September’s Powder Pack, LeLutka Edition!

Hello bunnies! Video post today! I’m finally getting to unbox the LeLutka edition of Powder Pack! This came out on the 1st of the month but as you all know, I was on my deathbed at the time. (Okay, I had a cold. But I didn’t have a voice either, so I might as well have been dying.)

If you didn’t pick up this month’s Powder Pack, you can do so for $3000L either on the marketplace or in world. Don’t forget to preorder for October’s box that will come out on the 1st!

This Month’s Designers:

Amara Beauty
The Face


Strength Of A Woman

Hello bunnies! If you haven’t made it out to Thereafter yet, you REALLY need to go! It ends on August 27th, so you need to go quick quick quick! I have had the best time playing with all these things, and even going out to the live events they’ve had going on out there! Happy shopping! ♥

Style - Strength Of A Woman

In This Post:

Head: Spencer by LeLutka
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Agatha by PumeC
Eye Makeup: Missa by Arise [Thereafter]
Forehead Piece: Leoninus Marking by Cureless [Thereafter]
Hair: Myla by Mina [Thereafter]
Top: Matchbox Bustier by Vinyl [Thereafter]
Scarf: Twenty Turtleneck by Vinyl [Thereafter]
After Gasmask by Cubic Cherry [Thereafter]
Wasteland Reaper by CerberusXing [Thereafter]
Pose made by me with AnyPose
Sewer Shelter by DRD [Thereafter]

August’s Powder Pack, LeLutka Edition!

Hey bunnies! Video post today! I’m unboxing the LeLutka edition of Powder Pack! This was a pretty great box this month, and I really liked so many things. If you didn’t get in on this box and you want it, you can pick it up for $3000L on the Marketplace, or in world at the Powder Pack headquarters! Remember to double check the name so that you get the right pack!

If you go to the video’s watch page, you will see jumpcuts to the individual stores in the description box and in the comments. Some people told me they couldn’t always see them in the comments, so I put them in two places for hopefully easier access!

This Month’s Designers:

The Face
Studio Exposure
OHeMO [No mainstore yet]