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I’ll make the sacrifice.

My husband and I have been married for almost a year, and in that time, he’s totally spoiled me. But, I guess those days are over because when I asked him what we were having for dinner, he sheepishly said, “We better just have ramen.” Ramen??

Style - I'll make the sacrifice - 1

Well, turns out? He discovered FATEwear tonight.

Of course, looking at him in his new Willard suit… Mmm. Yeah. I’ll make the sacrifice and eat the ramen.

Style - I'll make the sacrifice - 2

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On me:

Skin: Kumi in Blue by Pink Fuel
Hair: Froukje in Mahogany by Truth
Dress: You and Me in Skyblue by U.F.O [Collabor88]
Boots: Ameila Aviator by GOS
* Stacked Rings by Stellar
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Pearl Earrings by Yummy [Collabor88]
* Glitter nails by Izzie’s
Pose by aDORKable Poses

On Aldwyn:

Skin: Crow by Nivaro
Hair: Jackson by Exile
Suit: Willard by FATEwear

Couples pose by Exposeur [Zodiac]

Heritage House by Funky Junk
Beatrice Kitchen by Funky Junk

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Entente Is Coming!

So as you may have heard, a new store is opening! Entente joins the ranks of other fabulous stores with collaborating designers. We may not know WHO is exactly behind this brand, but I can honestly say as long as they put out great items, I kind of don’t care who they are! Entente is more menswear focused [at the moment, from my understanding] but there’s definitely things for girls too!

Style - Entente Is Coming

I was super super lucky to score an invite to the preview day, and I really like a lot of what I saw! Some was mesh, some was not, so there’s a great mix of things. And I don’t even mind that there was so much for men, because I love for guys to have new and great clothes just like we do!

Style - Entente Is Coming, Shoes

Style - Entente Is Coming, Hairs

Style - Entente Is Coming, Skins

Hey, even Lindens are getting in on the fun. Hi Zed! [Is he not the most fashionable Linden you’ve ever seen?]

Style - Entente Is Coming, Zed Linden

Entente opens on January 28th at midnight SLT! I hope you guys like it!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Frosty by Aura
Hair: Janice in Auburn w/roots by Truth
Top: Classic Tee in Sky [Long Sleeves] by Entente
Jeans: Classic Jean – Relaxed in Seafoam by Entente
Socks: Scrunched Prim Socks by Maitreya
Pose by Olive Juice [Hurry! Closing sale!]

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The New Convert

My husband, Aldwyn, isn’t as much of a clothes horse as I am. He likes shopping [that’s why I married him!] but he never quite finds anything he really gets excited to buy as far as clothing goes. When I started wearing mesh, I have a feeling he thought I was crazy nuts. In fact, I had to stomp around a bit to even get him to use a mesh viewer so he could see me in my fabulousness. But we took a little trip tonight to Hoorenbeek, and well…

Style - The New Convert

Welcome to the mesh club, baby!

He really got happy for the new Classic Jeans and so did I because, WOW! They look so GOOD on him! He didn’t have to change his shape even one point! The jeans come with 8 styles of belts, too! He paired them up with Corduroy Jacket that comes with the mesh shirt. There are 3 colors of shirts with the jacket, so that’s awesome! Both the jacket and the jeans come in 3 sizes, and the jeans have both low and high rises.

With my new mesh Cairo boots and mesh Lyn Cardigan from Celoe, we’re a mesh-tastic couple!

Mens’ clothing creators? Your mission is clear. More mesh! The guys want to shop!

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On me-

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Hye in Brown 08 by Elikatira
Top: Lyn Cardigan in Sandal by Celoe
Jeans: Classic Jeans in Dirty by Zaara
Boots: Cairo in Sienna by Celoe

On Aldwyn-

Skin: Ashton in SK 2 by Belleza
Hair: Hank in Espresso by Truth
Top: Corduroy Jacket in Beige w/shirt by Hoorenbeek
Jeans: Classic Jeans in Washed Blue by Hoorenbeek
Shoes: Chucks by Akeyo

Pose by Glitterati

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Back To School With FIR!

I know it’s just the beginning of August, but this is around the time when stores start pushing all their Back To School wear. Around my area, the kids start heading back usually in mid-August, so I guess that’s why! 🙂

The new Checker Shirts and Tux Pants by FIR made me think of that perfect “Back To School” outfit that you’d wear on your first day back. You know the one. It has to look casual, like you’re not trying too hard, but it has to be new! You can’t go back in any ratty old clothes. Save those for the second day!

Review - *FIR* - Back To School

I think I make a cute boy, don’t you?

The Checker Shirt comes on all layers, for that tucked or untucked look, and the prim cuffs and collar are modifiable so you can get the best fit. The shirts actually look pretty sweet on girls, too!

The Tux Pants are just nice, basic pants with a slimmer slouchy cuff. Very cute!

I love to see a guy in clean cut basics, and these fit the bill! Guys, get yourselves over to FIR and get shopping!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Thomas v2 by Belleza [Group Gift from a few months ago]
Hair: Eric in Espresso by Truth
Shoes: Bolts Sneakers by House of Curios
Leather Messenger Bag by House of Curios
Pose by Long Awkward Pose
Photo taken at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill sim

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We’ve been Blacklisted!

It’s not unusual in my circle of friends to suddenly have someone pop up with, “Hey, guess what I’m making?” They’re an extraordinarily talented bunch. It’s why I keep them around. 😉

So when my friend Gauge Laville mentioned one night he was working on clothing in preparation to open a store, I wasn’t exactly surprised. His store, Blacklisted, started out with just shirts for men. Great shirts for men. He was nice enough to share one with me right around the time his store opened, but he designed these shirts FOR men, so it didn’t look quite right on little ol’ me.

However, he did not leave us ladies out. Enter the Blacklisted lingerie. Cute and girly, but without all the super frills and lace. The kind of lingerie you can just hang out in. [And believe me, I have!]

I’m wearing them in Cornbread, Lonely Soldier, and Be Starin’. As you can see, these actually cover your butt enough, and the back of the bra is not a snap, but a nice little lacing. Very very cute!

Each set is $290L, and if you get the “Triple Threat” fatpack for $740L, you get matching thigh-highs that come in sheer and solid. A great deal!

I’m using this opportunity to drag my boyfriend along on my blogging journey, too. If you’re a designer of male items and would like them reviewed in this blog, let me know! Tyson is wearing the Blacklisted No Pause shirt. Look at the abs! Rowr! The shirts for men at Blacklisted are awesome and a steal at $120L.

No more reading…go shopping!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Smoky Turquoise by League
Hair: Kissy Kissy in Rice by Tiny Bird
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Poses by Striking Poses and Lyndz-Matic