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Esmerelda Would Approve

Did I mention how in love I am with this month’s Spruce Up Your Space theme? So BoHo just appeals to me! This weekend, Belle Belle presents us with La Roulotte, a charming little gypsy wagon!

Style - La Roulotte

Style - La Roulotte, inside

Style - La Roulotte, 2nd view

435 prims of adorable, I am simply in love with this little wagon! Makes me want to go bare foot and dance around outside while shaking a tambourine. The inside is deliciously detailed with chairs and knick knacks and even a crystal ball!

You can pick up La Roulotte this weekend at Belle Belle for Spruce Up Your Space for the low low price of $150L. It’s a steal!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: RiRi in Swedish by Truth
Top: Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic in Red by Aoharu [Pacific Crisis Fundraiser]
Shorts: Moody Tweed Shorts in Black by Jane
Shoes: Grace Slipper in Silver/Black by Accessories By Eolande

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The Orient Express

Do you like to travel? I do, but I’ve never been on a train before. At least, not a beautiful, luxurious train.

Style - The Orient Express

From Belle Belle‘s line of Bliss Boxes comes The Orient Express! Oh, it is a marvel! 799 prims of wonderful, this train is exactly how you would expect a beautiful, old fashioned, 1920s train to look. You’d be riding in style in this!

Style - The Orient Express, Inside

Of course, there are PLENTY of animations inside. No, let me say that again. PLENTY OF ANIMATIONS. Like….


Style - The Orient Express, Dinner time!

And smooching!

Style - The Orient Express, Smooch!

And…well… you know. Believe me, lots of those! *wink wink nudge nudge*

Style - The Orient Express, Privacy please!

There are also poses in the passageway as well, and in the cute little bathroom, which I didn’t get a photo of.

The Orient Express is 799 prims, copy, no mod and no transfer. It comes with the Bliss Box Cloud so that you can ride the cloud up into the sky to rez, then touch the telephone in the car to call the cloud down when you’re ready to leave the train. It’s really a marvelous system!

But, you don’t need me talking about it. Go to Belle Belle and get your own! Now excuse us…we need a nap!

Style - The Orient Express, Sleeping

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Dance It Out!

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Sometimes the girls [and guys] dance it out after an especially hard day. Just put on the music and DANCE. This is something I’ve done for years and I recommend it highly. If you head over to Belle Belle today, you can pick up something to help you dance it out, too!

Style - Dance It Out

Belle Belle has been doing a Valentine’s week type thing and every day there’s something new for just $50L. I love a great deal, don’t you? Today’s item is the Love FM radio, and oh, is it ever cute! It’s pre-programmed with several radio stations that you can listen to on your land, and of course if you have a favorite stream, you can add it to the radio. I had to deed it to my land group to get it to change my radio, but it was super easy. Once I got it set up, I was ready to dance it out!

Head over to Belle Belle and get your radio. Even if you don’t use it for changing streams, it’s still cute for your home decorating!

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Belle Belle makes me steamy!

Do you love living in luxury? Who doesn’t, am I right? Well, then you must be loving this month’s Spruce Up Your Space as much as I am! This weekend only, you can get this simply wonderful Sauna Zen-sation from Belle Belle for ONLY $150L! Check out the pics!

Style - Belle Belle Sauna Zen-sation

Style - Belle Belle Sauna, water break!

Style - Belle Belle Sauna, steamy!

Style - Belle Belle Sauna, Shower time

You know, every time I show something off from Belle Belle, I want to just take a million pictures because Leyla Firefly seriously puts some detail in her work! This thing is really just wonderful and SO serene, with the light tinkling sounds of the wind chimes that are hanging outside. You will need at least 326 prims available to rez it out, but wow, is it worth it! There are several sits in the benches, the steam can be turned on and off, and I seriously want the shower in my real bathroom, because the water pouring down looks like soft rain. This version is PG, but there IS a naughty version of the sauna with Belle Belle‘s “Passion Inside” menu driven poses. You know, if you roll that way. *wink* The adult version is NOT on sale for Spruce Up Your Space.

Remember, you only have until Sunday night to get the Sauna Zen-sation at Belle Belle for $150L. Afterwards it pops up to its regular price of $990L. Go now! Go!

Oh, by the way. I have my Sauna-zensation set up in my Calypso’s Cave which is also from Belle Belle. The sounds of the cave really mesh well with the sauna. Honestly, I’m totally relaxed!

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Relaxing in Calypso’s Cave

Doesn’t this look like a beautiful sim?

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave, waterfall

Don’t you just want to go there and relax? Well, guess what? It’s not a sim. It’s a new gorgeous sky area from Belle Belle!

The new Calypso’s Cave is truly a marvel. At around 260 prims, it’s the perfect little secret getaway. And of course it is equipped with the Belle Belle Passion Inside animation system, so there are lots of cuddles, kisses, and….well, you know. 😉 But more than that, it’s just PRETTY!

Review - Belle Belle - Calypso's Cave

The stunning waterfall, the gorgeous “sunlight” streaming through a hole in the cave, little fish swimming serenely in the water, and pretty little fireflies lighting up the cave – well, gosh, what is NOT to like?

Calypso’s Cave also comes with the “Bliss Box” feature. You rez out a cute little cloud, set your desired height, and whoosh! You’re off and then it all rezzes out for you. It’s so very simple!! If you choose not to leave the cave up, you just call for your cloud again, and you’re safely delivered back to the ground, and everything de-rezzes. There is also an optional grotto entrance, in case you feel like just leaving it up, and the entrance acts as a teleporter to get you back where you want to go. It’s wonderful!

I’ve always enjoyed Leyla’s work, but I have to say – Calypso’s Cave may be the build that has impressed me the most. Get to Belle Belle and pick yours up! You won’t be sorry!

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Spruce Up Your Beach With Belle Belle!

Calling all lifeguards! This month’s Spruce Up Your Space theme is “Beachy Keen,” and this weekend you can pick up this Naughty Lifeguard Tower from Belle Belle for just $150L!!

Review - Belle Belle, SUYS weekend - Lifeguard Tower

The tower sits up to 10 avatars, and there are special couples animations, too! *wink wink nudge nudge* Hey, they don’t call it Naughty for nothing!

The Naughty Lifeguard Tower is copy/no modify, and comes in at 178 prims. It’s a must for your summer beach! Go this weekend and get it at Belle Belle!

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Girly In My Bedroom!

I woke up on the right side of the bed today!

Review - Belle Belle - Valentine Bed

And with a bed this pretty, who wouldn’t be happy every morning? The new Valentine Bed from Belle Belle is JUST my style! Pink, girly, and oh-so-pretty! It goes along with all of the new Belle Belle Valentine furniture and you guys MUST check it out! If you love feminine, beautiful furniture, it’s just your style too!

Not only is the bed gorgeous, but it comes with LOTS of fun animations! I dusted Aidan off and forced him to pose with me. [Gosh, where WERE all those boys who told me they were available for pics? Are they scared of my pretty pink bed??]

You can have breakfast in bed:

Review - Belle Belle - Valentine Bed, breakfast

Lay around chatting:

Review - Belle Belle - Valentine Bed, gaze

And yes…there are the more intimate animations, too! 😉

Review - Belle Belle - Valentine Bed, Kiss

The Valentine Bed is 53 prims for the bed, and 14 prims for the canopy, and is $2990L. I know, a little pricy, but so very very worth it!! There is even a TV that you and your honey can lie in bed together and watch! Go to Belle Belle and check it all out, you will LOVE it!

Oh, what’s that? My outfit? Why yes, you can see it a little better.

Review - WoE - 69L Hump Day Happiness

That is the 69L Hump Day Happiness outfit from WoE. It’s called Becky and I’ve been hopping all over SL in it today. The Wooden Bracelets are also in the HDH sale and are from Hopscotch! 🙂 Available Wednesday only, so get it quick!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Amethyst Kisses” by Belleza
Hair: Quinn in Happy Blond by
Poses by Everglow

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Holiday Love At Belle Belle

Belle Belle is probably one of my favorite stores in SL due to Leyla Firefly’s creativity. Oh, she’s primmy. She LOVES to fill up prim limits. But it’s all worth it because of all the cute she puts out!

Free in the lucky board for the Belle Belle group members right now is this cute Advent calendar!

Each little pocket contains a “gift” and you can click each day to “take” the gift. [You don’t really get anything, it just disappears.] As you can see, I’ve already taken my first 6 gifts! It is 84 prims, but if you have the prims to spare, it’s perfect for your holiday decorating. To get this, you will have to stalk the lucky board AND be in group. Just search for Belle Belle and it’s a free group to join. I know a lot of groups are going to pay groups right now, so it’s a relief to have one that is free!

Not free, but still massively affordable, is this cute cute cute Luv Me Santa bear! You all know my love of teddy bears, so I squealed when I got this one.

This cutie has particle hearts that fly around him and he wishes you Merry Christmas if you click him. The bear is 39 prims and $50L, and is transferable so it’s perfect for gifting!

Also awesome for gifting is this snowglobe!

I absolutely love snowglobes and have collected quite a few in my physical world, so it’s a delight for me to see so many designers making snowglobes this year! The little kissing bears inside make me so happy! This snowglobe is 58 prims and $295L. There are other snowglobes available too!

I’ve got to get back to decorating for the holidays, so you head over to Belle Belle and go shopping!

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Lucky Quickie – Wall Clocks!

If you’re like me and you’re always looking for something cute to decorate your home, you need to join the Belle Belle group and go stalk the lucky boards for these Wall Clocks!!

So so cute! They remind me of clocks that used to hang in my grandma’s kitchen when I was younger. They actually keep time and are prim budget friendly at just 6 prims each. 🙂

Now get out of my kitchen and go get lucky at Belle Belle!

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A Sweet Morning

I’m forever in love with Belle Belle products. I think designer Leyla Firefly does some fabulous work. Most of her items are pretty primmy, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them!

She’s also really generous to her group, because currently the group only Lucky Board item is an adorable little breakfast set for couples called A Sweet Morning.

A lovely cafe styled set, it comes with the table and chairs, the petit dejeuner pour deux [in English, breakfast for two] that has cappucinos and croissants, a candle, a flower vase, and a balcony fence with flowers. If you are low on prims, the table & chairs are only 45 prims, but if you set out the entire set, you’re looking at 123 prims of cute. That’s the best part of Belle Belle products to me, actually. They’re almost always in different pieces so you can mix and match according to your preferences and prim allowances.

This set is really a must have for couples who enjoy looking cute and doing more “realistic” style things. [Hey, we can’t always be in spaceships and breathing water, right?] The set comes with 5 different poses for couples, all menu driven.

The first two are just normal, for chatting and for eating breakfast.

Very cute! The last three are more cuddly. My favorite may be the Secrets one, which I had showed off a picture of in my personal blog last night after Photoshopping it up. But there are three close animations, for just being held, for getting told a secret, and then for kisses.

You’ve just GOT to go to Belle Belle to get this gift. It’s so cute and you will just love it!! Don’t forget, you have to be a Belle Belle group member to use the lucky board or the Midnight Mania boards! It is worth it, I promise! 🙂 And big thanks to Noelyci for posing with me again! 🙂

Also in this post:

On me –
Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Anime Aqua by Miriel [no longer available. *sobs*]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Hair: Isabella in Platinum by Truth
Top: Dblue/Aqua Halter by Potassium
Jeans: Loose Fit Denim by Malt
Feet: Bamboo Bare Feet by SLink
Tattoo: Custom made for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs

On Noel –
Skin: Redgrave [Um, he didn’t tell me which one. LOL]
Hair: The Outsider by Naughty Designs
Top: Jailbreak Hoodie for Him by Juju’s Closet
Jeans: Punk Jeans by ATSD
Glasses: X-Pose
Shoes: Soreal Superstars
Tattoo: Fairy Tribal Tattoo by Addixion

Photos taken on top of my home, ‘Licia’s Loft, custom built for me by Noelyci Ingmann of Ingmann Design Group.