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Get Your Powder Pack!!

Hey bunnies! So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there is a new subscription box coming up! Powder Pack is an awesome new box that is filled with 12 new makeup appliers for Catwa heads! Check out who is going to be in the first round!

Get Your Powder Pack!

I am beyond excited for this, and really honored to have been chosen as one of the Powder Pack bloggers. So you KNOW I will have an unboxing video coming up when the box is sent out!

How do you get the box? It’s super simple. You head on over to reserve your box here! OR you can get in on it through marketplace, which I think is awesome if you’re like me and don’t like going anywhere or simply don’t have time to log in before the box comes out. After that, you just wait until the 17th when your box is automatically delivered to you. Yep, that’s it! You don’t have to join an in-world group and give up a space or anything. So easy!

After you get your box, be sure to take pics and add to the Powder Pack Flickr group for a chance at being named Powder Pack Princess! If you’re named Princess, you get THREE free months of the Pack, plus your photo will be featured on the website. Woo!

Check out the Powder Pack website for more information and stay tuned for my first Powder Pack unboxing video!

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