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Alicia In D!valand

This may be the lamest title I’ve ever thought of. /sigh

Sometimes when I’m browsing XStreet, I’ll see something and think, “Oh! That is pretty! But where would I ever wear it?” The Wonderland dress by Salt was one of those things. So pretty, but not exactly my normal style, so I figured I’d never wear it.

Last night I was browsing over at D!va hair when I decided to take a walk around the sim. Gorgeous!! Simply gorgeous! Then the thought popped into my head. The Wonderland dress would look great here! After all, can you really explore a sim without being properly dressed? I don’t think so!

Review - Salt, D!va - Alicia in D!valand

A recreation of the dress from the “Alice” movie, this dress is just so elegantly pretty. Creator Tammany Goodliffe hand drew the bodice, lace and skirt embroidery based off of photos. Look at the hem – just adorable! The Wonderland dress also includes striped handwarmers [not shown] and vintage Victorian style boots, which you cannot see because of the angle of the photo. If you buy this dress, and really you should, I suggest buying it from the XStreet page because it is $100L cheaper! But do check out the other goodies at Salt because there’s lots of pretties!

Oh, and like I said, I was on the sim where D!va is when I took this picture, so of course I had to buy this cute Natsumi hair. The only thing I was not really fond of at D!va is that the hairs are no modify, and come with the resizer script. I much prefer being able to grab a prim and drag or stretch it to where I need it. But hey, if you buy hair that covers your ears, it’s not always a problem!

I’m off to go find a white rabbit to chase and who knows, maybe I can find a drink to shrink me. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice??

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Eye shadow: Makeup 31 by Garage
Everyday Eyelash by Stellar
Necklace: Crystal Heart for the Summer of Love fair by Dahlinks
Pose by !Bang
Photo taken on the CalanDiva sim

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