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It’s Bright, Baby!

Tomorrow is awesome! One, I’m going away for a girls’ night AWAY with my bestie! It’s the first time we’ve had to drive away from home in a long time! Two, August starts and it’s my birthday month! And three, FaMESHed opens for its August round!!

Style - It's Bright, Baby!

I’m so very in love with the new outfit from Mutresse for FaMESHed! The Lili sheer blouse and skirt is just so… ahhh! You can wear the skirt and blouse separately, and there are even sleeves that can be attached. And the BEST part of all is that there is a HUD with all kinds of colors and patterns for the individual pieces! Love love LOVE!

Wasabi Pills will be at FaMESHed this month with the new Sarah hair. I love braids and I love long hair, so you know I am ALL over this hairstyle!

Also at FaMESHed is this fabulous Falling Palm Suite from Eleventh Hour. Okay, can we just pause for a minute and pay our respects to how fabulous mesh items are? Yes, they look good, as is very obvious by this awesome set, but the land impact, y’all! The land impact! For the entire set – bed, tables, bench, fans, and the coconuts and straws you can’t really see behind me … 21 land impact. Can you believe it?? You can have your bedroom decked out with this great set for 21 land impact and still have room left over for more stuff!

Well, I’m off to pack. You guys should take a nap so you can get to FaMESHed when it opens at midnight!

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Skin: Katya 02 by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
Hair: Sarah in Rye by Wasabi Pills [FaMESHed]
Mesh Hands & Feet by SLink
Nail Polish by Hello Dave
Outfit: Lili Sheer Blouse & Skirt by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Aussie Thongs in White by SLink
Necklace & Earrings: Treasure in Candy by Izzie’s
Glasses: Hipster Peepers by Miel
Pose by !bang
Furniture: Falling Palm Suite by Eleventh Hour [FaMESHed]

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Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer

So Mr. Zanzibar and I are fully enjoying our vacation time right now at our new vacation home. The best part about it is that I can wake up and immediately run down to the beach! So it’s a good thing that the Boats & Bikinis Expo is starting because I’m going to need lots of swimwear!

Style - Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer

The Thulu Cookini bikini from :{MV}: looks simple, but it’s really a fun piece because of all the tentacles on it! If I wear to turn around, you could see that the tentacles go down over my butt, too! I hope I don’t scare any sea life away! It’s a mesh bikini, but I didn’t even need an alpha layer to wear it, although it is included.

The Boats & Bikinis Expo is brought to you by Oceania Events and opens today, July 25th, at 3pm SLT. Have fun shopping!

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Skin: Katya 03 A by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
Hair: Wanda in Lightblondes01 by Truth
Mesh hands & feet by SLink
Bikini: Thulu Cookini by :{MV}: [Boats & Bikinis]
Pose by !bang

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Nothing But Fate

I have always loved fantasy clothes in Second Life. I don’t have the opportunity to wear them a whole lot, but I always love to look! I think that’ll all be changing, though, because Damien Fate’s new store, FATEplay, is opening on Wednesday!

Style - Nothing But Fate-1

Style - Nothing But Fate-2

I’m wearing the new Wende dress from FATEplay and I think it’s awesome! As soon as I put it on, I wanted to go skipping through the forest, singing with birds, and staying out of the way of evil witches. Since the shirt, bodice, and skirt are all separate, if you fatpack, you can mix and match colors!

The outfits for FATEplay make use of the new materials, so if you want to see all the details of the outfits, you’ll need to be in a materials-enabled viewer and have advanced lighting on. I use Firestorm so I wasn’t able to see all the details, but as you can plainly see, the outfit does not lose too much without seeing the materials and still looks pretty darn awesome.

FATEplay also has male fantasy wear, so grab your man and have some fun! FATEplay opens on Wednesday, July 24th.

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Skin: Katya 02A by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
* Photo 1 – Genesis in Lightblondes01 by Truth
* Photo 2 – Arianna in Lightblondes01 by Truth [FaMEShed]
Mesh hands & feet by SLink
Nude Matte polish by Hello Dave
Dress: Wende in Sapphire by FATEplay
Poses by !bang

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So my dear husband decided that it was time we got ourselves a nice beachy vacation home. After all, there’s less than two months of summertime left, and it’s definitely time to soak in the sun while lying on the beach! Only two of my suitcases have arrived. I’m waiting for Aldwyn to hurry up and bring me the other fourteen. What? A girl needs her things.

Style - Vacationer

Speaking of things that you need, have you been to the Food Fair yet? If not, you need to go! You especially need to go so you can pick up the Fortune Cookie bag from Adore & Abhor. It’s just the cutest! Plus the strap can change to one of ten different fortunes! My strap today says “To go on a journey, you must first take a step.” Isn’t that the truth??

I think I see the rest of my suitcases arriving, so I’m going to unpack and you need to go shop!

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Skin: Katya in 02 A by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
Hair & Hat: Siobhan in Beach Blond by Maitreya
Mesh Hands & Feet by SLink
Nail Polish: Beach Tones by Hello Dave
Dress: Matthews in Sky by coldLogic
Shoes: Aussie Thongs in White by SLink
Fortune Cookie Bag by Adore & Abhor [Food Fair]
Glasses: Bella Peepers by Miel
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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You Can Always Be Found

The Boutique has opened for July, and it’s a safari themed event this month! I’m not exactly a jungle girl, but I found lots of great things that work even out of the rainforest. 🙂

Style - You Can Always Be Found

Glam Affair has a new skin for us called Katya. Oh, it’s pretty, y’all! Of course, I could say that about any Glam Affair skin. 🙂

Don’t you just love my necklace? It’s the new Safari by Cae and it’s just lovely! There are options to customize it, too. The set comes with the necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings. The ring and bracelet are really cool because they look like tusks!

One of the things I like about these events is that I almost always find a new-to-me store, and that store this round is Tabloid. It’s where my Nantes dress is from! I just love it because it’s the kind of girly sundress I’m constantly looking for. I am SO checking this store out later!

Head on over to The Boutique and go on your own shopping safari!

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Skin: Katya 06 A by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
Hair: Arianna in LightBlondes01 by Truth [FaMESHed]
Eyes: Vanity in Clarity by IKON
Dress: Nantes in Safari by Tabloid [The Boutique]
Necklace: Safari by Cae [The Boutique]
* Flowers by Letis Tattoo
* Dreamer by Audran
Pose by !bang

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Well, That’s One Way To Lose These Walking Blues

New beauties for all you shoe lovers out there!

Style - Well, That's One Way To Lose These Walking Blues

Gos Boutique released the new Lauren d’Orsay shoes today! Love love love! You have the option of having the heel have a cap or no cap, like I’m wearing them in this picture.

You know, I could talk more about these shoes, but I don’t see the point. You’re going to buy them because they’re beautiful. That’s all you really need to know. 🙂

[Plus it’s Saturday and I’m super lazy.]

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Skin: The Arcade Lulu 01 by Glam Affair
Hair: Kelly in Rye by Wasabi Pills [Hair Fair 2013]
Dress: Dakota in Cherry Brushed Chiffon by Maitreya
Shoes: Lauren d’Orsay by Gos Boutique
Branch Chair by Trompe Loeil & aDORKable Poses [Atelier Kreslo]
Seaside Cottage by Trompe Loeil [Collabor88]

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Wide Open Spaces

Oh, Mr. Hawks. I swear, when he releases a hair, the only thing I want to do is put it on and run around in it.

Style - Wide Open Spaces

Genesis might be my favorite out of this week’s releases. It’s long, beautiful, and with a great little braid. Love love love!

Also, if you were waiting for Truth to release at FaMESHed, the hair is there now, and it’s similar to Genesis but with a side braided loose ponytail. It’s gorgeous, too!

I have to go check out my head some more!

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Skin: Lulu 02 A by Glam Affair [Collabor88]
Hair: Genesis in LightBlondes01 by Truth
Mesh Hands by SLink
Eyes: Vanity in Clarity by IKON
Top: Peace Blue by Emery [FaMESHed]
Skirt: Estelle Fluffy in Black by Tee*fy
Ring: Devotion Bridal by Earthstones
Pose by !bang

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Berry’s Meme – Meet My Friend!

When Berry made her Meet My Friend meme, my first thought was to do it with my best friend. But then I thought, well that’s highly expected, now isn’t it? Over the past 3 years, I’ve shied away from making too many new friends and have stuck with the same few people. Back in January, a blogger named Kirsten Corleone added me to Plurk, but either she wasn’t using it much, or I wasn’t paying attention, because I didn’t really notice her until last month. But let me tell you something – I’m glad I did because she has become one of my favorite people in SL, and I knew she was the one that I should do the meme with.

Style - Meet My Friend

I’m deviating away from the meme slightly because while I did ask her questions, I’ve always found that you get to know a person better when you’re just talking. And oh, did we talk last night! But most of what we talked about needs to stay off the record because it was just us getting to know each other more. I’m sure you all understand. 😉

What I discovered about Kirsten is that she’s awesomely sweet. She’s a lover of pink. She has more jewelry than you can shake a stick at and is now my new go-to person for when I need to find just the right accessory for an outfit. Although she’s been in Second Life for many years, she still loves it and we both still make noob mistakes all of the time. She’s deeply dedicated to her partner in a way that makes you think, “Awww!” and not “Ughhh.”

The best thing that I discovered about Kirsten is that she’s someone I feel really comfortable around, and as most people know, that’s not something that happens a lot for me. I’m very glad Plurk allowed me to meet her, and I’m very happy that this meme allowed me to know her better.

Double Friends

Thanks for doing this with me, Kirsten!

You can see Kirsten’s love for fashion and jewelry on her blog, Kirstentacular!

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On Me:

Skin: Lulu 01 by Glam Affair
Hair: Candy in LightBlondes01 by Truth
Eyes: Vanity in Clarity by IKON
Mesh Hands by SLink
Dress: Odette in Blooming by Tee*fy
Shoes: Eva Slingbacks by Gos Boutique [FaMESHed]
Jewelry: Milu set by Donna Flora

On Kirsten:

Skin: Lulu 02 A by Glam Affair
Hair: Ange in Cat’s Eye by D!va [Collabor88]
Eyes: Vanity in Azure by IKON
Eyelashes -38- Classy by Redgrave
Dress: Frilly Dress in Rosey by Tres Blah [Collabor88]
Shoes: Alex in Metallic Pink Gold by G Field
Bracelet: Cheri Amour by Chop Zuey
Ring: Bonbon in Gold by LaGyo
Jewelry: Lisa Earring In Peach Flowers & Yellow Diamonds by Virtual Impressions
Fingernails: V5 ULTRA Mesh Fingernails by Jamman

First Pose by Focus Poses
I forgot to get the name of the 2nd pose!

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Gave Up On The Riddle

Have you gone to the Maitreya sale yet?? I will totally admit, I wasn’t going to because for some reason in my brain, I only was remembering the shoes. I thought “Pfft. I have most of those, and I’m really too lazy to tint stuff myself these days anyway.” But then I remembered…

Oh right. THE CLOTHES.

Style - Gave up on the riddle.

The Mignon Evening dress is just so lovely and to be honest, I don’t know why I haven’t bought it before! But I’ll tell you what. Getting it for half price was CERTAINLY nice! 🙂 The Maitreya sale lasts for 2 weeks, so scoot on over and shop!

If you haven’t been to FaMESHed yet, you need to go because look at how gorgeous the Eva shoes from Gos Boutique are! They’re just so darn classy! And you really can’t go wrong with the OneTime skin matching HUD. Easy tinting and gorgeous shoes? Yes, ma’am!

I have much shopping to go do, and so do you!

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Skin: Lulu 05 by Glam Affair
Hair: Siobhan in LightBlondes01 by Truth
Mesh Hands by SLink
Dress: Mignon Evening in Silver-Blue by Maitreya [Sale!!]
Shoes: Eva Slingback by Gos Boutique [FaMESHed]
Necklace: Sketchy Flower in Silver/Diamond by Noodles [Collabor88]
Pose by Pretense
Photo taken at Chouchou

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I don’t believe in getting even but giving what you deserve.

There are some places you NEED to go shopping at!

Style - I don't believe in getting even but giving what you deserve

I wasn’t aware of Atelier Visconti until the Home Expo in May, but they’re turning into one of my faves! I love the Etienne outdoor set. It’s just so pretty and really goes in any setting, from a green grassy forest to a sunny beach.

When I saw the new Bounty skirts from Cracked Mirror for FaMESHed, I just squealed in delight! Matched with the new Layered Tanks, they make the perfect casual summer outfit!

Also at FaMESHed, Maxi Gossamer has some awesome new jewelry for us, like the Aphrodite’s Dream necklaces and bangles. The necklaces come in different versions, and both come with different metals and the ability to change the color of the stones.

Happy shopping!

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Skin: Lulu 01 by Glam Affair
Hair: Candy in LightBlondes01 by Truth
Mesh Hands by SLink
Top: Layered Tank in Green/Purple by Cracked Mirror [FaMESHed]
Skirt: Bounty in Dark Blue by Cracked Mirror [FaMESHed]
Jewelry: Aphrodite’s Dream by Maxi Gossamer [FaMESHed]
Pose by !Bang
Etienne set by Atelier Visconti