At Last

I will admit, now that most of what I had to do this month is over, I’m getting wedding fever! And you know who else is getting wedding fever? Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum! She has a good reason, though. She’s getting married on July 16th!! YAY!! To celebrate this, she has a big big sale in the bridal department of her shop!

Style - At Last

Kouse really does amazing work, and even if you’re not getting married NOW, you should still go pick up some wedding gowns since they’re only $75L! Yes, that’s right! I’m wearing the Lynet gown in this photo, and it’s just so so pretty!! White is one of my favorite clothing colors to wear but it’s not always easy to find good crisp white in SL. Kouse is amazing with it, though!

So please join me in saying a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kouse on her upcoming marriage! And then YOU go to Kouse’s Sanctum and shop!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Odette in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Lynet by Kouse’s Sanctum [Bridal Sale]
* Glam Headpiece, Necklace & Upper Arm Band by Aglaia [Only on Marketplace]
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
Pose by aDORKable Poses


See you at the District!

What’s that noise? Could it be the sound of your $Lindens shaking because they know they’ll be leaving you soon when you get over to the new Truth District? Why, I believe it is!

Truth District Promo Ad

Oh my gosh, you guys. I know, I know. Malls come and go in SL and rarely are they amazing. But this new shopping district is so wonderful! Conceptualized by Truth Hawks and managed by Sophia Harlow, I might be a little biased as I love the two of them to pieces, but I’m being sincerely honest when I say this is a shopper’s heaven! Check out the list of resident designers!

INDI Designs
Je Suis
The Sea Hole
Trompe Loeil Prefabs
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck

Could you die? The sim was designed by Cory Edo, and it’s just oh so lovely! And for the opening [tomorrow, July 1st!!!], several of the designers have a special gift in their stores for members of the Truth District Update Group. Including a lovely hair named Becky from Mr. Hawks himself.

Style - See you at the District!

Please join the in-world group for all the latest news about the Truth District, and we’ll see you out there tomorrow!!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Becky in Swedish by Truth [Free at Truth District!!]
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Turquoise by Fashism
Top: Twinkle Top in Painted Stars by The Secret Store [For the Twinkle Star Bazaar]
Dramatic Eyelashes by Exodi
Pose by Olive Juice

Not in my kitchen!

So now that I’m going to be SL married, I figure I better learn to cook for my new hubby. Don’t tell him, but I’m not all that great in the kitchen unless I’m baking cookies! Do you think he’ll notice dinner is a little…flame broiled tonight? Maybe not when he sees my new pants!

Style - Not in my kitchen!

The Secret Store is a store that I really like! The clothing is often quite classy, like these new Flared Pants, which I am wearing in Cream. Oh, I just love a good high waisted pair of pants! I do like low rise, but a nicely cut pair of high waisted pants make you look so shapely and elegant. You really MUST have these for your wardrobe. In fact, you probably need the entire new collection at The Secret Store!

Now um…does anyone have a fire extinguisher and the number to the local pizza place?

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Leighton 2 in Swedish by Truth
Top: Puff Sleeve Top in Baby Pink by G Field
Pants: Flared Pants in Cream by The Secret Store
Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps Point Platforms by GOS
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
* Kennedy Pink Pearl Earrings & Necklace by Caroline’s Jewelry
* Everyday Blush 6 by cheLLe
* Impero Sky Lashes by YS & YS
* Dramatic Eyelashes by Exodi
Pose by Exposeur

Give the lady what she wants!

I’m still having way too much fun playing with Depth of Field on the LL viewer! But that is okay, because really, the background isn’t as important as my outfit, right? Right!

Style - Give the lady what she wants.

There were some goodies released this weekend! From G Field, these utterly lovely Lucy lace tops are necessities for anyone’s wardrobe. You can wear them short or longer, and with or without the torso prim. So very ladylike! And the best part is that these truly will take you from summer to winter, depending on how you style them. Love!

But although we DO strive to be ladies sometimes, we don’t want to be prudes, and that’s where the fun, flirty, and really short Mani skirt from perennial favorite Nyte n Day comes in. I simply LOVE this skirt. It is sculpted, but so very very easy to fit with either the resizer script or by hand. I used the resizer and it worked great! Several colors are available, and trust me, I’ll be going back to pick more up!

Go shop!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 1 by Curio
Hair: Lucia in Swedish by Truth
Top: Lucy lace top in Ivory by G Field
Skirt: Mani Skirt in Greens by Nyte n Day
Shoes: Lulu Stilettos in Cream by SLink
* Yard Sale Stroll necklace by Undefined Lilies
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones [I’m engaged!!!]
* Everyday Blush 6 by cheLLe
* Impero Gold Lashes by YS & YS
* Dramatic Lashes by Exodi
Pose by aDORKable Poses

Ispachi Audrey Is Coming!

I’m always a little “Eeee!” when someone asks me to blog skins. I LOVE new skins, but I’ve always been better at blogging shoes than skins. And let’s face it, many other bloggers do skin reviews way better than I do. But! I adore being asked, and I adore it more when I actually love the skin as much as I love the new Audrey skin by Ispachi!

The pictures are shot in the CalWL windlight setting only [no shadows] and have not been retouched in Photoshop. How they’re shot is exactly how I see them.

Style - Ispachi - Audrey

This skin is so soft and feminine. The shading is very lovely and natural without the harsh highlights you can find on so many skins. I really kind of wanted to just run my hand over my body because the skin just looks so very baby soft.

There are 12 pretty makeups, too, ranging from soft and light to more of an edgy look.

Style - Ispachi: Audrey, Faces 2

Style - Ispachi: Audrey, Faces 1

The brows on the skin are a dark brown, but there is a tattoo layer to make them lighter, which I am wearing in my pictures. The skins come with regular and cleavage versions, plus bald and with hair. I’m wearing the Milk tone, which is the palest.

The Audrey skin comes out at Ispachi this Saturday, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

In this post:

Skin: Audrey by Ispachi
Hair: Pia in Latte by Truth
Lingerie: I Promise Lace by BOOM
Sweater: Nicole by Ingenue
Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps Square Courts by Gos
Eyes: Zbilja Spirit in Peridot by Exodi
Dramatic Eyelashes by Exodi
Poses by Everglow

Hit The Resort

My friend Rylan has been vacationing at a resort this past week [so jealous!] and when I tried on this new dress by Acid & Mala, I could just see myself on a lovely tropical resort in it!

Style - Hit The Resort

The Wild & Chic dress is pretty awesome, especially if you enjoy animal print. I just love the ruffled collar and the gold belt! Plus it made me feel totally tall and lean. I know, that’s easy to fix in SL by changing your shape, but go with me here. :-p This dress is just $75L this weekend for the Taste Of SL, so you will want to hurry on over and grab it quick!

I’m going on the hunt for a cabana boy and a drink with an umbrella in it!

In this post:

Skin: May in Blackbird 1 by Curio
Hair/Hat: Joss in Blond/Super Summer by Kletva [The Dressing Room Blue currently]
Dress: Wild & Chic Long Dress by Acid & Mala [TOSL June 11-12]
Shoes: Lulu Stilettos in Cream by SLink
* Waves & Sun Bangles by Dark Mouse
* Cowry Shell Necklace by Eolande’s [Free gift, store is closing soon]
* Bella Peepers by Miel
Pose by aDORKable Poses

JWoww Would Love It

Okay, I’ll admit it. I LOVE Jersey Shore. I know, isn’t that awful? But I can’t seem to help it! And JWoww is probably my favorite of the Shore kids because I love that she’s cute and mean all at the same time. And, as Snooki puts it, “She looks like the ultimate stripper.” When I saw the new teeny tiny shorts and halters from BOOM, I knew that JWoww would run there first if she were in SL.

Style - JWoww would love it

The Feel Free shorts are extra tiny and definitely have some buttcheek going on in the back! But for a day on the beach, they’re perfect! And the lovely Thrill halters are just too cute for words! They are completely sculpted, but come with a “bust shadow” layer that covers your nips up, so you don’t have to worry about showing the farm if you don’t rez immediately. The tops are mod, but there are several sizes in the pack so you can get a good fit.

And can we talk about my hair for a moment? The new June style from Truth is JUST my kind of hair. Long, straight, and with a thick fringe of bangs. Total love! There are actually two styles – the bangs I’m wearing here, and then a long sideswept style. Both are gorgeous, but would you expect anything less?

I have to go. I just feel like eating ham and drinking water. Ham.

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: June in Swedish by Truth
Top: Thrill Halter in Teal by BOOM
Shorts: Feel Free in Bleached Blue by BOOM
Bracelet: Waves & Sun Bangles by Dark Mouse
Pose by Exposeur