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Starlight Exclusives!

Today was the grand opening of the new boutique Starlight Exclusives, owned by RubyStarlight Writer. Showcasing 17 amazing designers, the boutique features some absolutely amazing [and exclusive!] creations. These are guaranteed to make you feel gorgeous!

From DCNY, Miranda. A long gown with a low back and an empire waist with thin spaghetti straps. The Miranda is $750L.

From Phoenix Rising, Ruby. I’m wearing it in Ice, a deep rich blue tone. With the ruched front, tied back, and amazing trim, you’re going to turn heads in this. The Ruby is $800L.

And from SySy’s, the Ivey. I’m wearing the Ivey in both Night [Black] and Fire [Red] because I just couldn’t choose. The leaves and vines wind along your torso and there are 3 ways to wear the skirt. You can choose the long skirt, the long skirt with the floating leaves overlay, or the fluffy tutu-like sculpted skirt. The long gloves add the last touch of class to this gorgeous creation. The Ivey is $500L.

This just a small sample of the gorgeous collection at Starlight Exclusives, so get over there today to drown in the beauty!

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Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka

Photo 1:
Hair: Leah in Platinum by Truth
Tattoo: Creeping Rose by Tuli [Found in a hunt some months ago]

Photo 2:
Hair: Into My Arms in Buttermilk by Tiny Bird

Photos 3 & 4:
Hair: Love Story in Harlow by Exile [for gown], Kissy Kissy in Buttermilk by Tiny Bird [for tutu skirt]
Shoes: PinUp heels by Stiletto Moody [Night], Felicity heels by Tesla [Fire]

Poses by ImpEle

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50’s Now!

I love great vintage inspired clothing. Beautiful ladylike dresses make me so happy! And this gorgeous new little number from SySy’s makes me REALLY happy!

50’s Now is a wonderful fluffy dress that you really want to find a hat and some gloves to wear with because it’s just that classy. The lace detailing is amazing, and the cute little bolero tops it off very well! You can wear it without the bolero, or without the black sash. It’s flexi and swirly and makes me want to go dancing.

The best best part? This dress is a dollarbie! That’s right, just one tiny little linden! Talk about making me super happy!

Go pick yours up today at the mainstore and who knows? You might even see me out there dancing around in it!

Also in this post:

Skin: Cerra Peacock 2 in Pale by Staged [Dollarbie at the UVogue Skin Fair]
Hair: Kissy Kissy in Brownie by Tiny Bird
Eyes: Beloved Emerald by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Shoes: Slingback Pump in Emerald by Juicy
Ring: White Chocolate Flower by SyDS
Necklace: Full Circle in Diamond by ~Flirt~

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Mad About Mocorin

I was out at the new location of my favorite funky ring store, SyDS, and while I was hanging out there waiting on things to rez, I was camming around and saw a lot of cute shops. One shop that caught my interest was a new-to-me place called Mocorin.

Mocorin had an eclectic assortment of things from accessories to furniture, and all of it just too cute for words! My favorite favorite thing that I picked up was this ADORABLE Dot Skybox, which I spent the evening fixing up. I collect skyboxes lately. I can’t seem to help myself!

Isn’t it precious?! It comes with the tree and the yellow shelves. Most of the furniture and the flowers come from MudHoney [the flowers were a hunt gift, so you might not be able to find them again] and the Mystic Grass comes from Beloved Custom Designs, tinted pink & modded a bit by me.

Altogether, with the shelves and the tree, this prim budget friendly skybox comes in at 29 prims. 29! The skybox by itself is 24 prims. AND it’s $L budget friendly at just $100L.

I probably wouldn’t have seen the skybox if I hadn’t been prize camping and camming around. If you sit for just 10 minutes, you get these pretty little sandals. There are 2 in the pack, one without the flower on top and one with. I like the one with the flower better.

And because I absolutely love girly skully type accessories, I just had to pick up the Skull Set for just $100L. It comes with a ring, bracelet, and necklace, but I’m not wearing the necklace. It’s a little chunky, but I’ll probably be able to work it into some outfit. But I love love the ring and bracelet! And there’s a little glow in the “diamonds” on the bracelet but it is modifiable if you wanted to get rid of it. I think it’s kinda cute.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip to a new store that I just love. It really pays to walk around the shopping areas sometimes! 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Ellen in Angel Shine by Uncleweb Studios
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Top: [Whimsy] Long Tank [In a folder marked “Halloween Freebies”, so who knows. LOL]
Ring: Excessive Love by SyDS
Poses by Slash Me Poses

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Tiny Bird Landed On My Head!

I love watching designers evolve and grow in SL. There are some from years ago that haven’t really kept up with the times, but there are others, like Tiny Bird designer Autumn Hykova, that just keep getting better and better.

I’ve been lucky enough to have Autumn on my Plurk list since last year, when her store was Pixel Dust, and I’ve watched with interest as her skills just grow and grow. Her latest releases were just so cute, the minute she announced them, I had to hop over to pick them up!

New Soul is a very old-fashioned “Oh my, I need to keep my pin curls up before the swing dance with Tommy tonight!” type style. It’s not that often that I pick up hair with curlers, but I just couldn’t resist it! I’m actually wearing it in New Soul II, because I liked the bangs better, but there is New Soul I with the hair more swept up off the forehead.

And of course, after you take your curlers out, you need this pretty little style, Into My Arms. It’s tight and sleek, with a touch of messy since all the bobby pins are showing. I think it’s adorable! And there is a bobby pin to put into your mouth. Who hasn’t held pins in their mouth while trying to do their own hair??

Now this last one is my FAVE. I had been searching high and low for the perfect messy short style. I’m actually not a fan of short hair on myself, in SL or RL, but this one…love love love. This is called Kissy Kissy and well, it just looks like you’ve been doing a little kissy kissy and your carefully made pin curls from before are last night’s news.

You can get a pack of 3 colors for $175L, or the Tiny Bird Pretty Pack for $999L. While I was writing this, I got the notice that the Kissy Kissy style will be available in 3 colors for $50 Linden Friday tomorrow, August 21st. I will be going to get it because I need more colors! 🙂 A male style, Bereznyak will also be available.

Ok ok, stop reading. Go get some hair!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Shirt: Pirate in blue by Ducknipple

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Hey, put a shirt on!

Designer Joodle Fadoodle of WigWamBam is one of my favorite hand-drawn clothing artists. Her textures are always cute and charming, and her new line of collared shirts show that style off perfectly!

These shirts are just so adorably funky, and very simple. You could just throw one on with some jeans and sneakers and head off shopping or stick around the house and hang out with friends. Each shirt is $80L, and the Mechanics one [the yellow & black shown] is $1L! Joodle is always so generous with her dollarbies. 🙂

Head down to WigWamBam for your shirts today!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Cassie in Anxious Blonde by fri.day
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Jeans: Super Dark Ripped Jeans by EmJay

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Beloved Optometry

I am eye picky. No, I mean, I am REALLY REALLY eye picky. The top brands of eyes out there, I usually don’t care for at all. I’ve been a Miriel girl since early last year because the eyes had everything I wanted: clear beautiful colors, shine, they were big but not overly so, and the whites were bright and pretty. Whenever I’ve been complimented on my eyes, it was almost a sure bet that I was wearing Miriel’s Open Ocean color. So when she announced she was closing her doors, I almost wept. And then I ran out to buy every color I wanted and didn’t already have. I like to match my eye color to my clothes sometimes, so I needed a good supply. Since that time I’ve attempted other eyes. I’ve liked almost all that I’ve tried, but nothing ever came close to my Miriels, so I never really made the switch.

When my friend Aisuru Rieko of Beloved Custom Designs asked one night if anyone would be willing to test out a pair of eyes she was making, I jumped at the chance because 1, I love beta testing, and 2, it’s Aisuru. Everything she makes is beautiful.

They were simply gorgeous! And after she fine tuned things…well… Look at the eyes for yourself.

I’m wearing them in Aquamarine, a shimmery blue tone with hints of lavender that just makes my face light up. They are clear, shiny, and OH SO pretty!

Keep in mind I use a bright windlight setting, so the whites aren’t quite how they look on me, they do have more details.

At just $100L a pair, you get 2 sizes of eyes [I’m wearing them in Large, and there is a smaller size], and they are copyable, which is good if you make full outfits. And yes, there is a free pair you can pick up to test them out. Once you do, you will LOVE them!!! Aisu is also in the Starlust Hunt that begins today and there are 3 eyes available. 🙂

Go get some eyes and see your SL better!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Gemma in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Deviant by Celestial Studios [Available with the purchase of a Deviant Nation Skin]

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Elegant Living in Fricker’s Loft

I have some super talented friends. The funny part is that they are talented in so many different ways! But I’m lucky because not only are they incredible people who are always there to make me laugh and support me and they allow me to share in their lives, but they give me pretty stuff too. 🙂

My friend Fricker Fraker is not only a great artist, but a wonderful musician and composer. Catch one of his shows where he performs on the Native American flute. It’s beautiful music! So knowing this, I was pretty surprised when yesterday he said he’d built a skybox. What? Fricker builds? Oh yes, yes he does.

The Black Loft #1 skybox is absolutely one of the prettiest skyboxes I’ve seen in a while. It is simple and elegant. In a world where elegance is not always easily found, Fricker’s loft is stunning. Check out the pics!

The texture work is just fabulous. Look at the shadows and lights!! This skybox is a prim budget friendly one at just 62 prims, 30×30 footprint, and includes the privacy window controller and the door slides open when you walk up to it. The ceilings are also high to allow for easy camming or photo studios. It is also modify/copy, so you can change anything in it, although why you would, I don’t know. My favorite touch might just be the cute lights up at the top! But oh, that texture work!!

You can pick up your own skybox for $800L on Xstreet or get a discount and buy it for $750L at his new store, Fricker’s Emporium.

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Business With Bublee

It’s really kind of funny how whenever any new brand comes out, if it’s good, the immediate question is, “Ok, who is that really?” Sometimes new artists come into Second Life and start designing for us without having had a brand in here before! When I was talking to new designer Bublee Bing, my only question for her was, “Where have you been hiding??”

Although fairly new to the SL fashion scene, she’s already created some great pieces that should definitely be in your wardrobe! I love to mix and match! While I was playing with her clothes, I got a very business type feel, so I bounced into my home office and started snapping!

The Ornament Tank Top & Skirt package was really something. It came with a very long black skirt that was a little bit overwhelming on my shape, despite being somewhat slender, but I absolutely LOVED the top! Check it out!

As you can see, the top is utterly lovely. The wrinkles are perfectly placed and the straps line up very well on the shoulders. There is another option in the package to have this top with sheer short sleeves and prim cuffs.

The Ornament set comes with 2 tops, the black skirt and 2 neck scarves [not shown] for $375L.

By the way, do you see my chair? That was created by my good friend Merrick Thor, inspired by a photo I showed him of a chair I wanted. You can buy your own super awesome, prim budget friendly [5 prims!] ThorCore Aero Office Chair on Xstreet for just $150L $75L. 🙂 [Merrick rocks!]

Back to Bublee, this Tartan Skirt in blue & green is just stunning! The texture is so rich, I wanted to rub my face all over it.

Swishy and silky, this skirt is just lovely! The skirt includes the resizing script so you can get a good fit. There are other prints available for $275L each. If you look around, there are similar skirts to this that are shorter as well. 🙂

Go out to Bublee Bing [yes, her store is self named] and look around. There’s even an adorable blue & white check dollarbie tank top out there! You’ll love it!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Natasha in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Glasses: Clara by PrimOptic
Ring: White Chocolate Flower by SyDS

Photos 1 & 2:

Pants: Journey Tweed Slacks in Black by Armidi
Shoes: Starley pumps in Black by ETD
Bracelet: Celtia bangles by Xaida

Photo 3:

Top: Poppy Sheer Chiffon in White by Pink Outfitters
Shoes: Alice Cullen flats in Ivory by Cherry

French board & chalkboard by Gwendolyn Bieler
Desk & Shelves by Noelyci Ingmann

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Staged @ Discover Your Skin

If you didn’t know, the Discover Your Skin skin fair starts… NOW! From August 12th until August 19th, you can head on over and get your skin lovin’ on.

One designer that will be at the fair this year is one that is fast becoming one of my favorites – Staged! They’ll not only have their gorgeous skin lines out there, but also this amazing dollarbie!

This is the Cerra skin, which I have blogged before, but in 2 Peacock makeups – a soft green eyeshadow and a green eye-catching mask! You also get the very cute bikini to go with your skins. There is the pale and the tanned tones in the package too, and shaved or unshaved options, so it’s really like getting 8 skins for $1L. You can’t beat it!

We’ll see you at the fair!

Also in this post:
Hair: Wendy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire eyes by Beloved Custom Designs [Will be available soon]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka

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Today’s Gaze: Late Summer Casual

Today’s Gaze [ok, technically it was Saturday’s Gaze] is a casual, late summer outfit perfect for shopping or attending a nice party with friends. It’s actually something I’d wear in the physical world and I was very comfortable and happy in it. 🙂

I’m wearing the absolutely gorgeous Misty skin from League in the new Pale tone. I had tried the skin when it first came out but being in a darker color, it wasn’t very me, and it didn’t work with my face. But as I’ve been trying new skins lately, I’ve been slightly tweaking my face. When I tried the demo, I had to get it! I’m wearing it in Classic Blonde. The Misty skins are $1100L for a single or $3900L for a fatpack.

The pretty top comes from Miel. The MO Tube Top is just so comfortable looking! I’m wearing it in Fiesta, but there are 6 colors available. They are $175L each. Also from Miel I’m wearing the Bella Peepers sunglasses. These were a Subscribe-O-Matic gift, but there are other colors available also for $175L. I adore them!

I headed out to the much-talked-about fri.day last Friday and was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful hair and super cute basics. The hair I’m wearing is called Cassie and I LOVE it. Just adore it! I’m wearing it in Anxious Blonde, one of the colors in the group gift they sent out. A color pack is $250L or you can get the 24.7 pack for $875L. The jeans I’m wearing are the Designer Jeans with the Flared cuffs. The jeans have the cuffs fitted for heels or for flats, which is awesome! You can get one color for $225, a pack in a color with different cuffs for $540L, or a 24.7 pack for $1800L.

I love the flats at 50 Flats. Although I don’t think these Jeweled ones are available in blue anymore, there are other colors available for $65L.

I didn’t wear a lot of jewelry or accessories in SL for a long time since I’m not big into jewelry in my physical world, but I’m starting to really get into it! This ring, the White Chocolate Flower ring, was something I stumbled on when I was doing my post on Magi Take. From SyDS, this cute cute ring has not left my finger all weekend. A definite steal at only $50L, and yes, the jewelry at SyDS is transferable! And on my wrist are the Celtia bangles from new-to-me store Xaida, which I found out about from my friend Emerald since she talked about a dollarbie skin. The skin wasn’t very good on me, but at only $10L, these bangles were just perfect!

And now that I’ve taken up half the feed with one outfit, I’m off!