Unboxing Time! DRD’s Shadow Box!

Hey bunnies! Video post today! I should have done this days ago but today is the first day I’ve had any kind of a voice since last Friday. Today I’m unboxing the Shadow Box by DeathRowDesigns, or DRD. This box is SO COOL. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a new monthly subscription box (this month is the first one) and it will come in a series of 6. There are 12 products in the box, a “light” item and its “dark” counterpart. At the end of the series, if you have gotten all of the boxes, you will get two buildings, a dark and a light one. Oh gosh, you guys. This box was SO much fun to open! The light products were really great, but the dark ones? CREEPY AF!! Love love love.

The box is 1800L if you pre-order, and 2800L if you buy it after it has come out. They come out on the first of the month, and you’ll be able to pre-order 3 weeks ahead of time, either through their in-world store or on the marketplace. You can also gift boxes to people, which makes it even better to me.

Watch the video, and be sure to check out the DRD Shadow Box website if you have any additional questions!