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Even The Pinkest Flamingo Starts Out Grey

Hi bunnies! I will fully admit that although I like decorating in Second Life, I’m not really a great home and garden blogger. But I try, and trying and practicing is the best way to get good at something. Or at least, hopefully a little less bad. *laughs*

Style - Even The Pinkest Flamingo Starts Out Grey

If you haven’t been to The Home Show, you have until the 29th to check it out! There are so many great things out there, so it’s definitely worth a look. My kids are too old for cribs, but I just love the Flamingo Nursery set and the Flamingo Quote Prints by Cwtch! So so cute, especially for summer!

Happy shopping!

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Crib, Curtains, Rug – Flamingo Nursery by Cwtch [The Home Show]
Flamingo Quote Prints by Cwtch [The Home Show]
Rustic Summer – Rattan Chair by ETNIA [The Home Show]

Summer Flamingos by Les Sucreries de Fairy [The Liaison Collaborative]

Tropical Flamingo Planter by Cheeky Pea [Deco(c)rate, July 2017]

Sugar Sweet – Pink Side Table by BunBun
Daydream – Pink Mirror by BunBun
Arctic Wall – Pinky The Flamingo Lamp by Vespertine
Bathroom Clutter – Freshness by Second Spaces

Cucumber House by Onsu

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Right Here Waiting

Hello bunnies! When I was a little girl, I thought that basically everything had some kind of feelings. Blame it on all those kid shows and Disney movies I watched! I mean, if a little toaster could be brave, why couldn’t my favorite swing be happy? Even though I’ve grown up (mostly), I still think that there are a couple of things that wait for you to return. One is your favorite book. Or books. They hold the stories you love and it’s your imagination that makes them alive again. And the other is your bed. You leave it every day, but it’s always right there waiting for you to return!

Am I weird? Probably!

Another thing waiting for you right now is The Home Show! There are tons of great designers just waiting for you come check out their awesome home and garden items. The Home Show runs until the 29th, so hurry on over so you can see all the wonderful things!

Style - Right Here Waiting

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The Home Show 2017:
Bookcase Bed by DIGS
Book Decor by DIGS
Floral Jars by Thistle
Salem Wall Clock by Thistle
Perls Frames, Round and Square by Zerkalo
Candle, Books and Log Table, Lamp, Floor Painting, Dining Rug – Solano by Kaerri

House On The Lake by Scarlet Creative [Collabor88]

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That Little Beach Rental

Hello, bunnies! I am not the best at decor posts. Let me just get that out of the way now. *laughs* But I try because I ADORE SL home and garden items! The way big and little pieces come together makes me so happy. I’m going on a RL vacation in August for the first time in I don’t even want to say how many years, and we’re renting a furnished condo on the beach. I’ve seen pics and as I was putting things together last night, that’s what my room now reminds me of.

Style - That Little Beach Rental

The Home Show is going on this month and Second Spaces is there! The Rhodes Windowseat is an excellent big piece for your home! You can purchase either the white [shown here] or the dark grey versions, and the cushions have some texture variations to choose from. You can also buy the Step Shelves from Second Spaces at The Home Show as well. Super cute!

Perfect Ten is with us for another round of cute, discounted home and garden items! I ripped apart the Mandalay Bay Wicker Set by Hearth & Home to get to the “window” that is behind the windowseat and the pretty tropical plant on the shelves. I’m also using the Belder Living Set by Mistique for the coffee table and more cushiony seating. It came in one big piece so I wasn’t able to get the entire set into the photo, but it would be just perfect for a large open room!

Happy shopping, bunnies!

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The Home Show:

* Rhodes Windowseat by Second Spaces
* Step Shelves by Second Spaces

Perfect Ten:

* Mandalay Bay Wicker Set by Hearth & Home
* Belder Living Set by Mistique

Other Items From The Following Stores:

Second Spaces
What Next