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Bluebonnet Rentals!!

Hi guys!! I really don’t usually do this on this blog, but right now I have residential parcels available on Bluebonnet! If you’re looking for a place to call home and you need lots of prims, c’mere.

Bluebonnet Parcel Available!!

Bluebonnet Parcel Open - 6256

Both parcels are right next to each other, so if you wanted, you could have them combined.

Life on Bluebonnet is pretty great, I won’t lie. Because you do your own landscaping and use your own home, and the parcels are large, it becomes like your own little world. Pretty much all of my former renters have told me how much they have just adored living there and several are return renters. In fact, 3 of my renters have been living there since 2008!!

If you are interested in living on Bluebonnet, please IM me in world and I will get back to you just as soon as I possibly can. 🙂

* The 6256sqm parcel will be up for rent tomorrow, the 14th, if the current renter does not get back to me today. Considering they haven’t been online in over 2 weeks, I’m guessing that won’t happen. LOL