If You Were Here

I really need to say thank you to the amazing event blogger managers who have given me so much flexibility in the past few months. It’s been a rough year for everyone, I know, and I hope to get back on the ball here. I feel more like me when I’m doing photos in Second Life.

My dad was always a coffee drinker. I do not remember a time when my childhood home did not smell like coffee in the morning. When we would go out to eat, my parents always ended the meal with a coffee. When I was 3, they started giving me my own little mug of coffee. I assume it was mostly milk with a bit of coffee and sugar, but I don’t actually know. To me, coffee is comforting. It’s not the taste for me, it’s just the act of it, I think. Pouring a cup at home. Putting in the cream and sugar. Holding it close to my chest to feel the warmth. I’m sitting here right now with an almost full cup of coffee sitting on my desk that is a few hours old. I don’t always drink it anymore. But I still start my day with it. I have to.

The Epiphany opened up for the October round and it is a great one! Especially if you love both fall and spooky things. Don’t forget to save up your Epiphany points, too, for all the really awesome exclusive items.

Style - If You Were Here

In This Post:

Head: Nova by LeLutka
Body: Lara (with petite add on) by Maitreya
Skin: Rosalie by Glam Affair
Hair and Hat: Nox by Wasabi [The Epiphany]
Jacket and Dress: Elena by E.K. [Anthem]
Necklace: Falling Leaves by Earthstones
Pose and Prop: 07 – Autumn Gacha by Amitie [The Epiphany]

Decor: White Portal (Exclusive), Orange Portal (rare), Blue Portal (rare), Louis Chair Blanket, Lantern + Blanket, Garden Bowl Red, Garden Bowl Green, Garden Cake, Old Chest, Louis Chair Red, Open Book – Impromptu Fall by KraftWork [The Epiphany]