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Unboxing Time! DRD’s Shadow Box & Bonus Buildings!

Happy February, bunnies! It’s time to unbox! Today we’re doing the last Shadow Box of this series! Including those bonus buildings that we have been waiting for! Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box by Death Row Designs and it has been so fantastic.

If you have missed any boxes, they are now 2800L per box, and you can pick them up either through their in-world store or on the marketplace. (Will have to wait just a bit to get February’s box on the marketplace.) Don’t forget that you can also gift a box to someone, too! Once you’ve gotten all 6 boxes of this series, you can head to their main store to pick up your bonus buildings.

Huge thank you to the DRD crew for making such an interesting and fun box, and for allowing me to be one of their unboxers! I have had a BLAST!!

Watch the video, and be sure to check out the DRD Shadow Box website if you have any additional questions!

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