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Every Way, Love’s A Little Stronger

Hello, bunnies! Although it’s technically still winter, I am in full springtime mode! The thing I like to do most in the spring is just sit outside and enjoy the day.

Style - Every Way, Love's A Little Stronger

The Arcade is fulfilling all my springtime dreams. What Next has this Spring Garden Arbor for the event and I love it! There are several animations in it for sitting, either by yourself or with a date, and there are a few texture changes for the wood and the cushions. So much love!

Have you done the 20Twenty round yet? If not, get a move on! I got this lovely little Anitya Corselette from Paper Moon that is 20% off during 20Twenty. It’s springtime cute! The top is around the next halter style and not terribly low cut, but what I really loved was the back of it because I like buttons.

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Juliet by MINA [The Liaison Collaborative]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Top: Anitya Corselette by Paper Moon [20Twenty]
Bottom: Bitten – Cotton by Neve
Pose: Lennox by !bang [Collabor88, March]

Spring Garden Arbor by What Next [The Arcade]
All the Deer by MishMish [The Arcade]
Bear Cub by Mutresse [The Arcade]
Tulips In Bloom by Ariskea [The Liaison Collaborative]

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Out In The Fall Air

Hello, bunnies! Do you enjoy the fall air? I know I do! It just feels so clean after the sticky hot air of the summer. I love to just sit outside and breathe.

Style - Out In The Fall Air

Kustom9 has started, and you need the new Poetry Autumn Bench miniset from Cheeky Pea! The set has the bench, the wooden pumpkin blocks, and some cute pine cone lights, which are not shown here because they’re meant to be hung up and I didn’t have a place to hang them in this pic. The long pillow on the bench has 4 different textures with different sayings, too.

Kustom9 is now on its own sim, so be sure to update your landmarks!

In This Post:

Poetry Autumn Bench Miniset by Cheeky Pea [Kustom9]
Autumn Leaves by Funky Junk
Firewood Basket and Melted Candle by Dust Bunny [The Arcade]
Hedgehog Guest by Schadenfreude [The Arcade]
Cheeky Raccoon by Mutresse [The Arcade]

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I’ll Wait For You

I have been waiting patiently for Uber to open up ever since I found out it was going to be a Bohemian theme! That is JUST my style these days and I could not be more thrilled to finally go!

Style - I'll Wait For You

I might have screamed a little bit when I saw the new Delphine hair that Truth created for Uber. It’s gorgeous! So thick and lush, and it comes with the most adorable little butterfly and flower accessories! The accessories are detachable, too.

Uber is starting…well, RIGHT NOW, so go go go! Happy shopping, my boho babes!

In This Post:

Skin: Katya by Glam Affair
Hair: Delphine by Truth [Uber]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Eyelids by Slink
Top: Lili by Mutresse
Pose: Stands 465-469 by !bang

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Traces of romance in our heads

Happy July, dear ones! I love the start of a new month, don’t you? It’s like a fresh start 12 times a year! Annnnnd…it’s the start of a new round of FaMESHed!

Style - Traces of romance in our heads-1

Style - Traces of romance in our heads-2

You’re going to see the Mutresse Netegli dress everywhere, but for good reason! It’s one of those dresses that is so so easily dressed up and down, and with the color change options, you have SO many ways of customizing it to your needs!

Cae is also out at FaMESHed this month with the Hamsa jewelry set. The Hamsa hand is thought to protect against the envious, or the evil eye. So no one be jelly about my outfit today, because I’m protected! *laughs*

If you haven’t been out to Rhapsody yet, you’re missing out! Rhapsody is where I got my fabulous Jezebel heels from Fri.day, and my poses are from the Trance pack by An Lar!

Have a wonderful day!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Devinna by Truth [New!]
Mesh hands, feet, and eyelids by Slink
Dress: Netegli by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Jezebel by fri.day [Rhapsody]
Jewelry: Hamsa by Cae [FaMESHed]
Pose: Trance by An Lar [Rhapsody]
Marrakesh Oasis – Courtyard Oasis by Barnesworth Anubis

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In The Special Garden

So have you guys been having as much fun with stuff from The Arcade as I have?? My list is almost complete! Pretty good for it only being 5 days in to a month long event, don’t you think? But let’s not forget that our regular events are going on too, like FaMESHed and Fit For A Princess!

Style - In The Special Garden

Zenith stole my heart at FaMESHed this month with the Hippie Dress and the Hippie Leather hair accessory! The dress is just totally my style and I wish that more people in SL made more cute, boho type clothes. And who can resist hair things? Not me!

My pose today comes from the Cambridge pack by Lalochezia out at Fit For A Princess this month. I was happy that there were some nice, subtle, cute single poses because lately at events, I find that there are more couple poses and while that’s lovely, it’s harder for me to blog since my other half is often not online when I am doing my blog pics. More single poses, please! 🙂

And okay, can we talk about the Fairies from !Ohmai and the Gnomes from Mutresse for a minute? When I saw the ads for these for The Arcade, I KNEW I would need them just for this little garden we have in the backyard. You can wear the companion fairies, but if you rez them out, you can just have them all over!! They’re small, but mod to be bigger quite well. And the little gnomes resize, too! Squee!

Have a wonderful, magical day!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Elyse by Truth
Mesh hands & feet by Slink
Dress: Hippie in Snow by Zenith [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Clarissa in Pink by Pure Poison [The Arcade]
Hair Band: Hippie Leather by Zenith [FaMESHed]
Pose: Cambridge by Lalochezia [Fit For A Princess]

Summer Fairy Scavenger Hunt by !Ohmai [The Arcade]
Garden Gnomes by Mutresse [The Arcade]

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Spring Steppin’

Do you ever sit around thinking, “If I only had some pretty new shoes that are perfect for spring!” Wonder no more, because Fri.day is out at Collabor88 with some heels you neeeeed in your life!

Style - Spring Steppin'

The Ella heels are just the sweetest little spring shoes! They’re small and delicate, so they’re pair up well with both sundresses and jeans. And really? Who can resist a shoe topped with a bow? Not me! You need the SLink medium feet for these shoes. Still don’t have them? Sorry for your luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Mesh hands & feet by SLink
Skirt: Lili by Mutresse
Shoes: Ella by fri.day [Collabor88]
Pose by Picture This! [Poser Pavilion, opening April 15th]

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Some Beach, Somewhere

Our beach vacation is over and we’re heading home today. I’m so going to miss this place! But at least I got in one more morning walk along the beach.

Style - Some Beach, Somewhere

Mutresse is at FaMESHed this month and I’m loving the Nadya tank top and Guzia shorts! The top comes in 2 options so that if you wear the shorts, the belt of the shorts won’t clip the top, which is awesome. And like other Mutresse products, both items come with handy color change HUDs so you can customize your look.

Maxi Gossamer is also at FaMESHed and how beach perfect are the Bali Gypsy bare foot sandals and necklace, I ask you? I haven’t put on shoes in at least 2 days because I just want my feet to be all jeweled up and pretty. You DO need the SLink flat bare feet for these, so if you’re still in janky system feet, then your feet can’t be as jeweled up and pretty as mine today.

I guess it’s time to pack up and start heading home. If you’re interested in your own awesome beach vacation on this beautiful little island, contact Vernice Burks or Mariah Urriah to set something up!

Beautiful Beach

In This Post:

Skin: Sora Flushed by Pink Fuel
Hair: Lagertha by Truth
Mesh hands and feet by SLink
Nail polish by Hello Dave
Top: Nadya by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Shorts: Guzia by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Jewelry: Bali Gypsy by Maxi Gossamer [FaMESHed]
Glasses: Cateye by Gos
Pose by Lalochezia [Fit For A Princess]

Photo taken at Tangle Island Tropical Paradise. Contact Vernice Burks or Mariah Urriah to make a reservation!!

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Iced Up

Oh my goodness, what a start to the month! Both The Arcade and FaMESHed opened with a huge bang today, and if you’re anything like me, you are in shopping heaven!!

Style - Iced Up

What Next is at The Arcade with these awesome Igloos! I’m standing in front of the Penguin igloo and isn’t it cute? There are some poses in it to sit on top of the igloo or lay down inside. Cute! But the poses didn’t show off my new First Snow hair and dress from Exile, also at The Arcade. The hair, hood, and dress are all one piece, and there is a HUD to change the color of the dress and one to do different shades of the hair. Mine is the Ice Blondes HUD and there are 10 lovely light blonde shades in this HUD.

Mutresse is at FaMESHed with their new Sneja boots. Like everything else from Mutresse, these are really well done and of course very very customizable with the color HUD. I went all one color but you can change lots of things to make your boots match your outfits.

Also at FaMESHed are the Fingerless Gloves from Kauna. They can be changed to either leather or wool, and there are sizes for both men and women. The hands, however, were a B to tint properly!! I am very used to having appliers now for my hands, so I’m definitely out of practice for tinting, but I could not get them to tint to match my skin at all, so I just kinda did what I could and let my windlight do the rest.

I hope everyone has a fantastic month!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Cherry lipstick added
Hair and dress: First Snow in Ice Blondes by Exile [The Arcade]
Boots: Sneja by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Tights: Basic Colors in Ash by G Field
Fingerless Gloves by Kauna [FaMESHed]
Pose by aDORKable Poses
Penguin Igloo by What Next [The Arcade]

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But you won’t find my name in your book of Who’s Who.

I’m not the biggest fan of November, but I’m happy that it’s the beginning of the month because that means it’s time for a new round of FaMESHed!

Style - But you won’t find my name in your book of Who’s Who

Emery has this really cool Los Angeles Cardigan this round, and when I first saw the vendor ad, I thought, “Mmm…that might not be quite my style.” But I was totally wrong because when I put it on, I fell in love with it. It comes in the full version with the cardigan and shirt like I’m wearing here, a version with the shirt tucked in, and then just the cardigan alone. Options!

Mutresse proves that shorts are not just for the summer with the Lana shorts for FaMESHed. These are fantastic! And of course there is the great HUD to change textures on the shorts. I’m just wearing them in the plain grey, but they are really very customizable!

Get your butt to FaMESHed, because there is soooo much to shop for!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Sweet Red sheer gloss added
Mesh Hands by SLink
Rich Reds Nail Polish by Hello Dave
Hair: Anessa in Gingers by Truth
Top: Lose Angeles Cardigan by Emery [FaMESHed]
Shorts: Lana by Mutresse [FaMESHed]
Tights: WoolTights by SySy’s
Boots: Allison by fri.day
Necklace: Shangri La Heart by Maxi Gossamer [FaMESHed]
Ring: Mermaid’s Serpent Eye by Maxi Gossamer [FaMESHed]
Pose by Kirin
Downtown Cathedral Catwalk by Trompe Loeil