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Straight Pimpin’

There are two constants in my fashion SLife: I love shoes and I love basics. And that Gospel Voom, wouldn’t you know it? He managed to combine both – and then made it BETTER!

Style - Straight Pimpin'

The new Gos Pimp Your Pumps are, without a doubt, my favorite new thing in SL! Coming in 9 unique styles, these are so so so customizable, it’s insane. Each style has 15 colors and 6 accents [currently bows], and you can play for ages just making colors to match your outfits! The shoes are also ultra low lag, so you never have to worry you’re lagging up a sim by wearing your pretty shoes!

Oh, you want to SEE them? Well, sure!

The Platforms:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Platforms

The Courts:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Courts

The Flats:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Flats

Everything is menu driven by just clicking on your shoes, so no need to fiddle with any HUDs, and since there are no prim feet in the shoes, you don’t have to worry about matching skin. A-MAZ-ING. These do NOT have invisiprims, since if you’re not using alphas, you’re way behind [kidding! well, kind of.], so make sure you’re on a viewer where you can use alphas, which I think all of them do now anyway.

The Gos Pimp Your Pumps will be released on Sunday [tomorrow!!] and I KNOW you guys will just love love love them! In the future, more accent and texture packs will be released, since you know Gos is all about options. This is just the beginning!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Courtney in Raven by Truth
Shirt: Layering Tee in Raven by Jane
Tank: Bicyclette in Sky by Ingenue
Shorts: Moody Tweed in Black by Jane
Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platforms by Gos
Bracelet: Friendo Bracelet by Miel
Poses by Olive Juice and aDorkable Poses

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Shoe Fair Thank You!

I was going to do this really epic thank you post thanking all the designers who were kind enough to send me shoes to blog for the Shoe Fair this year. By the way, did you all know we raised $1,174,769L this year?? Amazing! But after rezzing some shoes out, it looked like I just like to cut feet off, and then when I turned shadows on, my hair looked crazy, and…well, here you go.

Style - Thank you!

I’d love to say Truth did those streaks just for me, but well, SL was my colorist this time. *sigh*


I wanted to thank the Shoe Fair designers who were so amazing to me this year! I was utterly impressed with everything you did, and I absolutely enjoyed talking to all of you, even if we were just playing the offlines game! 🙂 I am deeply apologetic to any of you that I was unable to blog due to some unforeseen real life circumstances, and believe me, your work WILL be included in this blog in the future.

The Shoe Fair may be over for this year, but I am certainly not finished shopping for shoes!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Lucia in Latte by Truth [Streaks by SL craziness]
Shirt: Layering Tee in Milk by Jane
Tank: Madeleine in Teal by Ingenue
Jeans: Lou Lou in Original by Mon Tissu
Shoes: Bridget Flats in Pool by Ingenue
Necklace: Friendo by Miel
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

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Purrfect 10 Florence

Crossposted from the 2011 Shoe Fair Blog

Shoe Fair - Purrfect 10 Florence

Purrfect 10‘s Florence sandals are just what you’d expect – Perfect! When you need a strappy heeled sandal, but dainty thin straps just won’t cut it, these are the ones you will want to run to pick up.

With wide straps, a good ankle band, and a thin lace up front, these beauties look as good with jeans as they do with your slinkiest dress. Purrfect 10 does something wonderful, too, in that all of their shoes can be dyed black [either the whole shoe or pieces] so it’s really like getting two pairs in one!

All the colors in the shoe, including the colors to tint your feet, are done by menu, not by HUD. There is a Skin Toner to help you tint your feet, and it’s really quite simple. Even if you are new to the skin matching process, you should not have much trouble at all getting these to match any skin.

Purrfect 10 can be found on the Ruthenium sim at the Shoe Fair. [Ends on the 27th!]

In this post:

Skin: Aiko #8 by Belleza
Hair: Kai in Latte by Truth
Dress: Shimmy in Black by Solange
Shoes: Florence by Purrfect 10
Jewelry: Adrift set by GaNKed
Photographed in The Bar by -Click- Props For Photography

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N-Core Caprice

Crossposted from the Official 2011 Shoe Fair Blog.

Shoe Fair - N-Core Caprice

I truly believe that summertime is just MADE for sexy, strappy, beautiful heels.  If these Caprice heels aren’t on your feet this summer, you are missing out!

Sleek and slim, these heels have a lovely wooden base with some nice metal studs.  The feet are nice and feminine, with a cute little toe ring.  The well designed HUD allows for some customization on colors of the soles and metals, along with letting you change your nail polish.  There are 12 preset skin colors, as well as the ability to enter the RGB numbers for your skin for a better match.  I used the ColorCop program to find the RGB of my skin and I think it came out pretty well!  A notecard is included with some of the more popular skin tone numbers so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting your skin to match.  The Caprice heels come in 14 colors, but considering how many outfits you could pair them with over the coming summer months, you will probably just want to fatpack these darling heels.

N-Core can be found on the Iridium sim at the Shoe Fair.

In this post:

Skin: Aiko #4 by Belleza
Hair: Lanie in Latte by Truth
Top: Mishti Tank in Aqua by Zaara
Shorts: Neha Spring Shorts in Ivory by Zaara
Shoes: Caprice by N-Core
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

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Completely Open

Oh G Field. Why do I love your beautiful shoes so much? I just can’t seem to help it. Is it because they are extremely great quality? Is it because they are so affordable? And did you SEE the new ones at the Shoe Fair? No? Let me show you…

Style - Completely Open

The Open Boots “Vilda” are just so gorgeous. A great pump with a slouchy little cuff, it also has a feather decoration that is removable. And get this – The fatpack of 10 colors is only $1000L! Some shoes cost way more than that for just one pair!

No, G Field. I don’t know why I love you so. I just know I hope you never never change.

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Janelle in Swedish by Truth
Dress: The Morning After in Slate by Tiny Bird [Only available on Marketplace]
Shoes: Open Boots “Vilda” in Duck Blue by G Field
House: Darling by Funky Junk
Bed: Amelie by LISP Bazaar
Man Prop That You Can’t Have: Aldwyn Zanzibar [Hi baby!]
Pose by !Bang

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Reek Raid Light Ups

Crossposted from the Official 2011 Shoe Fair Blog

Shoe Fair - Reek Raid Light Ups

It’s not always easy to find a nice pair of trainers that aren’t Chuck style or that don’t make your feet look like boats. Riq Graves of Reek has managed to do it, though, with his new Raid Light Ups. Oh, these are just too cute for words! You don’t just get an amazing pair of sneaks, but true to their name, they have little flashes of light when you walk! I can’t even tell you guys how long I spent walking around just to watch my shoes.

The shoes come with sizes for both men and women, but of course are able to be resized so that you get your perfect fit. The nifty little HUD allows for over 20 color options, plus 5 presets. Honestly, you can customize these to your heart’s content. I just went with a preset for this photo because it was pretty!

Reek can be found on the Rhodium sim at the Shoe Fair.

In this post:

Bloom Doll Avatar – Boo Bloom by Surf Co.
Hair: Hye in Blonde 02 by Elikatira [Modded for head, obviously!]
Shirt: Girl Next Door by T-Junction
Shorts: Cheer Shorts in White/Frost by Sn@tch
Shoes: Raid Light Ups by Reek [Shoe Fair 2011]
Pose by Exposeur

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Turning Up Spring

I really love new designers. Well, let me clarify that statement even more. I really love new designers when they’re GOOD. When Tia Biscuit [how cute is that name?] popped up in my IM box last night, I was happy to accept some of her work. And when it turned out to be cute things that are just my style? Well, it was 10 times better!

Style - Turning Up Spring

From Tia, I’m wearing the Turnups Cords. I just love the splash of color from the belt and the cuffs! The cuffs and the belt are color change with 4 different color palettes. Really really cute! I am wearing them in the Spring color to match my ToteBag, which is also in Spring. I really love when designers make accessories that match their clothing! Oh, and the best part? Although the pants are low rise, they go up in the back so you’re not being tacky and showing butt crack! Love!

Head over to Tia and check it out. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

[PS: Tia is on an Adult sim, so you will need to be age verified before you go. But you can also find her items on the Marketplace.]

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Clementine in Swedish by Truth
Shirt: Layering Tee in Cream by Jane
Pants: Turnups Cords in Cream/Spring Belt & Cuffs by Tia
Shoes: Jane Wedge Sandals by Ingenue
Bag: ToteBag in Spring by Tia
Bracelet: Cascading Ripples by Frippery
Pose by aDorkable Poses
Photo taken at Wanderstill

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Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Candy

Last year I took 2 weeks off while working on the Shoe Fair blog, but I figure if other people are cross-posting, then I will too! 🙂 I’m sorry if you see this twice.

Shoe Fair - Lapointe & Bastchild, Dita Candy

Bootgasm. That’s a word I’ve heard a lot before, but it really takes a special boot to really make me say it. The Dita Candy boots from Lapointe & Bastchild speak to everything dramatic, elegant, and fierce that is in me, and yes, it’s totally a bootgasm situation!

The sleek leather bootie is topped by a buckled pinstripe cuff, and the stripes are able to be changed to 10 different colors via HUD. [11 if you count the default black, which is what I am wearing in the photo.] The boots have a lovely menu system for fitting, as well, and you can really get the perfect fit for you.

Can you see why I said bootgasm? Trust me, if these aren’t on your feet soon, you are going to be incredibly sorry!

Lapointe & Bastchild are found on the Osmium sim. Go! Go now!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Eden in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Absolutely Dress in Raven by Jane
Shoes: Dita Candy by Lapointe & Bastchild [Shoe Fair 2011]
Jewelry: Parade Pearls by MOOD
Glasses: Cateye by GOS
Pose by Olive Juice

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Bridal Sweet

So my friends Rylan and Sixx got married last night. Congratulations, you guys!! Since I DJed for them, naturally my mind has been on almost nothing but wedding for the past week. When Kouse Singh came out with some new dresses, I squealed over the white ones because they were just so bridal! Check out the Daniella gown.

Style - Bridal Sweet

Beautiful, beautiful. That’s all I can really say about this lovely gown. I didn’t even have to wear any accessories [um…or shoes] because it’s just so pretty all on its own. If you’re getting married this summer, check out Kouse’s Sanctum for some truly stunning work. And even if you’re not, this gown does come in other colors, so you really don’t have an excuse to NOT get it.

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Jacqueline in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Daniella by Kouse’s Sanctum
Pose by Exposeur

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Little Bits of Drama

Do you ever have so much to do, you simply don’t know how you’ll get it all done when there are so many other things you want to do? When that happens to me, I like to just to strike a dramatic pose, sigh loudly, and get on with my day. And shop, of course. There is shopping to be done.

Style - Little Bits Of Drama

In this post:

Skin: May in Lilac 2 by Curio
Hair: Alison in Almond by Truth
Dress: Color Block in Baby Blue & Ivory by COCO
Shoes: Rosea in Pale Gold by Donna Flora
Purse: Knuckle Clutch in Peach Lace by Hucci
Earrings: Parade Pearls by MOOD
Pose by aDorkable Poses