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Earth Mother

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period, because I could TOTALLY see myself as some hippie earth mother type. Luckily in SL, I can play out my tambourine dreams with a lovely new dress from Raspberry Aristocrat!

Style - Earth Mother

The Heirloom dress is a mesh dress, and no, this blog won’t be all mesh all the time, but you have to admit, mesh is REALLY fun to play with!!  I really like this dress because of the very pretty halter style bodice.  Sexy, without giving away the farm!

And of course, if you’re not in a mesh compatible viewer yet, you won’t see this lovely dress the way it should be.  So switch viewers, and head over to Raspberry Aristocrat to pick this up!  Oh, actually, I think it’s inside of JANE right now!

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Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Aiyana (Plain) in Auburn by Truth
Dress: Heirloom in River by Raspberry Aristocrat
Shoes: Vixie Flat Sandals by Nardcotix
Indra Stacked Bangles by Zaara
Andrea Head Decor by SoliDea Little Folies
Pose by Exposeur

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Leave It To The Imagination

Back in the late 90s, my Bestie and I used to work at the mall in a department store. We had to dress up using clothing from the store, and she would always pick these long long dresses because she liked to not show too much skin. I always thought she looked great and I was jealous that I couldn’t wear the long long dresses because I was short and chubby and what worked on her tall and thin body would not have worked on me. When I saw the new 2nd Skin dresses from Jane today, I immediately thought of my Bestie!

Style - Leave It To The Imagination

These dresses are mesh, so if you’re not in a mesh-compatible viewer yet, you will not see it correctly.

I think these are really pretty!  And Jane has already taken other shape sizes into account because now you get to choose from 4 sizes – Petite, Fair, Plump, and Luscious.  I’m wearing the Fair size, which is just great for an average sized avatar.  One of the cool things about mesh, in my opinion, is that you can kind of play with your “shape” without actually having to do much.  When I put on the Luscious sized dress, it’s like, hello boob job!!  But remember that currently, mesh only works with your avatar’s skeleton, not the body fat. [There’s a Jira to fix this.]  So if you love having a big belly in SL, this dress will not work for you.

That’s why I never wore them in RL, anyway. The belly never worked for me!

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Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio
Hair: June in Almond by Truth
Dress: 2nd Skin in Greens by Jane
Shoes: Tallula in Moss by Ingenue
Necklace: Wanderer – 1 Disc by League
Pose by STaTUS
Photo taken in the Country Shed Home by Funky Junk

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It should be called flow

I was eager to see who was going to jump onto the mesh clothing train when it was announced that mesh was going live. I was REALLY excited when I saw Jane had new mesh items out!! I love Jane anyway, as we all know, and I’m terribly in love with the new offerings!!

  Style - It Should Be Called Flow

 This pretty Sack Dress caught my eye immediately. It’s so very cute and it just flows so well!! I was afraid, as many of us were, that mesh clothing was going to be super expensive due to the skill involved, but happily, Janie has kept her prices very very reasonable! Love love love. 🙂

 Now yes, there are a few drawbacks to mesh. You will not be able to edit your clothing [as far as I know, anyway. This dress, you can’t edit.] and you have to wear an alpha layer to hide most of your body so that it fits. I’m wearing the “Small” size because the “Large” size gave me a huge chest! But I did have to modify my own shape somewhat to fit into the smaller size properly. There’s only so much alpha layers can do. 🙂 You will also need to be on a mesh enabled viewer and mesh enabled sim to see the clothing properly. So I’m sorry to those of you who are still kickin’ it old school in a 1.23 viewer. You may find your SL looks a lot weirder in the coming months if you don’t jump into a new viewer. From my understanding, the official SL viewers and Kirstens Viewer are the ones that are for mesh at the moment, with Firestorm working to get up to speed as quickly as they can do so.

Please do not worry much, though.  Yes, mesh gives us some great things, but there will always ALWAYS be the need for regular prims, textures and sculpties. 🙂

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 1 by Curio
Hair: Ricci in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Sack Dress in Tweet Marine by Jane [Mesh Dress!]
Shoes: Flip Flops in Rose by Maitreya Gold
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
* Valois Earrings by PixelDolls [Free mesh gift!]
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Going Back

School starts back here in my area tomorrow. I’m a huge fan of back to school stuff! New clothes, new school supplies, the works! Of course, I’m not in school anymore, but I can still look the part!

Style - Going Back

I totally fell in love with this little Lace Heart Cropped Top from Emery, out right now at The Dressing Room Blue.  And the Lavender hair I picked up from for Fifty Linden Friday is sooo cute!  A “tiny bird” said there’s a new hair designer at, so I guess we can expect more goodies soon!  Oh, and I could not resist these mouth pencils from Naminoke that I picked up at the Gacha Festival!  I don’t usually like things hanging off my mouth, but these are cute and who doesn’t put a pencil in their mouth sometimes?

For Moody Monday, my favorite pose store, aDORKable Poses, has the Learning Curve desk set.  The desk & chair are color change, and there are 5 poses for the prop.  Love love love. For those of you who are doing the Harry Potter roleplay thing, you should totally get this!!

Have a great Monday!

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Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Lavender in Platinum Blonde by
Top: Lace Heart Cropped Top by Emery [For The Dressing Room Blue]
Jeans: Classic Jeans in Dirty by Zaara
Boots: Docs 8 Hole in Pink by Gos
Pen With Doll #11 by Naminoke [For the Gacha Festival]
Learning Curve Desk by aDORKable Poses
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Girls in their summer clothes

Every summer I think about cutting my hair short. But I don’t really have the facial structure for it and considering I cry when my hair is cut to my shoulders, I don’t think a short cut would be for me. But luckily I can have the pretty little cuts I love, but without the long term commitment.

  Style - Girls In Their Summer Clothes

The new Juliette hair from Truth is so so sweet! Just this adorable shaggy little cut with a darling little headband. It’s simple, but that makes it perfect.

Simplicity truly is my word for the summer. 🙂

In this post:
Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Juliette in Swedish by Truth 
Dress: French Sleeve Dress in Pale Green by Suzy
Necklace: Cameo Pendant 3 by Saya
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

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Try A Little Tenderness

The title of this post doesn’t really have anything to do with my outfit, but when I’m doing photos for my blog, I’m often listening to old songs. There’s some useless trivia for you! Now let’s get to the dress.

Style - Try a little tenderness

Kouse Singh recently got married, but she’s back and designing away!  [Have I mentioned she’s doing my wedding dress for me?  Squee!!]  The new Gabrielle gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum are just utterly gorgeous.  If you do any kind of medieval/renaissance/fantasy stuff in SL, you simply must get this gown.  Hell, get it anyway and go frolick in meadows or go dancing so you can see it twirling around.  I’m wearing it in Forest, and there are several colors available. Pretty pretty pretty!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre [Moonbeam tone] in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Janelle in Cranberry by Truth
Dress: Gabrielle in Forest by Kouse’s Sanctum
Royal Fae Circlet by Lvs&Co
Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Tonight I’m Gonna Be A Little Selfish

There are few times in my life when I feel selfish. Being selfish, on occasion, isn’t a bad thing. Tonight I feel selfish. I want to just dress myself up in something simple and pretty, and have it be all about me. ❦

 Style - Tonight I'm Gonna Be A Little Selfish

In this post: 

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio 
Hair: Gabriel in Swedish by Truth [Collabor88!
Top: Chained Thread Top in White by Kyoot 
Bra: Decadence Bra in Cloud White by Lingerie By Hollee 
Bottoms: Cargo Capris in Black by Hucci 
Shoes: Destiny Heels in White by SLink 
* My Heart Necklace by Pixel Fashion 
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones 
* Traumerei Rings in Silver by U&R Dogs 
Pose by !Bang

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Stop! Collabor88 and Listen!

Did you hear the news? Collabor88 starts TOMORROW!!! What is it? Well, it’s a new monthly shopping event with some of the grid’s most beloved designers bringing you new items at low prices, and every month on the 8th, the merchandise changes! You guys are going to adore it, I just know it. Let me show you just a sampling of what you can get there!

Style - Stop! Collabor88 and Listen

The Luna bustier and skirt from Ingenue are so ladylike and precious! And the sculpt work on the skirt is just oh-so-wonderful! Just look at the detailed pleats! I love it combined with the Changes hair from Elikatira. The band on the hair is color change and ties into a sweet little bow in the back. I’m using a pose by Marukin, which is a new to me store, and I am really loving the poses!

I’ll have more to show you all later, but if this is what Collabor88 is going to be like…I have no doubts that you all are going to be some shopping maniacs!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Changes in Blonde 02 by Elikatira [Collabor88]
Top & Skirt: Luna in Noir by Ingenue [Collabor88]
Shoes: Destiny Heels in Red by SLink [New!!]
* Downtown Glam Multi Pendant by MOOD
* Sorella Cuff in Platinum/Ruby by MOOD
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
Pose by Marukin [Collabor88]

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Tell her to find me an acre of land

When I was putting together this outfit, it felt almost hippie to me. Free love and dance in the flowers and that sort of thing. But hey, who couldn’t stand a little peace, love, Simon & Garfunkel in their life on occasion, am I right?

Style - Tell her to find me an acre of land

I really like the Crochet Halters from Leri Miles Designs. They are pretty much on the skimpy side, which is perfect for the summer season. But if you wear something that bare on top, you need to wear something longer on the bottom so that you balance it out. Well, unless you’re going for a whole different kind of look, I guess. I paired it with some Low.Rise Jeans from and wouldn’t you know? The belt from the Navy Cords from [Tia] fit the look perfectly. I love when I can use other pieces to make whole new looks!

You know what to do now. Go shopping!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Clementine in Swedish by Truth
Top: Crochet Halter B by Leri Miles Designs
Pants: Low.Rise Jeans by
Belt: Turnups Belt from the Navy Cords by [Tia]
Necklace: Glass Flower Necklace by Paper Couture
Pose by aDORKable Poses
Photo taken at The Legend

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Another Hot Weekend

Not THAT kind of hot, you dirty people! :-p We’re on our 35th consecutive day of it being over 100 degrees [37 celsius to you non-US folks]. It’s HOT. It’s the kind of hot where all you do is stay inside because going outside makes you feel like your face is going to melt off. Luckily in SL, I don’t have to deal with that kind of heat in the summer. And my lovely outfit from Stellar makes me hope for summer forever!

Style - Another Hot Weekend

Adorable Lexi Morgan gave me this for my birthday, so I know I don’t have to blog it, but since I haven’t taken it off for over 24 hours, you know that I love it! Anything I love, I want to share with you all! The new Brynn shirts are just fluffy sculpted deliciousness. The straps are texture, so you don’t have to worry about fitting to your shoulders or worry about flashing nipples when you teleport in somewhere and your top doesn’t rez right away. The sculpted part is very very easy to resize if you need to do it. I just love how fluffy it looks! Combined with the Bermuda Jeans, it’s summer goodness! The jeans have a great rolled cuff, and they are low rise, but not so low that you are flashing crack to the world. Always a plus in my book! Both the shirts and the jeans come in different colors, but naturally I suggest fatpacking them both, as you will want everything!

I’m going to go drink a big glass of iced tea now….and pray for rain!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio
Hair: Pia in Swedish by Truth
Top: Brynn in Pink by Stellar
Bottoms: Bermuda jeans in Dark Blue by Stellar
Shoes: Flip Flops in Rose by Maitreya Gold
Necklace: Teensy Clutter by Undefined Lilies
Ring: Devotion Bridal by Earthstones
Pose by aDORKable Poses