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Summer Joy

I think everyone knows that I am TOTALLY a summer girl. Nothing makes me happier than to see those temperatures rising and wake up to sunshine every morning. Luckily for me, creators are coming out with awesome new stuff to keep this summer girl happy in SL!

Style - Summer Joy

Jane has new mesh goodies for us! The Sweet n Low jeans are really great because they’re casual enough to wear with sandals [or no shoes at all!] but can be paired up with your favorite heels for a night out! They do have 2 length options, too, just for this reason! What I really like is that they are lower rise, BUT not so low that you need to worry about sharing the goods if you bend the wrong way. The Casey halter was just made for these jeans because it is flowy and the hem is up enough that you get a cute glimpse of belly. I know these halters will be in my summer rotation because unlike some halters I have similar to this, it doesn’t cut into my pants.

Funky Junk has this awesome Summertime Dock out at the Home & Garden Expo. It comes with the lanterns, but if you want the furniture, you can buy it separately at the Expo. The dock comes with sits, and a few length options. Both the dock and the furniture are RFL items, so buy them and you’ll be donating to a great cause!

And hello? Do you see my hair? How is the new Lola Summer mesh hair from Wasabi Pills just NOT the best little look for summer? Braided pigtails and a hair kerchief? Love! Total love!

Okay, off to go enjoy the sunshine!

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Skin: Briar in Grass by Aura
Hair: Lola Summer in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills
Top: Casey Halter in Pine by Jane
Jeans: Sweet n Low in Indigo by Jane
Mesh Rigged Barefeet by SLink
Summertime Dock by Funky Junk [H&G Expo, RFL item]
Pose by Fluke

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Taking It Back

When you’re a little overwhelmed with current fashion, do you ever feel the need to take it back in time? Way back in 2008 or so, I used to be crazy for the Hal*Hina camping chairs. Every month there was something cute that I didn’t mind sitting for 10-20 minutes for. But as you tend to do in SL, I stopped going there much. Yesterday the store popped up in my brain, so I headed over. And, just like it always was, I found the most adorable dress!

Style - Taking It Back

The Simple Mini is just that – simple and adorable in its simplicity. You have the choice of a belt with a bow or without, and it comes in different colors. It’s also pretty inexpensive if you need a cute dress to wear and you’re on a budget. It’s not mesh or anything, so no worrying about sizes as it has a resize script.

Go on, now. Go back to a store you used to love back in the day and find something new to wear!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
Hair: Shiki in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills
Dress: Simple Mini by Hal*Hina
* Stacked Gem Rings in Pink by Stellar
* Mad Hatter necklace by Undefined Lilies
* Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Stone Block Succulent Garden by Funky Junk [Not for sale yet]
Porch Rules wall decal by S&B Spronkwings Books and Toys
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Life Is Beauty, Admire It

Are you excited for Collabor88?? Me too! I’ll let the items speak for themselves tonight because they’re just that good. Plus, let’s face it. It’s Saturday and I’m totally lazy. 🙂

Style - Life is beauty, admire it

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Valentine by Aura
* CatEyes Makeup by Damned
Hair: Bon Voyage in Snow by Clawtooth [Collabor88]
Eyes: Utopia in Light Cerulean by IKON
Top: Josephine Cropped Sweater by Kyoot [Collabor88]
Bottoms: Etienne Capris by Kyoot [Collabor88]
Shoes: Caresse by N-Core
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Stacked Gem Rings by Stellar
* Takara Nails & Ring by Mandala
Basic Curve Chair & Quilted Mannequin by Trompe Loeil [Collabor88]
Paris Penthouse by Barnesworth Anubis [Collabor88]
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

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Once There Was This Thing Called Spring

The weather has been so lovely lately, it’s been hard to stay indoors! But of course, I do, because I have to get all the new mesh goodies!

Style - Once There Was This Thing Called Spring

From E! comes the new Kate mesh dress. It’s just my style – simple and ladylike! The dress does come in Standard Sizes and is pretty true to fit. I wear M in standard sizing and this was a perfect fit.

And how adorable is my hair?? The new mesh Lola hair from Wasabi Pills was just released and I am in love with it. It’s so incredibly perfect for spring and summer! The little scarf for the hair has a HUD for changing the color, and there are 12 colors and 4 patterns to choose from.

I’m so happy with all this mesh for spring! I want MORE!!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
* Briar Coral Lipstick added
Hair: Lola in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills
Dress: Kate in Fern by E!
* Devotion Bridal set by Earthstones
* Santa Fe bracelet by Amorous
Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Pose by aDORKable Poses [Sale going on!]

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Let’s Take A Trip!

Helloooo readers! I’ve been on vacation!

Style - Let's go on a trip!

Well, switch out the hotel background for the deck at my tia’s house, and that’s the vacation I was on. 🙂 It was great to come home to new items! Like the mesh SS12 Shorts from Leverocci! Oh my word, I have been SEARCHING for cute mesh shorts and these fit the bill to a tee! Of course, now I want loads more mesh shorts. I understand that with mesh, we can have loose, flowey, drapey things – but hey, sometimes we need cute little things, too!

Speaking of cute little things, look at my cute Keen Tank from Jane! You get two options with this one, the smaller hem, which is good if you’re wearing regular jeans, and the wide hem, which works better with other mesh bottoms.

And hey hey, guess who is having a 50% off sale?? One of my most favorite pose stores – aDORKable Poses!! From now until March 31st, you get 50% off all the goodies, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I use her poses a LOT because they’re just that darn good!

Well, I’ve got to keep unpacking my bags. That’s the problem with traveling. It’s fun to go, it’s great to get home, but unpacking sucks!!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Sky by Aura
* Briar Coral Lipstick added
Hair: Brenna in Sahara by Truth
Top: Keen in Quarry by Jane
Shorts: SS12 in Snow by Leverocci
Shoes: Shaz Platform in White Denim by SLink
Pose & Suitcase by aDORKable Poses [Sale!!]
Photo taken at La Cantina Hotel & Suites

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Lean On Me

I’m forever looking for good friends poses. Well, okay, I’m forever looking for good poses in general, but it’s not always easy to find good poses for girl friends! And I always want to have great friend poses since I have some awesome girl friends, like my forever wifey and creator of Funky Junk, Ulaa!

Style - Lean On Me

Fluke came out with the Lean On Me pose, and it’s just adorable! Ulaa and I are both a little on the “short” side [about 5’6-5’7 on the height slider] and it fit us PERFECTLY without any modding at all. Love!

What I also love is the new Petit Ami sweater from Entente! The sweater is mesh, and you get the base sweater in grey with a texture HUD. Then you just buy texture packs! I bought the Stripes – Vibrant pack and I’m so happy with it! The base sweater comes in both male and female sizes [standard sizes for the female].

Okay, bye!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Grass by Aura
Hair: Sybille 2 in Gingerbread by Wasabi Pills [mesh]
Top: Petit Ami by Entente [mesh]
Shorts: Denim Shorts by
Feet: Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Aleko in Beach Nails & Rings by U&R Dogs
* Fur Ball Faces in Blue/Silver by Undefined Lilies
Pose by Fluke

I don’t know what’s on Ulaa. I didn’t ask!

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Halloween Comfort

I don’t know what it is about Halloween. Everything seems just slightly more creepy even if it’s nothing big. I’m not passing out candy this year, so I’m just in some comfy clothes getting ready to …wait. What was that noise??

Style - Halloween Comfort

Today for Moody Monday, you can pick up this Yoga Set in orange and black from Stellar. If you’re like me and you enjoy being both casual and cute, this is definitely something you need to pick up!

Oh, and are you in the New Trails subscriber group? If so, be sure you check your notices for the free gift of sugar skulls for Día de los Muertos.

I have to go turn off all the lights now. Even if it’s scary in here, at least there won’t be any teens texting on their Blackberries and expecting free candy.

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Hye in Blonde 07 by Elikatira -Elikapeka Tiramisu-
Outfit: Yoga Set in Orange by Stellar -Lexi Morgan-
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit -Coke Dreadlow-
Pose by STaTus -Gidge Uriza-

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I’m Never Without My Phone

Yeah, I’m that girl. The one who is never more than a couple of feet away from her phone, the one who keeps it by her pillow, the one who freaks out if she runs to grab take out and forgot her phone at home. I’m always on call for my parents, and even turning the ringer off to go out and enjoy a movie isn’t something I feel comfortable with. Heck, I even take it with me when I go outside to get the mail.

Style - I'm Never Without My Phone

When I saw the Fall sweater from Ducknipple, I knew it was for me! With the little iPhone in the pocket, it’s just perfect! If you click it, it will disappear, and no, there doesn’t appear to be an Android version. :-p The sweater comes with the necklace I’m wearing, and also 8 different colored undershirts [not shown here]. The belt also changes color.

By the way, if the Ducknipple creator reads this: Could you please put the name of the store on your folders? I love love love the store but I always lose items in my inventory because the store name isn’t on the folder. Thanks!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Pepper in Latte by Truth -Truth Hawks-
Sweater: Fall in Red by Ducknipple -beanster Potato-
Shirt: Maddy Lace Inset Top in Pebble Cream by Whippet & Buck -Twiggy Whippet-
Jeans: Classic Jeans in Dirty by Zaara -Zaara Kohime-
Boots: Secret Boots in Dune by Elikatira -Elikapeka Tiramisu-
Augie Glasses by Reek -Riq Graves-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-

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Let’s Take A Walk

The weather here has been awesome lately, and it makes me want to go on long walks to see what I can see. But mostly I just want to walk around in my new Portas Booties!!

Style - Let's take a walk

From AnE Meshworks, an Adam n Eve brand, these little booties are short, cute, and in the most soft lickable leather I’ve seen in ages! They ARE mesh, so you know the drill. Get a mesh viewer or GTFO. :-p I kid, I kid!! But seriously, you need a mesh viewer to see these boots properly.

I’m standing in the Cascadia Autumn Pavilion from Funky Junk, on sale this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space. It’s the perfect autumn decor for your land!

Time to take my boots and go walking!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Story in Blonde 02 by Elikatira -Elikapeka Tiramisu-
Dress: Jezibell Backless Dress in Navy/Beige by Whippet & Buck -Twiggy Whippet-
Boots: Portas Booties in Ivory by AnE Meshworks [Mesh!] -Damen Gorilla-
Take It Easy Tote Bag in Priss by BOOM -Aranel Ah-
* Wanderer Bracelets by League -Nena Janus-
* Devotion Bridal Rings by Earthstones -Abraxxa Anatine-
Photo taken in the Cascadia Autumn Pavilion by Funky Junk -Ulaa Coronet-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-

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You can stand under my umbrella

I’m not a huge fan of rain, but after this past summer where even the smallest rain shower would have been a blessing, I’ve come to at least tolerate when the storms roll in. Of course, maybe if I had some cute Wellingtons, like these from Gos, I wouldn’t mind running out in the rain!

Style - You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

The new Wellingtons are a MESH item, so you will need a mesh compatible viewer to see them properly. [Honestly, if you’re STILL kicking it in a vintage viewer and your only excuse is “I don’t want to learn viewer 2,” then you’re missing out!!] The Wellingtons come in several colors, and if you fatpack, you can make your own color combos like I did here with the pumpkin colored boot and the black trims. I’m wearing the rigged mesh version, meaning it moves with my AO and comes in 3 sizes. The non-rigged versions work as traditional prim boots would and are able to be resized via the menu. If you choose to wear the rigged mesh boots be sure to try on all three sizes to find the best fit before running and yelling at Gospel the way I did. :-p I’m wearing the Tall size. If you’re bigger than I am, either shrink yourself or wear the non-rigged ones that you can resize.

Time for more puddle jumping!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Loose in Marilyn by LeLutka -Thora Charron-
Dress: Polka Dot Dress in Black by Tres Blah -Julliette Westerburg-
Boots: Wellingtons by Gos [Mesh!] -Gospel Voom-
Black Umbrella by Old Time Prims -Mila Edelman-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-