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New Novi!

I love meeting new designers, whether they’re just new to me or new to the fashion scene in SL. I had the chance to meet designer Kendall Larnia of Novi last month and I’m so so glad I did. Not only is she adorable and sweet, but she makes some pretty pretty dresses! And I swear she has ESP because it seems like anytime I’m standing around naked wondering what the heck to wear, she sends me a new dress.

Her latest work, The Kirsten, is just awesome!!

A pretty little dress, there is a great chest ruffle that is not overwhelming, and I love the sculpted tiered skirt! You could easily dress this up with fancy jewelry and some great heels.

I am not quite sure when it goes up for sale [as of this posting, it’s not up yet at the mainstore ] but when it is, you must go get it! Also pick up The Alicia, which I will eventually show pics of. It’s a great formal that comes with a shorter skirt. Kendall is so sweet, she named it after me and we’d only known each other a couple of days. 🙂 She’s also got a bunch of other gorgeous dresses, and she just keeps getting better and better!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Hair: Isabella in Platinum by Truth
Shoes: Basic Black by 50 Flats
Earrings: Sunny Days by Frippery
Ring: Full Circle in Diamond by ~flirt~
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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A Sweet Morning

I’m forever in love with Belle Belle products. I think designer Leyla Firefly does some fabulous work. Most of her items are pretty primmy, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them!

She’s also really generous to her group, because currently the group only Lucky Board item is an adorable little breakfast set for couples called A Sweet Morning.

A lovely cafe styled set, it comes with the table and chairs, the petit dejeuner pour deux [in English, breakfast for two] that has cappucinos and croissants, a candle, a flower vase, and a balcony fence with flowers. If you are low on prims, the table & chairs are only 45 prims, but if you set out the entire set, you’re looking at 123 prims of cute. That’s the best part of Belle Belle products to me, actually. They’re almost always in different pieces so you can mix and match according to your preferences and prim allowances.

This set is really a must have for couples who enjoy looking cute and doing more “realistic” style things. [Hey, we can’t always be in spaceships and breathing water, right?] The set comes with 5 different poses for couples, all menu driven.

The first two are just normal, for chatting and for eating breakfast.

Very cute! The last three are more cuddly. My favorite may be the Secrets one, which I had showed off a picture of in my personal blog last night after Photoshopping it up. But there are three close animations, for just being held, for getting told a secret, and then for kisses.

You’ve just GOT to go to Belle Belle to get this gift. It’s so cute and you will just love it!! Don’t forget, you have to be a Belle Belle group member to use the lucky board or the Midnight Mania boards! It is worth it, I promise! 🙂 And big thanks to Noelyci for posing with me again! 🙂

Also in this post:

On me –
Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Anime Aqua by Miriel [no longer available. *sobs*]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Hair: Isabella in Platinum by Truth
Top: Dblue/Aqua Halter by Potassium
Jeans: Loose Fit Denim by Malt
Feet: Bamboo Bare Feet by SLink
Tattoo: Custom made for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs

On Noel –
Skin: Redgrave [Um, he didn’t tell me which one. LOL]
Hair: The Outsider by Naughty Designs
Top: Jailbreak Hoodie for Him by Juju’s Closet
Jeans: Punk Jeans by ATSD
Glasses: X-Pose
Shoes: Soreal Superstars
Tattoo: Fairy Tribal Tattoo by Addixion

Photos taken on top of my home, ‘Licia’s Loft, custom built for me by Noelyci Ingmann of Ingmann Design Group.

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Ooh, he did it AGAIN!

I know, I know. I just did a Truth post a few days ago. But how can I not do another one when he’s just popping out goodies like a pinata? [Um, not that I want to hit him with a stick or anything.]

The moment I saw the note for these two new goodies, I threw on some clothes and ran to the store. I didn’t even wear shoes, that’s how much I wanted them!

I’m a huge fan of ponytails in every life, and this Kristin pony is just awesome for summer!

I absolutely love the way part of the long bangs are swooped back into the pony. The pony itself is slightly messy, almost as if you had been out at the lake and ran your fingers through your hair and threw your hair back. Love it!

The second is my favorite because I LOVE messy, thick, long, wavy hair in any life. If I could choose a hairstyle to make its way into my RL, the Elle would probably be it.

I know the big talk right now is Hair Fair, but if you can’t get in there [I haven’t been able to yet!], Truth is still cranking out fabulous hair for the mainstore, so put some clothes on and go pick these babies up!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Anime Aqua by Miriel [no longer available. *sobs*]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: White tank from the Anjuna set by Zaara
Earrings: Sunny Days by Frippery
Tattoo: Custom made for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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Nothin’ but the Truth

As you all are probably aware, the Hair Fair starts this weekend! This is one of my favorite lagalicious times because I LOVE new hair. And I especially love new hair from my favorite designers. If you want to know about Hair Fair and what they do, there are a million blogs out there devoted to telling you. What I’m more interested in is the new hair!

I was super super lucky that my favorite hair designer, Truth Hawks, dropped off a preview of the oh-so-fabulous goodies he made for Hair Fair on me! He is so sweet…even if he did try to slap me last night. 😀

These hairs need no description. They seriously speak for themselves. I honestly can’t pick a real favorite, but if I could, it would be this first one…The Sophia!

Review - Truth - Sophia

The Romy – with a FABULOUS fishtail braid!

Review - Truth - Romy

The Esme – Cute fluffy pigtails!

Review - Truth - Esme

And The Twiggy – a gorgeously messy updo!

Review - Truth - Twiggy

I’m sure I’ll run into you all somewhere at Hair Fair this weekend, as much as I will tell myself NOT to go on opening weekend, but if you do nothing else, make sure you stop by Truth’s stall to pick up these hairs!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: Kera by Zaara
Custom Tattoo by Lola of Otaku Designs
Eyebrow piercing by Aisling Easterwood
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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MALT Yummies!

I have been meaning to do this for a while but with the video card disaster, it’s just taken me a little more time than I would have liked!

MALT has been one of my very favorite stores in SL for a while now and with good reason. The textures are scrumptious! I am a sucker for awesome textures, and I have never been disappointed when I buy something from MALT.

Check out the new Stitched Suede jacket and skirt!

Review - MALT - Stitched Suede

See? Scrumptious! The lush texture of the suede makes me want to just rub my face all over it. I adore the details of the jacket – the big buttons, the cute belt. The best part is that the jacket comes with 3 options [and you know I love options!] for wearing it. The skirt also has the option to wear just the skirt, just the belt, or both together. Very very awesome. I’m wearing it in burgundy, but there are 8 colors available. The jackets are $425L each and the skirts are $225L each. You can also buy a 4 pack of colors in both the skirts and jackets, the skirt 4pack being $720L and the jacket 4pack being $1360L. You’re going to want all of them, trust me. They’re yummy. 🙂

I’m also wearing a pair of the MALT Loose Fit Denim Jeans, which are probably my favorite jeans in SL! They sit just right and give me a great little butt. You know I love jeans that give me a great butt!

While I was at MALT I couldn’t help picking up this great tunic!

Review - MALT - Allison Tunic

The Alison Tunic is just that perfect outfit for when you want to look very decent, but still show off some skin. It comes with 2 different skirts, the more flared one and the slimmer “long shirt” skirt, which you can wear with pants. I think that may be one of my favorite things about MALT. It’s so easy to mix and match pieces and wear them different ways. I’m wearing the Alison Tunic in Blue Skies, but there are 6 colors available. Each one is $400L, or you can get the fatpack for $1920L.

Get going over to MALT today! You absolutely will not regret it!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Sehra in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [hurry, the store closes on the 20th!]
Lashes: Diva Lashes by Lelutka
Shirt in Photo 1 – amiYumi halter by Novocaine
Shoes in Photo 1 – Starley pumps in Red by ETD
Shoes in Photo 2 – Scale in Blue/Grey by 50 Flats
Tattoo: Custom made for me by Lola of Otaku Designs

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Free Speerit Eyebrows!

I was contacted last week by the awesome Desidelia Vella of Free Speerit and she asked me if I’d mind writing up a tutorial for some new skins she’s putting out. Well, not new as in a new line, but new as in these have eyebrows that can be tinted! One question that a lot of skin designers get is if eyebrows can be colored to match their hair. I know as someone who is primarily blonde, sometimes it is nicer to have a lighter eyebrow, and there are lots of redheads out there, and those who have pink, purple, or blue hair! But tinting eyebrows isn’t something that we get the option to do a lot of the time in SL, so it’s not a skill that most people just know. So after working a bit, I came up with this tutorial. It will be in the new skins that come out at Free Speerit, and I believe those come out this week. 🙂

Sometimes tinting your eyebrows when your hair is a different color other than brown/black [the standard eyebrow color in Second Life] can add a subtle effect to your overall look that is very fashionable.

** Not all eyebrows can be tinted! It is much easier if you have a modifiable hair/eyebrow base. **

To begin, make sure you create a backup copy of your skin and hair base by right clicking on them in your inventory and right click to paste. While you should be able to make changes again after you modify the eyebrows, it’s always a good idea to have an original backup.

Now right click on yourself and go into Appearance Mode. Click on the Hair tab and then again on the Eyebrows tab. It will look something like this:

Tutorial - Hair Tab

Set your Eyebrow Size to 100 for the best results when tinting your eyebrows. For more coloring, also set the Eyebrow Density to 100. If you want a lighter tint to your brows, then you can play with the Eyebrow Density to get the intensity of the tint the way you want it.

After you have set the Size and Density, click on the Color tab.

Tutorial - Color Tab

You will now be able to move all the sliders around and find just the right tint for your brows! As you can see here, when I move the Rainbow Color and Red Hair sliders to 100, I get a nice pink brow. But you can use all the sliders to match your brows for blonde, red, or even blue hair.

Tutorial - Rainbow Colors

You might notice that you have a little extra untinted eyebrow near the inner corners. This is easily fixed by going into the Skin Tab and in the Skin Color, choose a lighter Pigment. I found that moving the Pigment slider to 30 takes care of the untinted part and does not change your color. See the example:

Tutorial - Skin Color Tab

Once you have the color you want, click on Save and you’re done! Have fun playing with your new eyebrows!

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Wine & Roses Pretties!

I’ve said time and time again that I feel extremely blessed to be friends with some extraordinarily talented people in SL, and today is just another one of those days. 🙂 My friend Nika Dreamscape is an exceptionally talented artist [I never can resist buying a few of her works when I attend her shows!] who opened up a store in the past few months called Wine & Roses. She sells her artwork, mostly on vases and candles, but she’s also created now a line of “windows” with her art behind them!

These are SO SO cute, and so perfect if you’re living in a skybox without windows, or really for any room of your house. Check them out!

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 1

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 2

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 3

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 4

At only 3 prims each, you’ll agree that they’re a very adorable addition to any home! The windows are only $150L each, which makes them not only adorable, but affordable as well. There are several others at her shop, so you’ll want to check them all out!

Wine & Roses on Byte Island – SLurl
New store at the Starlust – SLurl
Wine & Roses on Xstreet.

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Hair: Chalisa II in Platinum [old texture] by ETD
Jacket: Stitched Suede in Burgundy by Malt [Malt review to come later today]
Shirt: amiYumi Halter in Whimsy by Novocaine
Pants: City Slacks in Espresso by Novocaine
Shoes: Starley pumps in Cocoa by ETD
Klein Sectional Sofa by The Loft
Taken in my home, Licia’s Loft by Ingmann Design

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Sunday love

Truth Hawks is definitely one of my favorite designers on the grid, because not only is he talented and hard working, but he’s very funny and kind. He always makes me smile when he pops up out of nowhere to call me stinky [I really don’t know what that’s about], but I smile even more when I find out he has a new release!

One thing that I adore for summer are pretty little dresses, and it’s so hard to find cute ones in SL that aren’t too dressy, or ones that don’t give away the farm. The new Sunday dresses by Truth are just perfect!

Review - Truth - Sunday

I’m wearing the dresses in Aqua, Quince, and Pearl, but there are 10 yummy colors available. Each dress comes with skirts your choice of a black or brown belt [I’m wearing the brown on the Pearl color and black on the other 2], AND he’s been thoughtful enough to attach and label the skirts for both the pelvis and the stomach attachments. Oh, I wish all designers would do this! It’s so much easier to change or add items if you know where they are going. I absolutely fell in love with the texturing of this dress, especially the hem of the skirt. Possibly the only thing I don’t like is that when I walk, it tends to fly up quite a bit in the back, but luckily the glitch pants underneath are more “panties” than pants, and I’m going to assume some people don’t mind me walking around with my dress flying up in back. 🙂

Each Sunday dress is just $250L, a definite bargain for such an adorable dress. Be sure to also check out the other new releases at the Truth mainstore when you go to pick this up. 🙂

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Wendy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean [standard size] by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka
Shoes: In the Pearl & Quince dresses, Beda sandals in Black & Brown by Periquita
In the Aqua dress, Devoue Sandal in black by Courtisane
Bracelet: Ribon Chain in Leopard by Mezzo
Poses by Imperial Elegance