Blogger Policy

I DO use Photoshop on my photos. Usually just to make the photo look better to me, very rarely to absolutely change a product. Most items I show look very similar in world to me as they do in my photos, but with some lighting changes in Photoshop and with different monitors, it may look different to you.


If you are interested in dropping something off for me to possibly show in this blog, thank you! I blog anything from hair to furniture and everything in between.

If you have items for kids/Toddleedoo Baby/Bebe Kid that you would like to see on this blog, please contact Brianna Serendipity (Brianna Jade Oleander-Zanzibar).

If you have items for men that you would like me to blog, please contact me in world to discuss.

I reserve the right to NOT feature your item in a blog post if I believe that it is something that I would not recommend, wear, and/or use because of style or quality, OR if I believe the feeds are oversaturated with the item. If your item is time sensitive [like for a sale or event], PLEASE let me know because sometimes I’m totally slow. 🙂

I appreciate everyone who asks me to show an item, whether I get to use it or not! 🙂

♥ Alicia Chenaux ♥

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