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Would you like a cookie?

Events events events!! I LOVE THEM. :-p I don’t love Halloween that much, to be honest, but I do appreciate some Halloween themed items and events that are in Second Life.

Style - Would you like a cookie?

The Halloween Gacha event is open! It’s a small event but there are some really cute things to be found there! Like the Halloween Cookies poses and props from Status! I’m carrying the rare cookie box.

G Field has this super cute Vivian Halloween dress out in their store and…AND…it’s free!! I love free and I love this dress.

The Costume Ball is another Halloween themed event that has some really nice things, like the Christy hair from Wasabi Pills! It’s an adorable ponytail with a bow. The bow comes with a HUD so you can change the color.

Have fun doing your spooky shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Defined by Pink Fuel
* Lip Glaze in Plush added
* CatEyes eye shadow by Damned added
Hair: Christy in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills [The Costume Ball]
Dress: Vivian, Halloween Gift by G Field [Free!]
Halloween Cookies by Status [Halloween Gacha]
Mesh Hands by SLink
Photo taken at Halloween Town

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Paperwork Builds

William Weaver has been a Flickr contact of mine for a while. I’ll admit, I’m probably the worst Flickr contact ever because I kinda suck at commenting, but I do try to keep up as best I can. He’s kind enough to favorite some of my pictures on occasion, and I always try to keep up with those who are nice enough to like what I do.

Last night I was doing my last “web round” before bed and noticed on Flickr that he had a link to his marketplace store – Paperwork. AND he had some really cool photo skyboxes! Not only are they cool, but they’re FREE. I got them all and today got to play with them.

These shots are totally raw except for cropping, rounding the corners [don’t sue me, Apple], and adding my signature. The lighting is all done within SL with the help of the builds.

Style - Paperwork Builds-3

Style - Paperwork Builds-2

Style - Paperwork Builds-1

My computer is not the best or anything, but as you can see, the skyboxes make it really easy to take some great shots! And it’s really funny because the builds themselves, just in the regular light, don’t look like much of anything really. But if you download the Windlight setting William has offered on the marketplace pages, all you have to do is use that setting, turn on shadows and local lights, and boom! Instapretty! On that last shot, I used the mirror water, put the build just under the water, and used one of the Windlight settings provided in Firestorm. I think it turned out nicely!

Check out Paperwork and get your free cool builds today!

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Sometimes you just don’t know.

There are some days when I cannot figure out which gorgeous outfit I want to wear first. Then there are other days when I can’t figure out a single thing to wear! Today is one of those days, but luckily with new releases from BOOM and some old favorite standbys, I can dance around the house and just forget about the world. And that’s all you get for today, because my mind is in a far off place. ♥

Style - Sometimes you just don't know

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Jacqueline in Swedish by Truth -Truth Hawks-
Top: Sport Tee in Doll Pink by BOOM [New!] -Aranel Ah-
Undies: Awareness Panties by BOOM [Free!] -Aranel Ah-
Socks: Scrunched Prim Socks in White by Maitreya -Onyx LeShelle-
Pose by Glitterati -Katey Coppola-

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See you at the District!

What’s that noise? Could it be the sound of your $Lindens shaking because they know they’ll be leaving you soon when you get over to the new Truth District? Why, I believe it is!

Truth District Promo Ad

Oh my gosh, you guys. I know, I know. Malls come and go in SL and rarely are they amazing. But this new shopping district is so wonderful! Conceptualized by Truth Hawks and managed by Sophia Harlow, I might be a little biased as I love the two of them to pieces, but I’m being sincerely honest when I say this is a shopper’s heaven! Check out the list of resident designers!

INDI Designs
Je Suis
The Sea Hole
Trompe Loeil Prefabs
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck

Could you die? The sim was designed by Cory Edo, and it’s just oh so lovely! And for the opening [tomorrow, July 1st!!!], several of the designers have a special gift in their stores for members of the Truth District Update Group. Including a lovely hair named Becky from Mr. Hawks himself.

Style - See you at the District!

Please join the in-world group for all the latest news about the Truth District, and we’ll see you out there tomorrow!!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Becky in Swedish by Truth [Free at Truth District!!]
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Turquoise by Fashism
Top: Twinkle Top in Painted Stars by The Secret Store [For the Twinkle Star Bazaar]
Dramatic Eyelashes by Exodi
Pose by Olive Juice

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I ♥ Pink

I’ll admit it. I’m in love. Just the very sight of my love makes me go soft and fuzzy hearted. I want to cuddle up with my love and just sit in bliss. I look forward to Valentine’s Day because it means I’m surrounded in my love. I’m talking about the color pink, of course. What did you think I meant?

Style - I ♥ Pink!

If you haven’t been to the I ♥ Originals fair yet, then you really really need to go! You can pick up this oh-so-sweet Twiggy dress from one of my favorite stores, Ingenue. This color is called – what else? – Valentine! But there are other colors as well, if pink isn’t your thing. [Ingenue at the fair]

Also at the fair, I picked up this gorgeous Kennedy necklace in pink by Caroline’s Jewelry. It’s part of a really inexpensive set that includes earrings, brooch, and ring as well. I love Caroline’s so much. [Caroline’s at the fair]

If you head on over to G Field, there’s a little hunt going on! Six items are free, such as this Heart Bag I’m carrying. There’s one in red, too! The Heart Flats are in the hunt, but are $30L, and there are two pairs to find. There are also two items for $50L each in the hunt, and honey, let me tell you. You WANT to find them. But if you’re busy, you can buy all 10 hunt items for $200L at the front of the store. Thank you, Cerberus!!

I have to go roll around in more pink goodness now. God, I love Valentine’s Day.

In this post:

Skin: Vilda 02 by LAQ
Hair: Me in Blonde 07 by Elikatira
Dress: Twiggy in Valentine by Ingenue [For the I ♥ Originals fair]
Shoes: Heart Flats in Pink by G Field [For the Sweetheart Hunt]
Necklace: Kennedy in pink pearl by Caroline’s Jewelry [For the I ♥ Originals fair]
Bag: Heart Bag in pink by G Field [For the Sweetheart Hunt]
* Doe Shimmer Eyeshadow in Ashes by PixelDolls
* Eyelashes – Dramatic by Exodi
* Everyday Blush #2 by cheLLe
Pose by Exposeur
Photo taken in the Lennon skybox by Altitude

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Today’s Gaze – Golden Goodies

I’m not always a huge fan of gold. But give me some pretties for free or cheap, and I’ll change my mind pretty darn quick!

Review - Today's Gaze - Golden Goodies

I’m simply in love with the new Delphines from much loved Shiny Things! If you’re a member of the subscriber group, head to the store and pick up your free gold Delphines. And check out the other new shoes, too! Oh Shiny Things, thank you for coming back to us.

I showed newness from Jane on Friday, but what I didn’t mention is that there are a bunch of free Intrinsic Tanks for the taking! I have a great love of basic tanks, as I’m sure lots of us do, so getting these for free is just amazing!

At, there’s a little corner with some discounted products, and I was able to score a 24.7 pack of the Short Cardis for less than $300L! You get 12 colors and there are options for shorter sleeves [like I’m wearing], long sleeves, and some different cuff options. Wonderful! Not discounted at, but still pretty inexpensive, I also picked up these Low.Rise jeans in the light wash.

You’ve probably heard of the 10-10-10 sale that’s going on, but if you haven’t, check out Callie Cline’s blogpost on it. I was able to get this adorable Padma updo by hair machine Truth for just $110L. Oh, did I mention it’s a FATPACK for that price? Oh yeah, you need it.

And one of my favorite finds at the Jewelry Fair, I got this I Love Autumn jewelry set from Primagine for less than $100L. Cute cute cute!

Okay, I know, I got long winded. Go shopping now!!

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #13 in Cachet by Exodi
Hair: Padma in Auburn by Truth [For 10-10-10]
Eye Makeup: Feline in Wine Berry by Kyoot
Sweater: Short Cardi in Cream by
Tank: Intrinsic Tank in Gold by Jane
Jeans: Low.Rise Jeans in Light by
Shoes: Delphines in Gold by Shiny Things [In store gift for the subscriber group]
Jewelry: I Love Autumn by Primagine [At the Jewelry Fair]
Pose by Exposeur
Photographed in front of the Sherwood house by Funky Junk [Soon to be released]

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Today’s Gaze – Boho Bright

I’m always a fan of stumbling into new-to-me stores. Today I was trying to find the landmark to a store when another store name caught my eye – BoHo HoBo. That sounds like just my kind of store, so I skipped over and was so so happy that I did!

[All SLurls are at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Boho Bright

Look at this simply adorable skirt! It’s called Banjara and I’m just in love with its bright colors and patterns! Is it the best quality skirt on the grid? No, not at all, but it’s pretty darn good! It reminds me of something you might make yourself, which I just love. Like almost everything at BoHo HoBo, it’s inexpensive and guess what? All proceeds from the store go to the Central Asian Institute!

The Central Asian Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pretty clothes for a worthy cause. Awesome. 🙂

While looking for jewelry to wear with this outfit, I was reminded of Yak & Yeti. They’re not a super well known store, but they do some nice Indian inspired work. And the BEST part? It’s all free. I know! I’m not sure why or how they manage that, but I’m glad that they do. I’m wearing the Bollywood jewelry set in silver & topaz. It’s so cute! I’m also wearing the Filigree Tibetian Anklet from there. It’s not the most exquisite jewelry around, but it’s free and it’s lovely, so you can’t ask for much more than that!

I think it’s time to go dance in the sand to watch my pretty skirt swoosh around!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #14 by Belleza
Hair: Tatum in Happy Blond by
Top: White tank from the Anjuna set by Zaara
Skirt: Banjara 02 by BoHo HoBo
Necklace & Earrings: Bollywood in Silver/Topaz by Yak & Yeti
Anklet: Filigree Tibetian with Turquoise by Yak & Yeti
Pose by Exposeur

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May Madness At Phoenix Rising!

Are you part of the Phoenix Rising subscribe-o-matic? If you’re not…YOU NEED TO BE! May Madness Week is starting and honey, let me tell you – there are some fabulous prizes and discounts to be had just by subscribing! Get 10 of your friends to subscribe by Wednesday and you will get a gift card for Phoenix Rising products! Plus all subscribers are entered into a drawing for a $5000L gift card! And there are lots of free goodies, including gifts from Exodi and Glitterati!

You can even get this gorgeous Coco Chanel inspired gown for free, and it is simply amazing. Of course, you would not expect anything less from Phoenix Rising.

Review - Phoenix Rising - VIP Chanel inspired gift

Also, Phoenix Rising is part of the SL Daily Deals and their SLDD items will be marked down 10%, 20%, 25%, and on Thursday 50% off! If you’re not an SLDD card holder, be sure to go to the website so you can find out how you can be!

So quickly, don’t even bother with shoes, run down to Phoenix Rising and subscribe if you haven’t already, and start getting your gifts and discounts! There’s so much more going on there this week, so you’ll have to subscribe to find out more!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #0 by Belleza
Hair: Emme in Swedish by Truth
Pose by whole.lotta.rosie

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Be a Scrooge!

Are you holiday decorating on a slim budget this year? Well, have I got the place for you!

Mr. Scrooge’s Holiday Shop has some great fun decorations for you! Nothing is overly fancy, it’s just big, cute, and wintery! And….IT’S ALL FREE. Yes, you heard me! Free! And it’s also pretty prim budget friendly, as nothing I’m about to show you was over 50 prims. Check it out!

Cute, right? Although in the folders, it says that the sets are no modify, they actually are, so you can feel free to change textures to match your own landscaping. I didn’t for these photos so you guys can see what it looks like, but I will later when I put some of these things out. 🙂

When you land at Mr. Scrooge’s, just head straight into the little holiday shack and touch the pictures on the walls. You’ll get your free goodies instantly and there’s so much more than what I’ve shown here. Happy holidays!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle – Meows in the Nude by Belleza
Hair: Britney in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Top: Down the Chimney hunt gift by Boom
Jeans: Inferno 88 – Light Wash by Decoy
Boots: Elsa in White by Sand Shack Surf Co.
Sit pose on the table by Striking Poses

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Today’s Gaze – I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend!

I was wandering around Crush Row last night [truly one of my favorite shopping areas in SL. It’s gorgeous.] and stumbled into Von Ducky. This t-shirt caught my eye and made me laugh, and so… Today’s Gaze was born.

Now is this shirt the highest quality? Nah. You can see the hems aren’t exactly awesome. But it’s so cute, I don’t mind.

Underneath I put on a green shrug & gloves that I picked up from Torridwear I don’t even know HOW long ago. They’ve been in my inventory pretty much since I rezzed, I think. Because the shrugs are on the shirt layer, it makes them PERFECT for putting underneath t-shirts for a layered look. I tinted the green darker that it originally is. I wasn’t sure if you could still get them, but go backstage at Torrid’s store. They’re still there, and you get 6 colors for just $20L. It’s a hell of a deal.

My Garage jeans from League and my PornStar Hi-Tops from Urban Bomb Unit are staples in my inventory. In fact, if clothing in SL wore out ever, these would be falling apart because I wear them so often. League really is my favorite place for jeans, even if they are a little pricier than most places.

Ryker Beck of Exodi has been teasing us on Plurk [along with bad girl Jori Watler!] with glimpses of her new Sienna skin. Yesterday she generously gave her VIP group a preview of Sienna. Look at my face, it is gorgeous!! The whole skin is marvelous, and this is a first for me because I never have managed to look good in any of the Exodi skins before. It always made me sad to see Sophia in them because she looked soooo good and I never did. But Sienna…wow. I love it! I can’t wait for them to be released. The Exodi group is a pay group [$250L], but Ryker spoils us, so it’s worth it. I’m wearing her Zbilja Spirit eyes in Crystal Blue, which were also a group gift.

And to tie it all up, I’m wearing [still] the gorgeous Green II hair in Beach Blond from Maitreya and the Delicious Lollipop rings & bangles from SyDS, one of my favorite fun ring shops. My poses are from Pffiou! which is currently not open while my favorite French girl takes a bit of an SL break.

Oh, and for some reason, the shirt reminded me of this song, which is now embedded in my head. :-p