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Pose Fair!!

Guess what’s coming up this Friday? POSE FAIR!!! If you do a lot of photos, this is like a slice of heaven! Bunches of the grid’s best posemakers coming together in one place? Hell yeah! I grabbed my man last night [hi honey!] and we played on some of the poses that I’ve been allowed to see early.

From !Bang comes this cute couples pose called Comfort Counts. It will be a dollarbie at the Pose Fair!

Style - Pose Fair, !Bang

aDORKable Poses is a place that I love for awesome pose props, and this one – Play In My Box – is certainly awesome! It has 5 unisex poses and I love it! Oh, and Aldwyn is NOT naked in this picture! Or IS he? :-p

Style - Pose Fair, aDorkable Poses

And from Hopscotch, this pose – Say It – is sensual and sexy. I helped name it, so I double love it!

Style - Pose Fair, Hopscotch

Pose Fair starts at 12pm SLT on Friday, April 1st. No fooling! It will be amazing, so I’m sure I will see you guys there!

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Oh, you yummy pose sets!

Tomorrow the Pose Fair opens to the public! I have been by to see it already and oh gosh, if you love poses and animations…you’re going to be in HEAVEN. I was almost squealing out loud while I was there!

Lots of pose/animation makers these days put together scenes and props for you to use for your photos. I really love it because it saves me from having to find my own scenes! Here are some that I’ve gotten from three of the Pose Fair vendors. The SLurls I’m using for the stores are the direct ones to their Pose Fair stalls. If you want to go to their mainstores, you’ll just have to look them up. 😉

This one is called “My Point Of View” and is by Juxtapose. It’s really cool, because you have LOTS of options for poses, city scene, and colors of the walls.

Review - Pose Fair - Juxtapose, Point Of View

This next one is by Olive Juice, and is called “Ball Pit.” I think you can see why! It also has several different poses, which you just use a menu to find.

Review - Pose Fair - Olive Juice, Ball Pit

And this last one is by Adorkable Poses, and it’s called “Girl’s Only.” So so cute! There are a few places to sit on this set, so you and your girlies can chill. I love it!

Review - Pose Fair - Adorkable, Girl's Only

The Pose Fair‘s chosen charity is Motivation, which helps out disabled people in low income countries. Very awesome deal. 🙂

Expect lag, expect crowds, but expect fun and poses!

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Pffiou! It’s A King!

My adorable friend Laleeta Xue passed me a folder and a cute note the other day asking if maybe I’d review one of her new posesets. Honey, you didn’t even have to ask twice. 🙂

Laleeta’s store, Pffiou! has poses that are just like her – Cute, funky, and a little bit wild. Whenever I need a good “action” style pose, I always look to my Pffiou! posestand first. [I separate all my poses from different stores into different posestands. Easier that way!]

Her latest set for women, It’s A King, is a little less wild than her earlier work, but that makes it a lot better for fashion blogging, which is always a plus to me!

You get 8 poses in the set for just $250L, or you can buy single poses for $35L. There is also a matching male pose set called It’s A Queen, and the prices are the same.

Be sure to check out all the other poses, including a bunch of group and couples poses in the store. And look at the posters! You might even spot yours truly. 😉 Thanks for letting me review for you, Lala!! ❤

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Twiggy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Realism eyes in Icy Blue by FFX3
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: Glam Tank by MichaMi
Shorts: MO Hot Pants in Black by LeLutka
Shoes: Charcoal thongs by Reaction Girl
*R* Coquette Ring by U&R Dogs [Found in The Bunny Hop Hunt]
Custom back tattoo designed for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs

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Ooh, Alluring!

Cutie pai Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance is one of my very favorite fashion blog posemakers. I don’t say this because we’re friends, or because we’re neighbors, but because it’s simply true. If you blog clothes, you owe it to yourself to check out her poses. Always elegant, they put your body in the perfect poses for showing off clothes without stretching the body too crazy. I know that I use her poses very very often when showing things off!

Sai does a new release at least once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. For July, we get this wonderful new set – Allure!

Sai also has a picks reward gift for July, which I was unable to get photos of tonight, but it’s cute! It’s 2 poses called Fly Away and they are truly cute! So be sure to get her store in your picks when you go to pick up Allure! 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Hope in Sunkissed tone by Tuli [June Picks Reward Gift]
Hair: Sophia in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available. *sobs*]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Shirt: Drama Queen “Too Sexy For” by Exodi
Shorts: Booty Shorts by League
Bamboo Bare Feet by SLink