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That Kind Of Day

Do you ever have those days where despite your best efforts, your hair and your face just aren’t working for you and really, all you want to do is throw a bag over your head?

Style - That Kind Of Day

Guess who is BACK? RC CLUSTER!! Yaaasssss! If you’re newer to SL, or you’ve lived under a rock and just now crawled out, RC Cluster used to be THE store for fun, silly, but still kinda useful items. There were air conditioners, tanning booths, books to balance on your head, stuff for the kitchen… just all kinds of goodies! I was so very sad when the store closed up. But now it’s coming back and coming back in mesh! Woo! I’m wearing the Bag For Uglies and let me tell you, I laughed and laughed when I put it on! There will be a party tonight at 6pm SLT to celebrate the grand opening. I’m definitely going to try to make it, so I hope to see you all there!

Of course, my outfit is totally awesome even if my face is a mess because thankfully, coldLogic released new things! I’m wearing the new Booth halter top, which is backless and ties around the neck and midriff. It goes perfectly with the Budd wrap skirt. Coldlogic does clothing in both standard sizes and to fit the Slink Physique body now.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Physique body, hands by Slink
Face Bag: Bag For Uglies by RC Cluster
Top: Booth by coldLogic
Skirt: Budd by coldLogic
Pose: Maylee by Kirin

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