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You Stare Politely Right On Through

More goodies from the upcoming With Love Hunt, and a new release from Coldlogic!

Style - You stare politely right on through

Coldlogic released a few new items yesterday, including the simply lovely Page skirt that I’m wearing. It’s a very simple skirt, perfect for pairing up with all kinds of tops and jackets.

DCNY has a wonderful Ruffle Top for the With Love hunt. The ruffles on the chest and arms are mesh, but the rest of the top is texture, so you won’t have any problems at all fitting into this!

And look how pretty the White Wood Entertainment Center I’m standing in front of is! This is by Alouette and will be available in the With Love hunt. It’s mesh, and only 8 land impact!! Remember back in the day when something like this would almost leave you no room for a house? 🙂

Remember, the Coldlogic items are out already, and the With Love hunt starts tomorrow!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Pure by Pink Fuel
* Lip Glaze in Plush added
Hair: Dawson in Latte by Truth
Top: Ruffle Top by DCNY [With Love Hunt]
Skirt: Page by coldLogic
Shoes: Kelseys by Shiny Things
White Wood Entertainment Center by Alouette [With Love Hunt]
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

I love the Pocket Gardens by Stormy Aluveaux and Carter Denja. Anytime I need an instant garden [because I’m horrible at landscaping!], I pull mine out and boom! Insta-pretty! I was super happy to see the new Castalia Basin with Koi, because who doesn’t need some cute fish in their life??

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, small

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, large

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, both

The basins go really well with the Castalia prefab gardens. Both basins come with color change scripts for the basin itself, and for the roses attached. The fish are so cute and swim in circles. There are even sits on each basin [as shown in the top picture] and one of the best parts? Low prim! The small basin is 7 prims and the large is 10 prims. These are GREAT if you’re in one of the new Linden homes!

These are very affordable, too! The small basin is $125L and the large is $175L. Or get a little discount and get both for $250L! They are copyable, so you can put fish out everywhere!

Go pick up your new koi at Pocket Gardens today!

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It means Love

I was always surrounded by musicians and artists growing up, but as I got older, I started hanging with a more science nerd type crowd. And I think geeks are hot, but I always missed the artists.

Luckily, in Second Life, I’m back surrounded by a bunch of artists, including my friend, Swirly Disco Flames artist Marnix Malifozik. Marnix creates these … well, swirly, funky pieces of art that are pretty darn cool! He has a new collection released just in time for Valentine’s Day called Aroha.

Aroha is a Maori word meaning love. But the English word love does not demonstrate the true depth of aroha. Other ways to translate aroha might include compassion, affection, respect, sympathy and mercy. It encompasses so much more than merely love.

Well, I don’t know much about Maori, but I do know that this collection is very pretty!

Review - Swirly Disco Flames - Aroha

I’m showing you No.77 and No.102, but there are 20 altogether. Each piece of art is modify/no copy, and just perfect for gift giving to someone special. All paintings are $100L.

Stop by Swirly Disco Flames to check out these, and the other art pieces by Marnix!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Joanna in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Top: Help Thermal.Henley by
Jeans: Garage jeans by League
Necklace: Love Necklace in platinum by Cad & Tart [I ♥ Originals fair exclusive]
Pose by Olive Juice

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Hey, who broke my window?

It’s kind of a running joke that I have a skybox addiction. Well, skyboxes, houses, any kind of prefab, really. Luckily for me, I know some pretty good builders and once in a while they’ll drop prefabs that they’ve built on me, just to get my opinion. [Um, drop them in my inventory, I should say. Not drop them ON me. I’m not the Wicked Witch of the East or anything. I don’t even live in the east.]

Today my friend Magen Jigsaw of EmJay surprised me with a new skybox! Magen usually does clothing, but she’s branching out into prefabs, and with this first build, I can say that I’m happy she is! Check out some pictures of her new Shabby Chic skybox.

Review - EmJay - Skybox, outside

Review - EmJay - Skybox, inside

Review - EmJay - Skybox, window

I’m not usually a huge fan of the distressed texture look, but I’m really loving this. It’s wide, open, and there are lots of ways you can decorate up this box! My favorite thing, and this is something that I LOVE when prefab creators do, is that you could use this skybox down on the ground as well. It makes it more than just a skybox, it makes it a home.

The Shabby Chic is 75 prim and $300L. If you’re a prefab addict like me, you need to head over to EmJay and pick this up!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Amethyst Kisses” by Belleza
Hair: Anya in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Tanzanite by Beloved Custom Designs
Top: InfiniTie Classic Pink by Musashi-Do
Tie: Black/Purple/Pink Striped InfiniTie by Musashi-Do
Skirt: Zip Suede in Ebony by Moonshine Designs
Shoes: Sydney Stilettos in black by SLink
Ring: the ROCK in Amethyst by caLLie cLine
Poses by Glitterati

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Winter in my pocket!

Do you remember a few months ago, I blogged about the Pocket Gardens by Stormy Aluveaux and Carter Denja? Well, just in time for winter, they’ve come out with new wintery Persephone Pocket Gardens!!

These are just so cute! The pictures truly don’t do them justice. The gardens are all linked together, so even for the worst landscaper on the grid [*cough* like me.], it’s super easy to put together a fabulous area. The base is texture change to fit a variety of snow textures that you find in SL, but I didn’t see an invisible texture like in the Thalia garden. You are also able to change the texture of the tree! If you get one with a lamp, the lamp changes colors and lights too, which is pretty much an awesome effect! I didn’t change it for this photo just so you can see what it looks like as-is. You are also able to sit on the rocks or log, and turn the little bird’s song on or off.

The gardens range in sizes from 4×4 to 4×6 and are very prim budget friendly from 16 to 21 prims. They are copy, but not modifiable. If you do much landscaping in SL, you know that it’s often expensive, so these are fairly budget friendly as well, ranging in price from $175L to $275L. If you fatpack the Persephone garden in December, it’s 50% off, making it just $350L. That is a STEAL, you guys!

Go check out the demo of the Pocket Garden. I love mine, and I know you guys will love them too!

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Be a Scrooge!

Are you holiday decorating on a slim budget this year? Well, have I got the place for you!

Mr. Scrooge’s Holiday Shop has some great fun decorations for you! Nothing is overly fancy, it’s just big, cute, and wintery! And….IT’S ALL FREE. Yes, you heard me! Free! And it’s also pretty prim budget friendly, as nothing I’m about to show you was over 50 prims. Check it out!

Cute, right? Although in the folders, it says that the sets are no modify, they actually are, so you can feel free to change textures to match your own landscaping. I didn’t for these photos so you guys can see what it looks like, but I will later when I put some of these things out. 🙂

When you land at Mr. Scrooge’s, just head straight into the little holiday shack and touch the pictures on the walls. You’ll get your free goodies instantly and there’s so much more than what I’ve shown here. Happy holidays!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle – Meows in the Nude by Belleza
Hair: Britney in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Top: Down the Chimney hunt gift by Boom
Jeans: Inferno 88 – Light Wash by Decoy
Boots: Elsa in White by Sand Shack Surf Co.
Sit pose on the table by Striking Poses

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Naughty or Nice?

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new furniture. The problem is that I never know if I want to go super sophisticated, modern, rustic, or what! Today I’m featuring two sets that are kind of on opposite sides of the fence, but still both very great work!

My friend Nika Dreamscape of Wine & Roses is a very talented artist who has moved into furniture creation. Her new Blue Green Living Room set is a charming, simple set that is both budget AND prim friendly, along with having Nika’s fabulous texturing!

You can pick yours up at Wine & Roses as a set for just $250L, or buy the pieces separately. The whole set is also only 43 prims, so you can’t beat it!

On the other side of the spectrum, the new [and not yet released as I write this] Disco Sh!t set from Shag is definitely catering to my more “bad girl” side! Creator Shyayn Lusch had to ask me if I were easily offended because of course some people *might* be offended by the photos on the wall. But as I’m not, I found this set pretty darn awesome.

I am so loving the sequin textures, especially on the lamps! I don’t have a price on this yet for you guys, but altogether this set comes in at just over 100 prims, which is great! And hey, if you don’t like the pictures on the wall, cover them up. 😉 Shag has all kinds of really awesome room sets, so even if this isn’t your thing, you’re sure to find something you like. Oh, and hit the Midnight Mania board there, will ya? I want the lights that are in it!

Thanks to Nika and Shyayn for allowing me to review their awesome work!

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Everyone deserves the chance to FLY!

If you’re looking for a cute, not over the top, Halloween background, look no further than La Petite Morte!

For just one tiny $Linden, you can get this cute little background to use for your own pictures. Best part? Only 3 prims! So you can get your witch on even if you’re low on prims. 🙂 Be sure to check out all the other photosets while you’re going to spend your $1L on this!

PS: 10 points if you know the song I got the title of this post from!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Smoky Turquoise by League
Eyes: Zbilja Spirit in Crystal Blue by Exodi [group gift]
Hair: Jasmine 2 in Happy Blond by
Top: No clue. Just says “Long Tank-black” and is in a Halloween folder
Skirt: 05 Tartan by Edge Grafica
Socks: 06 over-knee socks-gray by Edge Grafica
Boots: Engineer Long Boots by J’s

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Mad About Mocorin

I was out at the new location of my favorite funky ring store, SyDS, and while I was hanging out there waiting on things to rez, I was camming around and saw a lot of cute shops. One shop that caught my interest was a new-to-me place called Mocorin.

Mocorin had an eclectic assortment of things from accessories to furniture, and all of it just too cute for words! My favorite favorite thing that I picked up was this ADORABLE Dot Skybox, which I spent the evening fixing up. I collect skyboxes lately. I can’t seem to help myself!

Isn’t it precious?! It comes with the tree and the yellow shelves. Most of the furniture and the flowers come from MudHoney [the flowers were a hunt gift, so you might not be able to find them again] and the Mystic Grass comes from Beloved Custom Designs, tinted pink & modded a bit by me.

Altogether, with the shelves and the tree, this prim budget friendly skybox comes in at 29 prims. 29! The skybox by itself is 24 prims. AND it’s $L budget friendly at just $100L.

I probably wouldn’t have seen the skybox if I hadn’t been prize camping and camming around. If you sit for just 10 minutes, you get these pretty little sandals. There are 2 in the pack, one without the flower on top and one with. I like the one with the flower better.

And because I absolutely love girly skully type accessories, I just had to pick up the Skull Set for just $100L. It comes with a ring, bracelet, and necklace, but I’m not wearing the necklace. It’s a little chunky, but I’ll probably be able to work it into some outfit. But I love love the ring and bracelet! And there’s a little glow in the “diamonds” on the bracelet but it is modifiable if you wanted to get rid of it. I think it’s kinda cute.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip to a new store that I just love. It really pays to walk around the shopping areas sometimes! 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Ellen in Angel Shine by Uncleweb Studios
Eyes: Beloved Sapphire by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Top: [Whimsy] Long Tank [In a folder marked “Halloween Freebies”, so who knows. LOL]
Ring: Excessive Love by SyDS
Poses by Slash Me Poses