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A Brand New Day

Happy Saturday, bunnies! There are just some mornings where you get up and you just feel fresh and new and ready to take on the world! Or as my daughter, Rory, would say, “I feel sunny today!”

Style - A Brand New Day

The Arcade is coming! RC Cluster has a great fun set of randomness for you all this coming round, including the Paint Anything set! I thought this was just so cute! By holding the paint can and the brush, you get an animation that has you just painting away at whatever you want. Plus, there is a HUD to change the color of the paint! Cute cute cute!

Neve is stepping up into spring and today I’m wearing the new Halftime top in eyelet. I am a sucker for eyelet lace! There is a tube top underneath and you can change the color of both the tube top and the tank top. Love!

And if you haven’t stopped by Shiny Shabby yet, you should do that! At the very least, you need to stop by to pick up‘s new Sarah.Jane shoes! There are some mesh knee socks that go along with these shoes, but I’m not wearing them since I’m in jeans today.

I hope you all have a bright, sunny Saturday!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair & Hat: Austen by Truth
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Top: Halftime by Neve
Jeans: Real Worn Out by Addams
Shoes: Sarah.Jane by [Shiny Shabby]
Paint Anything by RC Cluster [The Arcade – March]
Pose made by me with AnyPose

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Oh, Come On. It Was Just A Little Bomb.

“Mr. Noodle-Sun was one of the meanest men in town. I don’t know if it was always his nature or just a necessary evil in a city where people weren’t always nice. But it didn’t matter. Someone wanted him and his noodle shop gone. I walked in and he told me I couldn’t be there in such a tight, low cut dress. Family place, you know. There wasn’t anyone else in the shop, but I agreed easily enough. Had some noodles and sat outside on the bench. When I was finished, I cracked open the fortune cookie. ‘Today is going to go your way.’ Wasn’t that the truth? I walked back into the shop, told Mr. Noodle-Sun I’d left something on the bench and he had approximately 3 minutes to figure it out. Then I left, thinking how much of a shame this all was.

They were damn good noodles.”

Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016

Hiya, bunnies! I’m entering this photo for the Collabor88 blogger search! I am crossing my fingers that I make it! Send me a good thought, okay? Just going to the credits this time, since I already made you all read my little story. Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Amanda by D!va [Collabor88]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Dress: FemmeFatale by Pixicat [Collabor88]
Shoes: Flared Suede Pumps by TETRA [Collabor88]
Glasses: Stealth Shades by Yummy [Collabor88]
Pose made by me using AnyPose

Sweaty Spy Bomb by RC Cluster [Collabor88]
Monaco Scooter by What Next [Collabor88]

* Mr. Noodle-Sun is not a real person. He’s just a mesh guy that works in the noodle shop. No noodles were harmed in the making of this blog post. *

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That Kind Of Day

Do you ever have those days where despite your best efforts, your hair and your face just aren’t working for you and really, all you want to do is throw a bag over your head?

Style - That Kind Of Day

Guess who is BACK? RC CLUSTER!! Yaaasssss! If you’re newer to SL, or you’ve lived under a rock and just now crawled out, RC Cluster used to be THE store for fun, silly, but still kinda useful items. There were air conditioners, tanning booths, books to balance on your head, stuff for the kitchen… just all kinds of goodies! I was so very sad when the store closed up. But now it’s coming back and coming back in mesh! Woo! I’m wearing the Bag For Uglies and let me tell you, I laughed and laughed when I put it on! There will be a party tonight at 6pm SLT to celebrate the grand opening. I’m definitely going to try to make it, so I hope to see you all there!

Of course, my outfit is totally awesome even if my face is a mess because thankfully, coldLogic released new things! I’m wearing the new Booth halter top, which is backless and ties around the neck and midriff. It goes perfectly with the Budd wrap skirt. Coldlogic does clothing in both standard sizes and to fit the Slink Physique body now.

Happy shopping, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Physique body, hands by Slink
Face Bag: Bag For Uglies by RC Cluster
Top: Booth by coldLogic
Skirt: Budd by coldLogic
Pose: Maylee by Kirin