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Notable Nymphetamine

New designers come along in Second Life every day. I love them, I really do. But when you find established SL designers who continually update their skills and keep fresh, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Paeoti Pomeray of Nymphetamine Boutique is most definitely one of these designers. In the SL fashion world since 2005, Nymphetamine is known for gorgeous texture work and really beautiful designs. I was very excited when I attended the VR Style fashion show last week and caught a glimpse of some of the new creations because I hadn’t seen anything new from her in quite some time. But the wait was well worth it, because she’s cranking out a LOT of new and very awesome new creations! Let’s check a couple out!

The new Tre’Stac outfits are fun, flirty, and oh so sexy. With the pretty little fluffy skirt and lovely lace edged bra and tap pants, you can feel just so cute and sexy strutting around your bedroom in these! I am small, so I did have to adjust the skirt to be smaller, but it resized very easily and those of you with more curves probably won’t have to adjust at all. The Tre’Stac comes in 6 colors, and are a steal at $250L, or fatpack it for just $1000L.

The Caressa dress is very much outside my normal wear in SL. In fact, my first thought when I put it on was, “I look like I’m going to Hugh Hefner’s funeral.” But the more I wore it, the more I just fell in love with it. A very sexy-vintage outfit, the Caressa comes with a fitted jacket with slouchy sleeves, a tight skirt [yes, it is a system skirt, but I didn’t even have to put on a skirt shape for it, it’s that well done], this amazing enormous hat, and an adorable little clutch purse. It’s all richly textured and just so fabulous! I’m wearing the Long skirt, but there is a miniskirt set available at the store for those of you who just need to show your legs off. The Caressa is $550L.

You know what I’m going to say now, so stop reading and go shopping!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Eyes: Beloved Platinum by Beloved Custom Designs
Shoes: PinUp heels by Stiletto Moody

In Tre’Stac picture:
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by fri.day

In Caressa picture:
Hair: Into My Arms in Buttermilk by Tiny Bird [modded slightly for hat]

Poses by Glitterati, ImpEle, and Striking Poses

1 thought on “Notable Nymphetamine”

  1. AMAZING! and Looking GREAT!
    Thank you so much for showcasing NYMPHETAMINE!

    It is always a joy to see our designs on others, and in GREAT photos!!

    Thank you again!

    Stacy Maracas


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