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Camp Cute!

Camp is TOMORROW!! We’re all packed up and ready to go! Like I said yesterday, my posts will probably be pretty spotty over the next week, but I couldn’t leave without first showing this super cute new Truth hair!

Style - Camp Cute

Astra is kind of a mesh remake of an older hair if my Truth memories are good, which I think they are. But honestly, that doesn’t bother me a bit because I would LOVE some of the older hairs redone in mesh! [Cough cough..Janelle, Kitty, Lanie, Bree…] There are two options with this one, one with bangs like I’m wearing here and one with the bangs in more of a pompadour style. This hair is unrigged, so kiddos? You know you need it!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Astra by Truth
Physique body and hands by Slink
Top: Official Camp Hardknock Counselor Tee
Necklace: Always by Cae [Wizarding Faire]
Sunglasses: Norman by Balaclava
Pose: Mochi by Kirin

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New Kids On The Block Had A Bunch Of Hits

Summerfest ’13 starts tomorrow! I think of myself as a TOTAL summer girl, so naturally I am so so excited about this fun event!

Style - New Kids On The Block Had A Bunch Of Hits

If you read my personal blog, you know how crazy I got over the Ohmai piglets for The Arcade. WELL… I’m just as crazy for the Ohmai Otters for Summerfest!! Look at these little guys! There are ones for pets and then little otter avatars you can wear! SO CUTE. They even come with a certificate of adoption. Could this get more precious? I don’t think so!

Balaclava made the sweetest little Ukuleles for Summerfest! They play songs, and you can give one to a friend and have a duet! I just love things that you can use to play with others. They also made these really cool Swim Rafts for the event and I’m having so much fun diving from the raft today!

See you tomorrow at Summerfest!

In This Post:

Skin: Lulu 01 by Glam Affair [The Arcade]
Hair: Candy in LightBlondes01 by Truth
Bikini: Frill in White by G Field
Hands & Feet by SLink
Sea Otters by !Ohmai [Summerfest ’13]
Ukulele in Pink Stripes by Balaclava [Summerfest ’13]
Swim Raft in Aqua Dots by Balaclava [Summerfest ’13]