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Paperwork Builds

William Weaver has been a Flickr contact of mine for a while. I’ll admit, I’m probably the worst Flickr contact ever because I kinda suck at commenting, but I do try to keep up as best I can. He’s kind enough to favorite some of my pictures on occasion, and I always try to keep up with those who are nice enough to like what I do.

Last night I was doing my last “web round” before bed and noticed on Flickr that he had a link to his marketplace store – Paperwork. AND he had some really cool photo skyboxes! Not only are they cool, but they’re FREE. I got them all and today got to play with them.

These shots are totally raw except for cropping, rounding the corners [don’t sue me, Apple], and adding my signature. The lighting is all done within SL with the help of the builds.

Style - Paperwork Builds-3

Style - Paperwork Builds-2

Style - Paperwork Builds-1

My computer is not the best or anything, but as you can see, the skyboxes make it really easy to take some great shots! And it’s really funny because the builds themselves, just in the regular light, don’t look like much of anything really. But if you download the Windlight setting William has offered on the marketplace pages, all you have to do is use that setting, turn on shadows and local lights, and boom! Instapretty! On that last shot, I used the mirror water, put the build just under the water, and used one of the Windlight settings provided in Firestorm. I think it turned out nicely!

Check out Paperwork and get your free cool builds today!

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Christmas Wishes

I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday season! There’s a good chance this is my last style post of the year since I’ve been so busy and slow to post. But if it is, I can’t think of a better way to end 2010 than sitting in a pretty photoble, with a cute outfit and adorable boots on! It’s the stuff that Christmas wishes are made of, don’t you think?

Style - Christmas Wishes

From E! Eclectic Apparel comes this very cute and simple Risque Business dress. I am a big fan of E! because of the simplicity of most of the clothing. It’s so incredibly easy to mix and match! I paired up this dress with the new Buttoned Corset, also by E!

The colors matched the argyle print of my new Festive Slouch Boots by Gos. These are GREAT! I’ve been wearing the regular Slouch Boots a lot recently, but these come with 4 great colors/prints – red tartan, green argyle, shiny silver and gold – that will take you all through the holiday season. And since you can mix and match colors of the boots and straps, the options are amazing.

I took this picture in the Dear Santa photoble by Mudhoney. It’s amazingly darling, and if you could see the whole thing in this picture, you’d be thrilled. There are several different poses to sit in the chair or around the tree. Rayvn does wonderful work, and I do so love photobles because they make taking pictures very easy!

If I don’t post again in here for 2010, everyone have a wonderful Christmas [if you celebrate it] and a joyous and safe New Year!!

In this post:

Skin: Phoebe2 – 02 by LAQ
Hair: Madeline in Beach by Truth
Dress: Risque Business in Forrest by E!
“Belt”: Buttoned Corset in Navy by E!
Tights: Lil Piggies Tights in Navy by Jane
Boots: Festive Slouch Boots in Green Argyle by Gos
Jewelry: Bali Crescent in Brass/Labradorite by Earthstones
* Smokey Shadows in Evergreen by Exodi
* Eyelashes – Dramatic by Exodi
* Everyday Blush 6 by cheLLe
Taken in the Dear Santa photoble by Mudhoney

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It’s A Click Christmas!!

Yeah…I dropped the ball on the 30 days thing. Whoopsie! 🙂

My friend Flix Saiman of Click Photography Props & Poses has gotten me into the Christmas spirit with the latest of his amazing collection – Xmas Living!

Style - Click - Christmas, Pretty!

Please excuse the glow on the photos. I’m still having that issue and it in no way is the fault of the set!!

The set is…well, amazing! There’s not much more I can say about it! All the furniture and pieces are so well done and the poses are awesome. There are poses for singles, couples, and even some for kids. I don’t have kids, but I dragged my boyfriend in to pose with me. [Yeah, like he suffered. ♥]

Style - Click - Christmas, Star

Style - Click - Christmas, Jump kiss!

Head over to Click and check it out. It really is something that any decent photographer [or someone who wants to be!] needs for this holiday season. 🙂

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Today’s Gaze – Not that kind of girl

Although it’s not officially summer yet, in my neck of the woods, it sure feels like it! [Hello, 100 degree temperatures!] When it’s hot, a lot of us find ways to take our dates and fun indoors. Not in that way, pervies! 😉 Today I’ve created a look that says, “Yes, it’s hot, but hey, let’s keep this date casual, okay?” And casual it is, because I’m not wearing all that much!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading.]

Review - Today's Gaze - Not that kind of girl

The Ruffle Halter top by Hucci is just super cute and sexy in that “Girl next door” way. The bottom band goes around the back and the long neck ties drape down in a way that would make someone just want to give them a little tug to see what happens. And of course the front is low and quite cleavage baring!

My jeans come from new-to-me store Twisted & Spoiled, and I’m wearing them in True Blue. When I first bought them, I thought, “Are the shadings and highlights too harsh?” But the more I look at them, the more I like them. I definitely want to go back and get some more!

The simple Freedom Flops by Surf Co. on my feet are probably my favorite flip flops in SL right now, and it’s not unusual for me to pair them up with all kinds of outfits. My hair is an older style, Sasha, by Truth. I say older, but it’s really only from January. Of course, in Truth Hawks language, that’s pretty ancient since he manages to put out 2-4 styles a week. My pose is from Olive Juice, and if you’re not familiar with that pose store, you better get familiar with it. Super cute poses!

The set I’m in is The Pub from CLICK, which I mentioned a few days ago when I talked about their contest. There are poses in the photo set for both singles and couples, and all kinds of props! It’s really just a fabulous set and if you’re like me and you get tired of having to stage your own sets for photos, I highly recommend CLICK photo sets to you.

Stay cool, summer babes!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #17 by Belleza
Hair: Sasha in Swedish by Truth
Top: Ruffle Halter in White by Hucci
Jeans: T&S Jeans in True Blue by Twisted & Spoiled
Shoes: Freedom Flops in White by Surf Co.
Pose by Olive Juice
Set: The Pub by CLICK