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Digits, Part 2

Berry did this thing last year where she asked for our shape digits. It was really interesting and fun to see basically what people were working with. Now that mesh is more and more common, she asked to see our digits again just to see how people are fitting into mesh. [Obviously if you’re still a hold out on wearing mesh, this doesn’t apply to you.]


I fit into a Standard Size medium for almost everything. Once in a while, mostly in Maitreya clothing for some reason, I fit into a SS small top. Did I tweak my shape for mesh? HELL YES. I was NOT about to just not buy the clothes I wanted just because of the size of my hips. I know some people are super super attached to their shape and aren’t willing to change for clothes or skins or anything, but I am not one of those people!! And I wasn’t willing to sit around moaning that we need a deformer before buying mesh because, hello? Have you SEEN some of the mesh clothing? Why would I wait?? If the deformer comes out and is the savior of SL like so many people seem to think it will be, then hey, great. But until then…

How has my shape changed from the digits last year? Well, surprisingly, not that much. I am 9 points higher on the height slider but mesh had little to do with that. I’m simply married to a giant man and I needed to adjust my height slightly so I wouldn’t look so much like his child. I AM, however, surprised to be 6’2, as in my Edit Appearance window, I’m 5’5, and 5’6 on my “Doctor’s Scale.” I’m 10 points bigger on the body thickness than I was, although 3 points lower on the body fat index. My hips are a little slimmer, but to be honest with you, I had changed that already anyway after the first digits thing [I felt chunky] and have made them wider for mesh. Everything else is basically the same.

Now let’s see your digits!!

In this post:

Skin: Briar in Copper by Aura
* Briar – Coral Lipstick added
Hair: Kumi in Lemon Tea by Wasabi Pills
Bikini: Ring Bikini in Sea Breeze by OneBadPixel
Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Skins & Shapes!!

Did you hear? The Skin & Shape Expo opened todayyyy!!! Are you excited?? Although I’m not as big of a skin whore as some people who shall remain nameless, I do love a good skin. I don’t normally buy shapes, but there are some really lovely ones out there, too. Let’s see three of my favorite finds [so far!] from this year’s expo!

From Belleza, the ADORABLE Aiko skin!

Style - Belleza: Aiko skin

How sweet is that face? It’s more of an Asian style skin, so I changed up my shape a little to reflect that, and I just love it! There are 15 makeups to choose from, plus lipsticks!

Amacci has some full avatars this year, and this is the skin, shape, and hair from the Kiara avatar.

Style - Amacci: Kiara skin & shape

So pretty! The full avatar package is truly a great deal because you get the Katie skin, different sized shapes, the Emilia hair, eyebrow bases, eyes, cleavage tats, and lingerie.

And what skin fair is complete without Curio? The new May skin is just so lovely!

Style - Curio: May skin

I’m wearing this on my own regular shape and I just adore it! There are 12 makeups and of course the Megapack is a real bargain because you get alllll the skin tones and makeups. The only thing that would make this even better in my eyes is if there were blonde eyebrows! Please, Gala? PLEASE???

Get yourselves over to the Skin & Shape Expo NOW!!!

Also in this post:

Shirt: Sunday Girl in White On White by Kyoot
Jeans: Low.Rise Jeans in Light by fri.day
Photo 1 – Ava (Upper part only) in Raven by Truth
Photo 3 – Pia in Jupiter by Truth
Poses by Exposeur

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I’ll put a spell on you…

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “Self, you just don’t wear as many costumes as you used to a couple of years ago.” Then here comes Deviance designer Surreal LeShelle with simply the most marvelous outfit – The Enchantress!

Review - Deviance - Enchantress

Review - Deviance - Enchantress, back

The Enchantress is so gorgeous, as you would expect from Deviance. And there are SO many options to this lovely outfit, I simply couldn’t photograph them all. The skirt and collar have 4 different options each and you know how much I love options with my clothing. I’m wearing the skirt with both the skulls and beads, and in the first photo I’m wearing the cape with the collar and long cape, and as you can see in the second photo, I’m wearing the shorter cape with no collar. And the included staff is just awesome. I feel like I want to cast a spell on everyone around me! The shape I’m wearing is included in the package, too! Normally I don’t wear other shapes, preferring to fit outfits to my shape, but I really liked this one. It’s taller and bigger than my normal shape, but didn’t make me feel like a glamazon, which is always a good thing.

I’m wearing the Enchantress in Midnight Blue in my pictures, but there are 15 beautiful colors available. A single outfit is $400L, a minipack of 3 colors is $800L, and you can multipack all 15 colors for $1800L. I think you’ll agree with me that getting the big pack is truly the way to go with this, especially if you get a lot of use out of this type of outfit!

If you are a Deviance subscriber, you can get a special group gift – the Enchantress in teal! Why are you still reading? Go shopping!

Also in this post:

Skin: IFE-light by LeLutka [February group gift]
Hair: Lulu in Swedish by Truth
Poses by Glitterati

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Midnight Mania On Conatus!

Two of my bestest best friends have stores on the same sim [next to the WTFug HQ too!] and they now have Midnight Mania boards!

My friend Natasha Burke has recently started her own shapes store, NataShapes! Her shapes are lovely and very “real girl.” Currenly in her Midnight Mania board, she’s offering her shape Sienna.

Be sure to look at Natasha’s other shapes while you’re at the store. All her shapes are copy/modify, and VERY decently priced at just $100L.

If you’re into prefabs [and really, who isn’t?], then you absolutely MUST go slap the Midnight Mania board at Ingmann Design! Currently in the MM board is a cute rustic home named Grandma’s House.

This little house is a real prim saver at only 29 prims! It’s built to fit on a 512sqm piece of land and is perfect if you want to build a little farm home for yourself. Oh hey, chicken farmers, you can use it for your home and have lots of room available for all your chickens! 🙂 Here are a couple of other views of the house since designer Noelyci Ingmann was nice enough to rez one out for me so I could look at it. You all know how picky I am about my houses. But I knew this would be cute…after all, he DID design my own home. 😉

If you don’t get in on the MM board, Grandma’s House is a steal at $250L. Check out all the other awesome prefabs while you’re out there. There are also a lot of eyes, AND a new lucky chair with eyes.

Lots to see on Conatus, and I’ll be out there DJing this Tuesday evening, so it’s the place to be!