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Taking It Back

When you’re a little overwhelmed with current fashion, do you ever feel the need to take it back in time? Way back in 2008 or so, I used to be crazy for the Hal*Hina camping chairs. Every month there was something cute that I didn’t mind sitting for 10-20 minutes for. But as you tend to do in SL, I stopped going there much. Yesterday the store popped up in my brain, so I headed over. And, just like it always was, I found the most adorable dress!

Style - Taking It Back

The Simple Mini is just that – simple and adorable in its simplicity. You have the choice of a belt with a bow or without, and it comes in different colors. It’s also pretty inexpensive if you need a cute dress to wear and you’re on a budget. It’s not mesh or anything, so no worrying about sizes as it has a resize script.

Go on, now. Go back to a store you used to love back in the day and find something new to wear!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
Hair: Shiki in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills
Dress: Simple Mini by Hal*Hina
* Stacked Gem Rings in Pink by Stellar
* Mad Hatter necklace by Undefined Lilies
* Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Stone Block Succulent Garden by Funky Junk [Not for sale yet]
Porch Rules wall decal by S&B Spronkwings Books and Toys
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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