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Today’s Gaze: End of Summer Love

As Labor Day fast approaches, people begin going back to school, coming home from vacations, and saying goodbye to summer loves. Today’s Gaze features an outfit that combines the brightness of summer, and the pink warmth of your summer love close to your heart.

How was that for an intro?

All those rules about “no white shoes after Labor Day” have been tossed out the window, which is a great thing because I just picked up these CUTE Wedge Tong Sandals from G Field for the low price of $180L. They come in a dozen different colors and are scripted so you can wear them with the flower or without. They are JUST as cute without! And I know some of you ladies absolutely hate the prim feet craze, so you’ll be happy to know that there are no prim feet in these babies! While I was at G Field, I also picked up these simple and classy Capri Jeans for just $80L.

My plurk buddy Tomoyo Breitman recently opened up a new store, MayoNaise, and that’s where I got this light and fun top called Lexi’s Art Project. I’m wearing it in Strawberry, and it can be yours for $100L. My poses are also from MayoNaise! I picked up the Letters From Within set – 5 poses – for also $100L, or you can buy single poses for $30L.

If you haven’t been out to yet, or if you have and found they were a little pricy for your tastes, get out there NOW! Big Labor Day weekend sale [which actually extends until the 10th if I’m not mistaken] and their gorgeous hair is marked down to $75L a color pack! I think it’s $275L a fatpack, but don’t quote me. I’m wearing Deena in my favorite color – Happy Blond!

I’m also wearing the Misty skin in the pale tone and Twilight Blonde makeup by League, the stunning Jadeite eyes from Beloved Custom Design [totally shop there, Aisuru’s stuff is fantastic!], and the Tranquility bangles from Earthstones. The bangles are a freebie when you join the subscriber list and there’s 3 sets in the gift bag.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!


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