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Christmas Cutie

If you haven’t heard, an awesome fundraiser is going to be held for Second Lifer Sway Dench. You all might know Sway from the cuteness she creates – like cookie bears! You can read up on why the event is being held over here on the Together For Sway blog. Updated: Here is the SLurl for the event! Over 50 of SL’s best designers are taking part in this awesome event, including Funky Junk!

Style - Christmas Cutie - Front

The Noelle house is just about as cute and Christmassy as they come! It’s a small home with a large living area, a smaller downstairs room, and a spacious upstairs loft area. There is also a great back sun room!

Style - Christmas Cutie - Back

Together For Sway starts on December 15th and I’ll update this post with the SLurl when the event starts. Be sure to shop, get some awesome stuff, and help out one of our own! See you there!

Together For Sway blog

Together For Sway event location!

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Would you like a cookie?

Events events events!! I LOVE THEM. :-p I don’t love Halloween that much, to be honest, but I do appreciate some Halloween themed items and events that are in Second Life.

Style - Would you like a cookie?

The Halloween Gacha event is open! It’s a small event but there are some really cute things to be found there! Like the Halloween Cookies poses and props from Status! I’m carrying the rare cookie box.

G Field has this super cute Vivian Halloween dress out in their store and…AND…it’s free!! I love free and I love this dress.

The Costume Ball is another Halloween themed event that has some really nice things, like the Christy hair from Wasabi Pills! It’s an adorable ponytail with a bow. The bow comes with a HUD so you can change the color.

Have fun doing your spooky shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Defined by Pink Fuel
* Lip Glaze in Plush added
* CatEyes eye shadow by Damned added
Hair: Christy in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills [The Costume Ball]
Dress: Vivian, Halloween Gift by G Field [Free!]
Halloween Cookies by Status [Halloween Gacha]
Mesh Hands by SLink
Photo taken at Halloween Town

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A Date With Santa

Since 2008, I’ve been having a winter guest on my island. Of COURSE I’m talking about Santa! He swings by after the first snowfall [something about the North Pole simply being crazy around December] and he hangs out until Christmas Eve. Since that is tomorrow and at some point during the day he’ll be taking off, tonight is our special date night. And lucky for me, G Field sent the most beautiful winter gift!

Style - A Date With Santa

If you’re in the subscriber group, then you should have received the very pretty 2011 Holiday dress & necklace today. As with everything G Field makes, it’s gorgeous! G Field remains on my top 10 list of stores that I love and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

This’ll be my last post until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas, everyone!! Or Happy Hanukkah! Or just Happy Holidays! ♥

Now if you’ll excuse me, Santa awaits!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Breathe in Brown 08 by Elikatira
Dress: 2011 Holiday Dress by G Field [Free Subscriber Gift]
Shoes: Eve Flower Pumps in Red by G Field
* 2011 Holiday Flower Necklace by G Field [Free Subscriber Gift]
* Parade Pearl Statement Ring in Frost/Plat by MOOD
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Funky Autumn Gatcha At The Nest!

Do you like gatcha? I bet you do! The Nest is having a big 4 day Guising & Gatcha party starting tomorrow! Guising is the same as trick or treating, for those who are not familiar with the term. [I wasn’t.] The Guising items are only $5L!! What a treat! Lots of great home & garden designers are participating, including my favorite – Funky Junk!

Style - Funky Autumn Gatcha

Seven new items for the fall season! It’s all cute cute cute and only $40L a play! The fireplace with the pumpkins spilling out and the blocks & candle on top is the rare item, and you will want it! Especially if you like to decorate for the season as much as I do!! Be sure you stop by Funky Junk at The Nest for Guising because the item matches the gatcha items, although I don’t have it shown here. Guess you’ll just have to go to check it out, huh? 🙂

The Nest Guising & Gatcha event begins on Friday October 28th and lasts until October 31st, and you won’t want to miss it!!

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Livin’ La Vida Pink!

Are you as much as a prefab addict as I am? I simply cannot resist when I see a little house or skybox that I like! When Funky Junk owner Ulaa Coronet decided to bring out one of her best selling homes in pink for Valentine’s Day, and then slapped a $50L tag on it… well, you can imagine how excited I was!

Style - Livin' La Vida Pink - front

Style - Livin' La Vida Pink - inside

Eeee! It’s so cute! This is a recolor of her Quaint home, so it’s named My Quaint Valentine. I could just squeal over the cuteness, but you probably want details, am I right? This house has a 6 by 16 footprint and is 72 prims. Ulaa is awesome [and I don’t say that just because she’s my partner!] and she’s included some matching accessories – table, chairs, texture change rug, fireplace facade with the flower basket, and a window flower box. Altogether, it comes out to just 132 prims! And of course you can not use the accessories, if you don’t want to. The house is copy only, no mod and no transfer. For only $50L, it is a heck of a deal!

Go to Funky Junk now!! This deal is only available through Valentine’s Day. I’ll be showing you another of the new homes from Funky Junk that is near and dear to my heart later this week, so keep an eye out!

I can’t name all the furniture that I put into this house, aside from the accessories that are included, but here are some of the stores where you can go shop for some of what is shown:

Awesome Blossom
LISP Bazaar
Art Dummy
Little Boxes

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Trick or Treat At Hide and Seek!

Oh man, did I ever have the PLAGUE this week. But, it’s passing me by and one of the best ways to get over the plague is by playing gacha! I swear! And one of my favorite sims, the Hide and Seek sim, is having a Trick or Treat Gacha event!

Review - Hide & Seek Sim Halloween Gacha

The hoodie and cute ghost t-shirt are both from the BOOM gacha. The hoodie is a “rare” find and the shirt is “uncommon,” which means you might not get them right away. The Pink Lady pumpkin pail I’m holding is from Olive Juice, and is also a “rare” find. I love it because it’s pink! In my mouth is an adorable flower basket from Awesome Blossom. I don’t usually put things in my mouth [that’s what she said] but this was too cute not to. And on my shoulder is devilish Lucikat from ANA_Mations. I love kitties, even devil kitties!

If you like gacha, go go go and play out there at Hide and Seek! You have from now until the 31st to play. Don’t forget, gacha prizes make great gifts, and it’s always fun to share with friends!

Here are the direct TPs to all the participating stores, just in case of lag or you want to just go to your favorite store!

Awesome Blossom
Olive Juice
Molto Bene

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Today’s Gaze – Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July, USA! And to everyone else, happy Sunday! [Or Monday if you’re in NZ!] Oh I know, the feeds are probably flooded with red, white and blue right now. But hey, I’m a proud American, I had to get in on the action too!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom, in case you don’t feel like reading.]

Review - Today's Gaze - Happy 4th!

What better way to spend the holiday than at the beach wearing…well, not that much! From the House of Hucci, I’m wearing this just adorable 4th of July shorts set. It actually looks more like a bikini to me, so wearing it on the beach feels just right! This is, of course, limited time and it’s only $50L, so get over there quick!

When I received the new Bodacious tanks from BOOM yesterday, my first thought was, “Where am I going to wear this?!” It shows a little more skin than I’m actually comfortable with. But it looks fantastic as a swimsuit coverup, don’t you agree? The Bodacious tanks come in sheer [or damp, is what I believe I heard it called] and regular so that you can wear it out without being cited for indecent exposure. I love the tanks, so I will either have to get comfortable with showing this much skin, or find ways to layer.

As far as accessories go, well – you really don’t need much on the beach! I am wearing my favorite Cateye sunglasses from Gos, and my favorite Freedom Flops from Surf Co. Also some bracelets I picked up last year at Earthstones. They have some new 4th of July freebies, so check it out!

Have a great day, everyone! If you’re going out tonight for fireworks, be careful! Blowing your face off with a firecracker really isn’t in style this year!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #0 by Belleza
Hair: Marie in Happy Blond by
Top & Bottom: 4th Of July Shorts Set by House of Hucci
Coverup: Bodacious in Cherry by BOOM
Glasses: Cateye by Gos
Shoes: Freedom Flops by Surf Co.
Bracelet: Bangle Set in Red/White/Blue by Earthstones [On sale last year, unsure if still available]
Pose by Exposeur

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Ms. Green Jeans

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this week, and so I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of green going on! [Which I’m sure makes one Queen of Green I know very happy!]

Designer Dick Wiesel of WoE put out a special set just for us ladies for this week – A green version of his Graecyn jeans and new Striped sweaters!

Review - WoE - St. Patrick's Special

Review - WoE - St. Patrick's Special, back

There are actually two sweaters in the box, the shorter sleeved one that I’m wearing, and a long sleeved version. I think the set is adorable, and I just love the nice shamrock on the back of the sweater!

The best part? The set is only $20L. Yay!

While you’re at WoE picking this up, be sure to look around because I just know you’ll find more that you like!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Milla in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Emerald by Beloved Custom Designs
Shoes: Long Round Boots in Dark Brown by J’s
Poses by Glitterati

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I’m the Valentine Princess!

I’m full of the Valentine spirit this week! And how could I not be, when designers are coming out with the girly girl goods? 🙂

Speaking of girly girl, Musashi-Do designer Shiryu Musashi has two special Valentine editions of his gorgeous Brocade Princess gowns coming out Monday, February 10th. Pink AND purple? I’m in love!

Review - Musashi-Do - Valentine Editions

As most people know, I’m a huge fan of the original Brocade Princess gowns, and having them in these gorgeous girly colors just makes my day! Each gown comes with both the patterned and solid sash, and as all Musashi-Do items are, the gowns are handdrawn.

The Valentine edition gowns will be available at the discounted price of $350L, and are transferable, so you can surprise the special princess in your life with a lovely lovely gift.

You can pick up the Valentine Pink at the Musashi-Do mainstore, and the Valentine Purple at the satellite shop at Franks Place! Hey, that’s pretty nifty – buy a dress and then go dance! Remember, the gowns are only going to be available until the 14th, and then never offered again, so be sure you get them!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Amethyst Kisses” by Belleza
Hair: Joanna and Jacinta, both in Swedish, by Truth
Eyes: Beloved Tanzanite by Beloved Custom Designs
Necklace: Love Necklace in platinum by Cad & Tart [I ♥ Originals fair exclusive]
Poses by ImpEle and Olive Juice

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It means Love

I was always surrounded by musicians and artists growing up, but as I got older, I started hanging with a more science nerd type crowd. And I think geeks are hot, but I always missed the artists.

Luckily, in Second Life, I’m back surrounded by a bunch of artists, including my friend, Swirly Disco Flames artist Marnix Malifozik. Marnix creates these … well, swirly, funky pieces of art that are pretty darn cool! He has a new collection released just in time for Valentine’s Day called Aroha.

Aroha is a Maori word meaning love. But the English word love does not demonstrate the true depth of aroha. Other ways to translate aroha might include compassion, affection, respect, sympathy and mercy. It encompasses so much more than merely love.

Well, I don’t know much about Maori, but I do know that this collection is very pretty!

Review - Swirly Disco Flames - Aroha

I’m showing you No.77 and No.102, but there are 20 altogether. Each piece of art is modify/no copy, and just perfect for gift giving to someone special. All paintings are $100L.

Stop by Swirly Disco Flames to check out these, and the other art pieces by Marnix!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle “Meow Rubies” by Belleza
Hair: Joanna in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Top: Help Thermal.Henley by
Jeans: Garage jeans by League
Necklace: Love Necklace in platinum by Cad & Tart [I ♥ Originals fair exclusive]
Pose by Olive Juice