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I’ll Be Your Teenage Dream

I have always loved a short plaid skirt. Yes, they can sometimes come off as too schoolgirlish, but plaid? Never goes out of style. Plus, this outfit got a big thumbs up from the husband, so yay for that!

Style - I'll be your teenage dream

Eclectic Wingtips did such a fabulous job for FaMESHed this month! The Grace turtlenecks and Allure skirts are just what I’ve been looking for in SL lately! I went a bit more “young” with my look, but you can easily pair the turtleneck with jeans, or the skirt with tights and boots. I want all the colors now!

You and I…we’ll be young forever…

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Opal by Pink Fuel
Hair: Skai in Latte by Truth
Top: Grace Turtleneck in Cream by e! [FaMESHed]
Skirt: Allure in Chocolate by e! [FaMESHed]
Socks: Overknee in Brown by Izzie’s
Shoes: Beth in Brown by G Field
Necklace: Mingle Mangle by Undefined Lilies
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Change your thoughts and you change your world

I’ve discovered another perk of having such great people living on my island. Instant pretty places to take pictures!! What can I say? I can be incredibly lazy and finding a spot for pics can be hard. So thanks, Heidi and Black, for having a nice spot on your parcel for me to shoot a pic! I know you did it just for me!

Style - Change your thoughts and you change your world

coldLogic released more mesh goodies for spring this week, and oh I am in LOVE! Of course, I love pretty much all they do, but the new Weiss tops and Smith skirts are a total win in my book! They do standard sizing and the sizes are very true to fit.

Oh, and did you know that Exposeur is having a big sale?? All kinds of amazing poses just for youuu! The sale is until the 31st, so hurry down to shop!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Sky by Aura
Hair: Kumi Pony in Rye by Wasabi Pills
Top: Weiss in Tropic by coldLogic
Skirt: Smith in Tropic by coldLogic
Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Eyes: Pale Mint Utopia by IKON
* Devotion Bridal set by Earthstones
* Santa Fe bracelet by Amorous
* Silver Drop with Turquoise Necklace & Ring by Maxi Gossamer
Pose by Exposeur [Sale!!]

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You make me wanna…

The lingerie challenge is over, but that doesn’t mean I have to put my clothes back on, does it? It does? Well…how about just half way?

Style - You Make Me Wanna...

At the Festival of Sin, Elymode has these awesome Lussuria sheer tanks, skirts, and stockings! The skirts have the crotch panel, and you can choose the regular prim version or the part mesh version. The part mesh one means you can edit it slightly, mostly to pull it down in the back. At least, I always end up having to pull them down in these kinds of skirts. My butt is high or something.

GOS came out with these awesome Triumph boots for the Festival, and women were lined up outside his stall before the Festival even fully opened just to get these boots! [And to see Mr. Voom himself!] They are mesh boots but come in two pieces. You get a choice to wear the leg part up like I have it her, or rolled down to show in the inner lining. Or you could always wear just the foot part under some wide legged jeans.

Oh! Let me tell you about this skybox I took my pic in today! Trompe Loeil came out with the Ka’u Beach House skybox and it’s AMAZING! It’s mesh and it’s like a beach house at night, with everything you’d really need right in the box, down to the waves and the moon! Seriously fantastic!

Okay, written enough! 🙂

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Twine by Aura
Hair: Charmaine in Cranberry by Truth
Top: Lussaria Tank in Red by Elymode [Festival of Sin]
Skirt: Lussaria in Black by Elymode [Festival of Sin]
Stockings: Lussaria by Elymode [Festival of Sin]
Boots: Triumph in Red by GOS [Festival of Sin]
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
* Stacked Gem Rings in Ruby by Stellar
* Beautiful Flowers Tattoo by Little Pricks
Pose by aDORKable Poses [Festival of Sin]
Photo taken in the Ka’u Beach House by Trompe Loeil

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Ready For A Fall

Do you ever just stumble upon something and you almost scream with delight because it was JUST what you were looking for, even though you didn’t quite know it? That happened to me today! I was actually on the hunt for lingerie to wear with my new Flutter boots from Lassitude & Ennui for the upcoming Back To Black event. In kind of desperation, even though I knew they wouldn’t have it, I went to BoHo HoBo. And then I saw it. A Necktie Skirt!!!!

Style - Ready for a fall

I just fell in love at ONCE. Then, borrowing from my fashion inspiration Aria Montgomery, I put the rest of my look together. It was so easy, especially with the Artilleri Make A Wish necklace and the L’espoir bag from Je Suis, both pieces also from the Back To Black event. Oh, if you get this skirt, be prepared to shrink your butt a little. It’s on on the slim side and while it IS mod, I found that shrinking my butt down was easier!

Then I happened to find myself at Sopor Aeternum, a really kind of spooky and haunting place that I will DEFINITELY be going back to! It was creepy and pretty all at the same time!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Fawn by Aura
Hair: Abbey in Brown 04 [Mesh] by Elikatira
Top: Long Sleeves Sweater by COCO
Skirt: Necktie Skirt by BoHo HoBo
Boots: Flutter in Raven [Mesh] by Lassitude & Ennui [Back To Black]
* L’espoir bag by Je Suis [Back To Black]
* Make A Wish necklace by Artilleri [Back To Black]
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Aleko Pierrot rings by U&R Dogs
* Overknee Socks in Purple by Izzie’s
Pose by Frooti
Photo taken at Sopor Aeternum

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A Little Fall of Rain

Oh my word, it is good to be back!! I came down with a nasty bug last week and my reaction to some meds was bad bad bad! So while I was laid up in bed away from my computer, I was just crazed to get back because it was opening weekend for Collabor88!!

Style - A Little Fall Of Rain

This month at Collabor88 you can pick up the wonderful Minna blouse, Heron skirt, and Heron parasol by The Sea Hole! I really don’t know what I like more! But I’ll tell you, I have been a SUCKER for a parasol since I was a kid. Seriously! Ask my mom how many little lacy parasols I had for just no reason. The theme this month is Culture Fusion for Collabor88, and the colors and prints of these items just scream it. Love!

While I was gone, Mr. Truth released what might be my most favorite hair of his EVER. The Leesa hair is this big poofy messy bun right on top of the head and oh, I am so in LOVE. And Adam n Eve released the new Harper skin that I really think should have been called Alicia, it’s so very much MY face!

Coming home is sweet, but coming home to such amazing new stuff is even better!

In This Post:

Skin: Harper in Diva by Adam n Eve
Hair: Leesa 2 in Mocha w/Roots by Truth
Top: Minna in Clayberry by The Sea Hole [Collabor88]
Skirt: Heron in Clayberry by The Sea Hole [Collabor88]
Shoes: Alexa mesh wedges by Maitreya
* Heron Parasol in Clayberry by The Sea Hole [Collabor88]
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
Pose by Olive Juice for Collabor88

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Welcome To Mystery

Do you have that place in SL that you can’t help but travel back to again and again when you want to take a photo but you don’t feel like creating a set or standing in front of a blank prim? XIV is that place for me. When I go there, I feel like I’ve gone on the other side of the looking glass. I wasn’t sure where to take a picture in my outfit today, so I headed on over to find just the right spot!

Style - Welcome To Mystery

I woke up to a notice that G Field had some new Leg Warmers! For heels! Oh they are just so cute, I can hardly stand it! Although I have many G Field shoes, I had to pick up the Alex pumps to wear with them, just to make SURE they fit properly. And they do!

I got the leg warmers and shoes in grey because I knew today I’d be wearing the Suede Mesh Mini from Stellar today. If you pick it up from the Marketplace, it’s only $55L!! Heck of a deal, folks. But be sure you get the demo first before buying, just to make sure you can fit or that you can mod your shape the way you want to make it fit. I find that it’s a little more slim on me [even the size 2] than some things I’ve bought in mesh, but 1, I don’t mind modding my shape to get things to fit the way I want, and 2, I still think I look pretty bootylicious in it!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Emme in Espresso by Truth -Truth Hawks-
Top: Long Sleeves Sweater in Black by COCO -cocoro Lemon-
Skirt: Suede Mesh Mini in Grey by Stellar -Lexi Morgan-
Shoes: Alex Pumps in Gray by G Field -Cerebus Noel-
Legwarmers For Heels in Gray by G Field -Cerebus Noel-
Wanderer Black Necklace by League -Nena Janus-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod
Photo taken at XIV

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Chantilly Lace

Two style posts in one day? What the heck has come over me?? But c’mon… Vintage Fair is SO GOOD, I can’t help but want to show off the goodies! Plus? It’s Truth hair day!

Style - Chantilly Lace

I think all of us know by now that Nena Janus of League is exceptionally talented. But what she put out for the Vintage Fair…WOW! The Vintage Lace Cardigan and the Vintage Full Lace Skirt are probably two of my most favorite finds in SL EVER! I naturally gravitate to anything lacy and pretty, so these had my name written alllll over them.

And I don’t have to tell you guys how much I adore Truth, both the hair and the person, do I? His new Faith hair is almost vintage like, reminding me of a style that Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth would have favored. The thick spill of waves over the shoulder and the sweet little flippy curl on the bangs…love!

Are you guys broke yet? If not, I’m sure it’s coming!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Eyes: Sunrise in Deep Blue by Fashism -Ikon Innovia-
Hair: Faith in Swedish w/Roots by Truth [New!] -Truth Hawks-
Top: Vintage Lace Cardigan in Slate Blue by League [Vintage Fair] -Nena Janus-
Skirt: Vintage Full Lace Skirt by League [Vintage Fair] -Nena Janus-
Shoes: Eve Flower Pumps in Chocolate by G Field -Cerebus Noel-
* Antiquarian Teal Necklace by Amorous [Vintage Fair] -Matchbook Monday-
* Devotion Bridal Set by EarthStones -Abraxxa Anatine-
Pasadena House by Funky Junk [Vintage Fair] -Ulaa Coronet-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-

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Mad For You

Hello readers! Wow, it was a whirlwind of a week last week getting ready to get married on Sunday! I couldn’t believe how busy I was! You know who else was busy? Some of my favorite designers! And lucky for us, they were, because there were some wonderful things released in the past few days.

Style - Mad For You

Mmm…meshy goodness from Raspberry Aristocrat! The new Sweet Tanks and Sweet Pleated Skirts are awesome! I love basics, as you all know, and I can see myself pairing these up with lots of things! If you STILL can’t see mesh, you’re missing out! I’m wearing the Small size in both of these items, and only had to modify my shape a tiny bit to get things to fit – like dropping my boob gravity down slightly and bringing in my saddlebags a bit. Oh, don’t you wish for sliders for your physical body? I know I do!

For those of you who still aren’t into mesh, <a href="Gos just came out with these amazing Storm Sandals. Oh, I am in LOVE with them! So so so many ways to customize and with the fatpack [and really, why wouldn’t you get the fatpack?] you can hit the Random button and get your shoes to surprise you with colors! I told Gospel that was a GREAT feature for someone like me because it meant I would have to make an outfit to match my shoes instead of the other way around. Fun times! Also, the foot is SO incredibly easy to match to your skin [at least it was for me] and I find the toes to be very nice looking. In fact, I’d love to have a bare foot! [Hint hint!]

Tricky Boucher of <a href="Belleza just released the new Chloe skin and it’s soooo pretty! This is definitely going to become my new “everyday” skin, I can feel it! Lots of makeups to choose from, but if I were you, I’d fatpack it. There is a lighter brow tattoo, but it’s not very light, so blondes may want to play around and see how it works. I find that using the light brow tattoo with my blonde hair that has darker roots works a bit better.

And of course it’s not a week without new releases from Truth! The new Brandi hair is gorgeous, as you would expect, and comes with some hair flowers! I’m not wearing a flower in this photo, but they are cute! I’m a sucker for accessories for my hair.

Time to go shopping!

In this post:

Skin: Chloe – Fair in Makeup #4 by Belleza
Hair: Brandi in Caramel by Truth
Top: Sweet Tank in Guacamole by Raspberry Aristocrat [Mesh!]
Skirt: Sweet Pleated Skirt in Ecru by Raspberry Aristocrat [Mesh!]
Shoes: Storm Sandals by Gos
* Wanderer bracelets, necklace and earrings by League
* Devotion Bridal Set rings by Earthstones
Pose by Everglow

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Stop! Collabor88 and Listen!

Did you hear the news? Collabor88 starts TOMORROW!!! What is it? Well, it’s a new monthly shopping event with some of the grid’s most beloved designers bringing you new items at low prices, and every month on the 8th, the merchandise changes! You guys are going to adore it, I just know it. Let me show you just a sampling of what you can get there!

Style - Stop! Collabor88 and Listen

The Luna bustier and skirt from Ingenue are so ladylike and precious! And the sculpt work on the skirt is just oh-so-wonderful! Just look at the detailed pleats! I love it combined with the Changes hair from Elikatira. The band on the hair is color change and ties into a sweet little bow in the back. I’m using a pose by Marukin, which is a new to me store, and I am really loving the poses!

I’ll have more to show you all later, but if this is what Collabor88 is going to be like…I have no doubts that you all are going to be some shopping maniacs!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Changes in Blonde 02 by Elikatira [Collabor88]
Top & Skirt: Luna in Noir by Ingenue [Collabor88]
Shoes: Destiny Heels in Red by SLink [New!!]
* Downtown Glam Multi Pendant by MOOD
* Sorella Cuff in Platinum/Ruby by MOOD
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
Pose by Marukin [Collabor88]