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PSL 4 Ever!

My friends always laugh because I am ridiculously into pumpkin spice anything. Candles, air fresheners, cupcakes, etc. I dance around all of August waiting for pumpkin spice lattes, even though I’m not actually much of a coffee drinker any more. When I saw the new Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart from What Next, I thought, “Would I not be dancing in crazy glee if this thing was parked out in front of my house at all times??”

Style - PSL 4 Ever-1

Isn’t it adorable?? It is materials ready, so if you are using a viewer that shows materials [I am not], then it’ll look just a touch different than in my photo. The cart is just a decorative prop, but if you click on it, it gives you a menu and you can choose from a a variety of drinks and a doughnut! The cups are super cute, too.

Style - PSL 4 Ever-2

I had to get the small PSL because it fit my hand the best, but you know I usually order a large! The Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart is on sale now at the What Next mainstore and if you are a VIP member, it’s 50% off until Tuesday evening.

Oh, can we talk about my hair for a second? Truth released 3 new styles yesterday and I am in fangirllove with the Anita hair. It’s long, it’s simple, it’s exactly what I need.

All this talk about PSL is making me crave one, so I’m off!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
* Nude sheer gloss added
Mesh hands by SLink
Autumn Sweets nail polish by Ch’Know Nails
Hair: Anita by Truth
Dress: Etta by League
Socks: Knee High Mesh by Fashionably Dead
Shoes: Beth wedge bootie in brown by G Field
* Boho rings by Yummy
* Devotion bridal set by Earthstones
Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart by What Next
Poses by La Tee Da and aDORKable Poses

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All I Have To Do Is Dream

I decided to distract myself from all the election craziness to put together a quick look. FaMESHed is awesome this month, Truth released some amazing hair a few days ago, and you need to shop. What more do you need to know today? 🙂

Style - All I Have To Do Is Dream

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Defined by Pink Fuel
* Lip Glaze in Addiction added
* Mesh Lids & Lashes by SLink
Hair: Portia in Latte by Truth
Top: Sanya in Peacock by Zaara [FaMESHed]
Pants: Mazza in Black by coldLogic
Shoes: Vintage 2-Strap Pumps by SLink
* Daydream necklace by League
* Indra stacked bangles by Zaara
* Mesh Hands by SLink
Barrel Bed by Trompe Loeil [FaMESHed]
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Meet Me In The Garden

I can’t say I’ve ever been much of an outdoorsy type of girl. But I do appreciate the outdoors if it’s nice and clean. The Songo Courtyard Garden by Barnesworth Anubis for this month’s Collabor88 fits the bill just perfectly!

Style - Meet Me In The Garden

175 prims of lovely, this skybox is just gorgeous for if you choose to not live in a regular house, or if you just need somewhere for pictures. It comes with a few furniture pieces to match. Love!

Also on my “Omg I love it!” list this week, the new Gish dress from coldLogic! As soon as I put the demo on, I KNEW I had to have it! The belt is separate so you can use it in other outfits. I thought the new Kirby hair from Truth was totally perfect for the style of this dress. Both the dress and the hair are mesh, so if you’re STILL holding out on buying mesh… I don’t even know what to tell you. :-p

I think it’s time to relax a bit in the garden.

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Cupid by Aura
Hair: Kirby in Sahara by Truth
Dress: Gish in Blue/Yellow by coldLogic
Shoes: Caresse by N-Core
* Bella Peepers by Miel
* DayDream necklace, Single Tier by League [Collabor88]
Pose by aDORKable Poses [Collabor88]
Songo Courtyard Garden by Barnesworth Anubis [Collabor88]

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My Big Fat Gypsy Blog

I’ve always been a little enchanted by gypsies. Of course, when I think of gypsies, I think of Esmerelda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I absolutely love My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but well…they’re not exactly Esmerelda. Although I guess those girls do dress like some SL people! But I got to get my Disneyesque gypsy on with this new dress from Wishbox!

Style - My Big Fat Gypsy Blog

Wanderlust is an awesome gypsy style costume! You have three options with the top. The cropped version I’m wearing here, then a longer version that comes with both long and short sleeves. It also comes with a bandana for your hair. I don’t wear a lot of flexi things any more, but you better believe I was having a blast dancing around in this outfit and watching my skirt swirl!

Go to Wishbox now and get your own dress to dance in!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Grace by Aura
* Glamover lips in Cranberry by Adam n Eve added
Hair: Enisa in Latte by Truth
Dress: Wanderlust in Indigo by Wishbox
Bracelet: Wanderer by League
Pose by Exposeur