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I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Hiya, bunnies! I hope everyone’s week is going awesome! I know mine certainly is! Big thanks to those of you who have sent me IMs wishing us luck during our adoption trial! It’s going very very well! In fact, I’m being a proud demo-momma today and even blogging something they made! [Not because I have to, it’s just super cute!]

Style - I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

If you’re not into the family or kid thing in SL, you might never have heard about The Playroom before, and that’s a shame! It’s a very cute gacha event geared more towards the kids of SL, but you can often find your own treasures there – like poses, home decor, and accessories that can be modded to fit an adult. Like today, my Kitty Bag is from Larnia Kids and it will be at The Playroom! The little purse is just adorable! I’m using the rare Siamese one today and the rare kitty bags have a HUD so you can change the color of the bow. The commons don’t have a bow, but come in 10 colors to match to any outfit. The Playroom opens today at 12pm SLT.

Speaking of outfits, look at my pretty Breezy dress by Paper Arrow Co! I love a great sundress, and this? It’s totally a great sundress! They come in a whole lot of colors and some prints, and you can find them at Uber. Which, coincidentally, is where you can also find these fabulous Macey platforms by Fri.day! I love anything with a bow, so you know I’m all over these. They come with mesh add-on socks [which I’m obviously not wearing] so if it’s not warm where you are, you can still keep your legs covered!

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Poppy by !Oleander
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Dress: Breezy by paper arrow co. [Uber]
Shoes: Macey by fri.day [Uber]
Necklace: Peyton by Cae
Purse: Kitty Bag by Larnia Kids
[The Playroom]
Pose made by me with AnyPose

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I’m Sure You’re On Your Way

Hey, guess what’s happening on the 17th? The Wayward Hunt!! You may remember it as ZombiePopcorn, but it’s rebranded and better than ever! There are SO many goodies from over 100 stores for you to get. And? IT’S ALL FREE! You get started at the Wayward Bakery & Antique Shoppe, and there is also a hunt group that you can join. But let’s see a couple of goodies!

Style - I'm Sure You're On Your Way

I’m wearing the Maxxi+Dress from Vincue that is a hunt gift and it’s just adorable! It has a little HUD so you can wear the dress in pink and white, blue and white, or black and white.

The brand !Oleander [no relation to my family!] is one that is slightly new to me, but if they keep putting out cutie cute hair like the Oz hair for the Wayward Hunt, they might have a fan for life! The hair is “dipped” and there is a HUD so you get 5 colors. I love it!

The Wayward Hunt starts at 1pm SLT on April 17th and runs until May 1st. Happy hunting, bunnies!

In This Post:

Skin: Grazia by Glam Affair [Uber]
Hair: Oz by !Oleander [Wayward Hunt]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: Warm Weather Fades by Hello Dave
Dress: Maxxi+Dress by Vincue [Wayward Hunt]
Pose: Sitting Pretty by Le Poppycock [Pose Fair 2015]