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The Nostalgia For What Never Was

A couple of days ago as I was logging in, I noticed on the Firestorm login screen they were promoting A Clockwork Spiral. It’s a steampunk themed charity event benefiting the National Kidney Foundation. I was intrigued because in my many years in SL, I have always been fascinated by the steampunk genre, although I know very little about it. My darling husband and I went out there last night and he treated me to a couple of things I just have to blog!

Style - The Nostalgia For What Never Was

The cool thing about this event is that I got to see stores that I’d never heard of before, like Kita’s Sideshow. The Inventor’s Daughter is such a classy dress! Actually, it’s two pieces, so you could wear the skirt and shirt separately. I love it!

NanTra poses is also out at ACS with the Dozer’s Divan. There are 10 poses in it, and 5 textures to choose from. Plus for a couple of the poses, you get to hold a cane, and it came with the cool little monocle that I’m wearing.

And check out my cool watch!

Style - The Nostalgia For What Never Was - 2

The Mechanika fob watch by Eclectica is probably my new favorite thing! You all know how much I adore dragonflies, so this makes my heart happy. It actually tells time [you can set the time zone] and the gears move!

A Clockwork Spiral runs until October 1st, so head on over and get some pretties!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Posy by Truth
Mesh hands by Slink
Dress: The Inventor’s Daughter by Kita’s Sideshow [A Clockwork Spiral]
Boots: Flutter by Lassitude and Ennui
Watch: Mechanika by Eclectica [A Clockwork Spiral]
Pose prop: Dozer’s Divan by NanTra [A Clockwork Spiral]