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Unboxing Time! Treasure Chest!

Hey bunnies! Video post today! Treasure Chest came out on the 15th, and I just had to unbox it to show you all the goodies! If you didn’t get in on this box, you still can get it for $3000L. Be sure to get in the group on the 1st of the month for just $1500L so you don’t miss out!

If you head to the video page, I have jumpcuts to individual stores in the comments.

This Month’s Designers:

Cubic Cherry
Abstract Soul
The Half Moon Market
Fallen Gods Inc.

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December Treasure Chest Unboxing!

I am so thrilled to be one of the official unboxers for Treasure Chest! This is a subscription box geared more towards roleplayers, so a little out of the box for me, but SO SO FUN!! Check out the video and if you got Treasure Chest this month, let me know what you liked!

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Let’s Unbox Stuff!

Hey bunnies! So the 15th is a double video day for me, even though I’m actually on a small break from videos this month. But naturally I can never resist the call of the Luxe Box, and I am one of the official unboxers for Treasure Chest, so it was AWESOME to get back to recording!

Two videos today. If you go to the actual video page, I do have jumpcuts if you just want to go to an individual store to see what they have. Both Luxe Box and Treasure Chest are $1500L to join if you join before the 15th, but you can get in on them now for $3000L if there is something you really really need to have. And trust me, these boxes are great, so you probably will see at least 3 or 4 things that you absolutely want – if not more!

Luxe Box

Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest Unboxing!

Hey bunnies! I was delighted to be invited to be one of the “official unboxers” for the first round of Treasure Chest! Treasure Chest is a new subscription box that is geared more towards roleplayers, or anyone who likes fantasy type items! It is $1500L a month and there were 15 designers for this month. If you got in on it, let me know what you liked!

Click through to the video page if you want to just get to jumpcuts so you can skip to a specific store’s offering!