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Delicious Dirndls!

Bublee Bing has come out with something just in time for Oktoberfest! Bublee, who hails from Germany, has created just some wonderful dirndls that even an American like me, who has no real experience with dirndls at all, can completely appreciate!

Gorgeous, are they not? Her texture work is truly beautiful! These come with 2 options for the bodice to wear with a prim chain or with the chain printed on the bodice, the lovely blouses, the skirts, and 2 options for the aprons. Did you know there is a certain side that you tie your apron on if you are unmarried? I didn’t! I am, obviously, wearing the unmarried ones. 🙂

What really got me was that she even created a “maidservant” dirndl! It’s all splotched and stained and reminds me of Cinderella before the ball. If you do medieval style roleplay and you’re a maid, get this outfit.

These beautiful dirndls are meticulously detailed, right down to the lace edging on the sleeves. And there are options for short or long sleeves on the regular dirndls, and a more off the shoulder blouse option for the Maidservant one.

There is also jewelry included in the dirndls, but I chose not to wear it for these photos because I felt it detracted from the beauty of the texture work.

You have a choice of SEVERAL different colors of dirndls, and you can choose either the long or short versions. This kind of costume doesn’t come cheap though – you’re looking at least $700L and higher. But oh…for this kind of texturing, it is well worth it.

Oktoberfest begins this weekend, so get a dirndl and party it up, even if you’re not German. 🙂

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