the pants are low rise, they go up in the back so you’re not being tacky and showing butt crack! Love!

Head over to Tia and check it out. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

[PS: Tia is on an Adult sim, so you will need to be age verified before you go. But you can also find her items on the Marketplace.]

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Clementine in Swedish by Truth
Shirt: Layering Tee in Cream by Jane
Pants: Turnups Cords in Cream/Spring Belt & Cuffs by Tia
Shoes: Jane Wedge Sandals by Ingenue
Bag: ToteBag in Spring by Tia
Bracelet: Cascading Ripples by Frippery
Pose by aDorkable Poses
Photo taken at Wanderstill

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So by now you’ve probably heard of the House & Garden Hunt that’s going on. But you might be asking yourself “Hey! Where am I going to put all my new furniture?” I have a suggestion!

Bacchitecture is one of the newest prefab shops to hit the grid, and oh! The houses are just lovely! Owner Bacchus Ireto was kind enough to drop some houses on me [um, not Wicked Witch style!] and I had so much fun rezzing houses to play in! Bacchus is the former curator of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, and draws his inspiration from American vernacular architecture, as well as the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe, and Robert A. M. Stern.

Let’s take a look at two of my favorites, the Llewellyn and the Lutsen!

Review - Bacchitecture - Llewellyn

Review - Bacchitecture - Lutsen

I am a huge fan of very tasteful, classic homes. I don’t usually get into the whole modern thing, and so these two prefabs worked really well for me! They are built beautifully, and the insides are just as pretty, without being overwhelming at all. That is really awesome because then you can decorate to your own taste without feeling like the house is forcing you into something. Yes, houses force!

There are several houses to choose from at Bacchitecture, so head on over and rez some out to look in. I bet you’ll find one that you just can’t live without!

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We’ve been Blacklisted!

It’s not unusual in my circle of friends to suddenly have someone pop up with, “Hey, guess what I’m making?” They’re an extraordinarily talented bunch. It’s why I keep them around. 😉

So when my friend Gauge Laville mentioned one night he was working on clothing in preparation to open a store, I wasn’t exactly surprised. His store, Blacklisted, started out with just shirts for men. Great shirts for men. He was nice enough to share one with me right around the time his store opened, but he designed these shirts FOR men, so it didn’t look quite right on little ol’ me.

However, he did not leave us ladies out. Enter the Blacklisted lingerie. Cute and girly, but without all the super frills and lace. The kind of lingerie you can just hang out in. [And believe me, I have!]

I’m wearing them in Cornbread, Lonely Soldier, and Be Starin’. As you can see, these actually cover your butt enough, and the back of the bra is not a snap, but a nice little lacing. Very very cute!

Each set is $290L, and if you get the “Triple Threat” fatpack for $740L, you get matching thigh-highs that come in sheer and solid. A great deal!

I’m using this opportunity to drag my boyfriend along on my blogging journey, too. If you’re a designer of male items and would like them reviewed in this blog, let me know! Tyson is wearing the Blacklisted No Pause shirt. Look at the abs! Rowr! The shirts for men at Blacklisted are awesome and a steal at $120L.

No more reading…go shopping!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Smoky Turquoise by League
Hair: Kissy Kissy in Rice by Tiny Bird
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Poses by Striking Poses and Lyndz-Matic

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Today’s Gaze: End of Summer Love

As Labor Day fast approaches, people begin going back to school, coming home from vacations, and saying goodbye to summer loves. Today’s Gaze features an outfit that combines the brightness of summer, and the pink warmth of your summer love close to your heart.

How was that for an intro?

All those rules about “no white shoes after Labor Day” have been tossed out the window, which is a great thing because I just picked up these CUTE Wedge Tong Sandals from G Field for the low price of $180L. They come in a dozen different colors and are scripted so you can wear them with the flower or without. They are JUST as cute without! And I know some of you ladies absolutely hate the prim feet craze, so you’ll be happy to know that there are no prim feet in these babies! While I was at G Field, I also picked up these simple and classy Capri Jeans for just $80L.

My plurk buddy Tomoyo Breitman recently opened up a new store, MayoNaise, and that’s where I got this light and fun top called Lexi’s Art Project. I’m wearing it in Strawberry, and it can be yours for $100L. My poses are also from MayoNaise! I picked up the Letters From Within set – 5 poses – for also $100L, or you can buy single poses for $30L.

If you haven’t been out to yet, or if you have and found they were a little pricy for your tastes, get out there NOW! Big Labor Day weekend sale [which actually extends until the 10th if I’m not mistaken] and their gorgeous hair is marked down to $75L a color pack! I think it’s $275L a fatpack, but don’t quote me. I’m wearing Deena in my favorite color – Happy Blond!

I’m also wearing the Misty skin in the pale tone and Twilight Blonde makeup by League, the stunning Jadeite eyes from Beloved Custom Design [totally shop there, Aisuru’s stuff is fantastic!], and the Tranquility bangles from Earthstones. The bangles are a freebie when you join the subscriber list and there’s 3 sets in the gift bag.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

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Business With Bublee

It’s really kind of funny how whenever any new brand comes out, if it’s good, the immediate question is, “Ok, who is that really?” Sometimes new artists come into Second Life and start designing for us without having had a brand in here before! When I was talking to new designer Bublee Bing, my only question for her was, “Where have you been hiding??”

Although fairly new to the SL fashion scene, she’s already created some great pieces that should definitely be in your wardrobe! I love to mix and match! While I was playing with her clothes, I got a very business type feel, so I bounced into my home office and started snapping!

The Ornament Tank Top & Skirt package was really something. It came with a very long black skirt that was a little bit overwhelming on my shape, despite being somewhat slender, but I absolutely LOVED the top! Check it out!

As you can see, the top is utterly lovely. The wrinkles are perfectly placed and the straps line up very well on the shoulders. There is another option in the package to have this top with sheer short sleeves and prim cuffs.

The Ornament set comes with 2 tops, the black skirt and 2 neck scarves [not shown] for $375L.

By the way, do you see my chair? That was created by my good friend Merrick Thor, inspired by a photo I showed him of a chair I wanted. You can buy your own super awesome, prim budget friendly [5 prims!] ThorCore Aero Office Chair on Xstreet for just $150L $75L. 🙂 [Merrick rocks!]

Back to Bublee, this Tartan Skirt in blue & green is just stunning! The texture is so rich, I wanted to rub my face all over it.

Swishy and silky, this skirt is just lovely! The skirt includes the resizing script so you can get a good fit. There are other prints available for $275L each. If you look around, there are similar skirts to this that are shorter as well. 🙂

Go out to Bublee Bing [yes, her store is self named] and look around. There’s even an adorable blue & white check dollarbie tank top out there! You’ll love it!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Natasha in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Glasses: Clara by PrimOptic
Ring: White Chocolate Flower by SyDS

Photos 1 & 2:

Pants: Journey Tweed Slacks in Black by Armidi
Shoes: Starley pumps in Black by ETD
Bracelet: Celtia bangles by Xaida

Photo 3:

Top: Poppy Sheer Chiffon in White by Pink Outfitters
Shoes: Alice Cullen flats in Ivory by Cherry

French board & chalkboard by Gwendolyn Bieler
Desk & Shelves by Noelyci Ingmann

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EmJay Designs Now Open!

A couple of posts down, I showed you all some fabulous bikinis from one of the newest designers in SL, Magen Jigsaw. At the time that went out, she hadn’t opened her in world location yet. Well, forget that, because EmJay Designs is OPEN!!

What else besides bikinis can you find at EmJay? Well, I was wearing these cute cute shorts and one of these shirts for hours yesterday. Guess which one I wore? 😉

There are several shirts like this at the store with different sayings, but you’ll just have to go down there to look at them! 🙂

And Magen has also been doing eyes. She’s getting really good at it, and this is coming from a girl who has been almost exclusively in Miriel eyes for over a year. Here’s just a small small sampling.

Get your cute butts down to the new EmJay Designs store and shop shop shop! There is also a Subscribe-O-Matic and a freebie [cutie cuppycake shirt & undies!], along with jeans, shorts, shirts, more bikinis, eyes, and who knows what all will end up there!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Leah in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Necklace: Tayzia’s Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Poses by On The Cover

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EmJay Keeps Me Half Naked!

One of my new friends, Magen Jigsaw, is a budding designer. When she asked me, very cutely, if I would maybe want to review some of her work, I jumped at the chance because as you all know, I do love new designers!

Magen’s new brand, EmJay, is just as fun and colorful as she is! You won’t be able to find her work in world just quite yet, but please check out her items on XStreet. According to her design blog, her new store should be appearing in world in the next couple of weeks. Hurry up on that, Magen! 😉

So what will you get at EmJay? Well, you saw a couple of posts down a really cute t-shirt I was wearing, so you already know there’s t-shirts, but Magen has also designed a LOT of bikinis. And I know you bikini queenies out there are going to want to check these out. The bikinis fill two of my basic needs when looking for a bikini in SL. They are cute, and they cover up all of the important parts. AND they don’t leave you flossing, if you know what I mean. Check it out!

I’m only wearing three prints in this photo, but there are MANY different prints to choose from, with more coming all the time! What I really like is on the top, the string actually appears to be going inside the cups, it’s not just smooth at the bottom. One thing I would like to see is maybe a tie or clasp in the back, just to give it even more realism. But I’ve been running around my beach in bikinis for the past couple of days, so obviously it’s not bugging me too much! Each bikini is $150L, or there are two different fatpacks available for $750L and $650L.

And you can’t see them very well, but I’m also wearing a pair of EmJay eyes. I know, I took my beloved Miriels off! 🙂 EmJay eyes are very uniquely colored, so definitely worth a look. Each eye color is $100L, or fatpack it for $650L.

Keep your eye on this new designer, because I have a feeling she’s going to be worth watching!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Charlotte in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Custom back tattoo made for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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Visiting Gwendolyn

As I’ve said before, I love meeting new designers. It’s actually kind of a passion of mine in SL – to find new designers and watch as their talents grow. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Gwendolyn Bieler because of my other blog. She told me that she was an interior decorator, which I always think is kind of cool because I’m horrible at it myself. So a few weeks ago when she mentioned that she was beginning to put some furniture together, I was quite excited. And a few days ago she dropped me a note saying she had opened a store. As soon as I had a free moment, I bounced out there to check things out!

Nestled into a charming little shopping area, Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design is a pretty little shop with pretty furniture! While I was in the shop, Gwendolyn came in and we had the chance to talk a little bit while sitting on the lovely Alice set.

Gwendolyn is quite honest in that she uses builders’ packs of sculpties to put her works together, but most of her textures are her own creations. She is working on more textures [I got to see one she was working on, it’s so awesome!] and will also have texture packs available in the near future. If you rely on textures for your own work, and I know I sure do, you’re definitely going to love what she creates! She wants to help people create cohesive feeling spaces, and would like to be a place not just for furniture, but for entire home design. So when you go to pick up a couch, you will also be able to pick out the matching wallpaper, curtains, etc. I think that’s simply marvelous because I know I so often have trouble figuring out what exactly goes together.

Although the store is still quite small, you can see that Gwendolyn is off to a terrific start!

Keep your eye on this store, because I have a feeling it’s going to just get better and better!!